Following is an index to all child abuse recovery materials and resources posted at Please learn something today to help stop child abuse.

Abuse Symptoms
Learn the symptoms of child abuse and the suffering it causes to the victims.

Abuse victims may suffer extreme anxiety over flashbacks. Read more about this pheonomenon and what to do about it.

Healthy Boundaries
Learn how to set healthy boundaries to prevent abuse.

Ongoing Abuse
What to do if someone is abusing you.

Parenting Workshop
The Steamboats Parenting Workshop offers advice, books, and links for parents who want to raise happy spiritual kids.

Child Abuse in the Hare Krishna Movement
Learn more about this case.

Story Matters
Stories from Krishna's life and other Vedic scriptures that condemn child abuse.

Links from the Children of Krishna

Children of Krishna links (at this site)

ABCs of Cults information about ISKCON and other cultic groups.

Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids
This article is reprinted with the permission of Jan Hunt, M.Sc., Director of The Natural Child Project*

Research and Religion Clash
Scholar E. Burke Rochford Uncovers Uncomfortable Truths, June 2002.

Who's Watching the Children?
Excerpt from Betrayal of the Spirit describing child abuse in the Hare Krishna movement.

Hare Krishna Women essays and statements about women in ISKCON.

My Study of Child Abuse in Cults, by Nori Muster

Two good books about child abuse:

cultsurvivorshandbook   childofthecult-cover-tn.jpg

Cult Survivor's Handbook and Child of the Cult, by Nori Muster.

More Books:
Breaking Down the Wall of Silence: The Liberating Experience of Facing Painful Truth by Alice Miller
Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society's Betrayal of the Child by Alice Miller
Betrayal of Innocence: Incest and Its Devastation by Susan Forward, Craig Buck
Parenting Books
Recovery books for abuse recovery.
General Self-Help books for everyone.
Bitter Chocolate: Child Sexual Abuse in India, by Pinki Virani. Book description: "A path-breaking book that challenges our notion of family honor and morality."
Sexual Anorexia: Overcoming Sexual Self-Hatred, by Patrick Carnes, Joseph Moriarity. A good book for survivors to read.

More Links:
Child USA Children's Rights are Human Rights - ChildUSA: the Think Tank for Child Protection
Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus
RAINN Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
Male Survivors of Incest and Sexual Child Abuse, an article by John W. Wilson.
Witnessing torture stains the soul. - Frank Smith, Los Angeles Times, May 23, 2004, in reference to Abu Ghraib. Child abuse is wrong and must stop. Learn more about this subject today.