Gurukula Reunion in Culver City Park, 1997.

Here is a list of articles about the history of the ISKCON gurukula, including coverage of the lawsuit. This lists begins in 1998. Scroll down for newer articles and articles from the Betrayal Files.*

This is a collection of internal documents concerning child abuse in ISKCON.


In 1998 ISKCON Communications Journal published an academic study of child abuse in the gurukula system. Read the article by Prof. Burk Rochford - Child Abuse in the Hare Krishna Movement: 1971-1986, by E. Burke Rochford, Jr.

When the Journal came out, the ISKCON Communications office issued a press release to the media, resulting in extensive media coverage.

ISKCON Press Release
New York Times
Associated Press
Religious News Service
India Express
Deccan Herald
Dallas Morning News
FactNet Newsletter
Whole Life Times


In 1999 ISKCON issued a press release in response to media coverage about the threat of a class action lawsuit by former gurukula students.

ISKCON Press Release
Associated Press
Toronto Sun
Toronto Star
Child Abuse Victims to sue ISKCON + sidebar: The Darker Side of ISKCON, by Arthur J Pais (See originals: + sidebar:


ABC News - 20/20 Childhood of Shame, 27 Nov. 2000

ABC News Hare Krishna Schools Sued, by Julia Campbell, 13 June 2000

Hare Krishna Organization Sued Associated Press, June 13, 2000, By Susan Parrott

Times of India ISKCON admits sexual abuse of students (PTI report) 14 June 2000 (sorry, off line)

Times of India Fight for succession caused ISKCON problems (sorry, off line)
23 June 2000

Reuters Ex-Hare Krishna Students Sue for $400 Million

The Age, Melbourne Exposed: The Sins of the Gurus; Sidebar: Peace, Love, Tainted by Shame, by Martin Daly, Sunday 18 June 2000

London Telegraph Girls raped at Hare Krishna schools, by Ben Fenton
14 June 2000 In search of a lost childhood, by Shanthi Shankarkumar
29 June 2000 (see original: rediff.html)

People Magazine, Lessons in Fear: Former Hare Krishna children, angry and suing, charge they suffered physical and mental abuse in sect schools, Nov. 6, 2000


Asia Times Online Sex, drugs, embezzlement chant today's Hare Krishna, By Sujor Dhar
July 25, 2001

Glamour Magazine, "No one stopped my rape: The shocking charges against Hare Krishnas," October 2001 (sorry, not available online)

The Dallas Observer Tortured Souls, by Mark Donald, 06 Dec. 01. (see original: Holy Abuse, by Peter Brandt, 02 July 01 (only part of this article is available)

Portland Mercury News Murder, Sex and Free Food, by Frank Bures, 21 June 2001

KCTS TV (Seattle) Faith & Fear, a special report on the Children of Krishna, original air date 22 May 01 (see original:

Boston Phoenix Where have all the Krishnas gone? 02 Feb. 2001

San Francisco Chronicle A Test of Faith, 13 Feb. 2001 (see original:

Krishna's Children - W-Five TV, Toronto, Canada, 01 April 01 (not online)


Middlebury College Research and Religion Clash, as Scholar E. Burke Rochford Uncovers Uncomfortable Truths, June 2002

Chicago Tribune Churches pay dearly for silence on abuse Criticism grows in pedophile cases, 11 Feb. 2002, by Julia Lieblich

BBC, Sunday regarding ISKCON's move to file bankruptcy as its response to Children of ISKCON vs. ISKCON. - 10 Feb. 2002

Associated Press Nation: Hare Krishna congregations to file for bankruptcy, spokesman says, Feb. 6, 2002 AP Online, by Stephen Manning

National Post/ Associated Press Hare Krishnas declaring bankruptcy, by Marina Jimenez, National Post and Max Nash, The Associated Press, 2002

Ananova Ltd. Hare Krishnas to declare bankruptcy to avoid abuse lawsuit, 2002

Dallas Business Journal Hare Krishna Movement files for bankruptcy, 07 Feb.

New India Press Bankrupt in US, Iskcon fights for assets in India, 10 Feb.

My Generation Magazine ISKCON—Shattered by Abuse of Children in Gurukuls, By Amy Engeler, July 2002


Los Angeles Times Krishna temples urge victims of abuse to make formal claim, Sunday, May 04, 2003, By Larry B. Stammer, April 30, 2003

The Age, Melbourne Allegations of child sex abuse could cost America's Hare Krishnas about $600 million. Can the Australian movement survive the fallout? by Sushi Das, 02 June 2003


Religious News Online Abuse in the Name of Krishna, by Mary Garden, 08 Oct. 2004

Dallas Morning News "The Changing Face of Krishna," by Michael Kress, 19 March 2004. (And comments by Nori Muster)

Cultic Studies Review: Authoritarian Culture and Child Abuse in ISKCON, by Nori J. Muster, Volume 3, Number 1, 2004; the paper was also published as chapter sixteen in the book, The Phenomenon of Cults from a Scientific Perspective, by Piotr T. Nowakowski, ed., published by Dom Wydawniczy Rafael, Cracow, Poland, 2007


Bankruptcy reorganization plan for Hare Krishna temples approved Associated Press, 01 June

Hare Krishna abuse cases settled for $9.5m, 29 May

CNN Coverage of ISKCON Apology

"Abuse in the Name of Krishna," by Mary Garden, The New Humanist, 04 July 2005 posted at New Humanist, Vol. 120, No. 4

Three articles about continued abuse in ISKCON click here

A devotee's letter about child abuse in ISKCON click here

L.A. Times Krishna's Closing The books On Abuse Scandal, Sunday June 26

CNN - Segment about the court ordered apology aired on the Paula Zahn show, 18 Aug., and repeated on the "Live From" show on 19 Aug. (click here for transcript)


Sanjaya Malakar of American Idol a Child of ISKCON, article, April 2007

Hare Krishna Transformed, by E. Burke Rochford


Un informe acerca como el movimiento Hare Krishna (ISKCON) protege a los abusadores de niños, por bhaktin Miriam; Persistent Child Abuse Problem In The Hare Krishna Movement, by bhaktin Mriam. This article offers an overview of ISKCON's child abuse history click here.

Una Carta Abierta a la Oficina de Protección de Niños de ISKCON, por Pandu das; Open Letter to the ISKCON Child Protection Office, by Pandu das click here.

From the Betrayal Files

Child Abuse in the Hare Krishna Movement:1971-1986, by E. Burke Rochford, Jr.
Children of the Counter Culture book excerpt, 1976
A Crackpot School that Teaches Kids to Die, 7 Feb. 1975
The making of a Krishna devotee from cradle to grave, 20 Jan. 1974
Children Reared in Isolation on Ancient Mysticism, LAT, 1 Sept. 1974
Children of a Harsh Bliss, Life magazine, April 1980
Control Stressed at Krishna Children's School, NYT, 25 Nov. 1973
Children of ISKCON vs. ISKCON complaint

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