ISKCON Timeline
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1965 - Srila Prabhupada sails to America to establish ISKCON, Aug. 27 to October 1.
1966 1966 - ISKCON corporation founded Aug. 5. First centers open in New York and Height Ashbury.
1967 - Mantra-rock dance and first U.S. Ratha-yatra festival held in San Francisco, July 26.
1968 - Disciples establish ISKCON in England with the help of the Beatles.
1969 1969 - Disciples open dozens of new temples, including New Vrindaban, Toronto, and Los Angeles.
1970 1970 - Srila Prabhupada establishes the GBC, Governing Body Commission, with the Direction of Management, July 28. | Evidence that child abuse taking place in ISKCON, see document [ now offline] | Bhavananda (later one of the eleven gurus) begins abusing ISKCON devotees' children in New York.
1971 - First gurukula established in Dallas.
1972 1972 - According to Prabhupada's letters, by this time he was aware of temple presidents beating their wives and child abuse in gurukula (Rochford, 1998, p. 49).
1973 1973 - ISKCON increasingly depends on panhandling to raise money. | After only a few years, ISKCON-arranged marriages are ending in divorce (Rochford, 1998, p. 49). | Motorcycle gang attacks New Vrindaban, June 5.
1974 1974 - By this time, the gurukula basically functions as childcare so mothers can go on sankirtan (Rochford, 1998, pp. 51-53, 61). | Prabhupada refuses to sanction any further marriages (Rochford, 1998, p. 49). | Hamsadutta convicted of weapons possession charges in Germany (three years later he will become one of the eleven gurus). | ISKCON-wide standards set for gurukula behavior modification program. (Proposed List of Standards for Boys, public relations files, circa 1974)
1975 1975 - Gurukulas established in Los Angeles and New Vrindaban. | Los Angeles BBT publishes Caitanya-caritamrta. | National media criticize ISKCON's airport soliciting. | Chicago media report Prabhupada's statement about women's brain size, July 24. | Disciples fear World War Three after Srila Prabhupada describes tensions between India and Pakistan, morning walk tape, April 4. | ISKCON sannyasis launch a campaign against householders and women, Srila Prabhupada calls it a "fratricidal war" (Rochford, 1998, p. 49). | Father sues ISKCON over custody of his son, Joey Yanoff, November.
1976 1976 - State authorities close Dallas gurukula, which had approximately a hundred students, the majority of whom were between the ages of four and eight (Rochford, 1998, p. 46). | Jagadish appointed minister of primary education. | Bhaktivedanta Swami International Gurukulas open in Vrindavana and Mayapur, India. | Bhavananda begins abusing devotees' children in India. | National media criticize Hare Krishnas soliciting as Santa Claus. Santa suits and resulting negative publicity continue each year through December 1978.
1977 1977 - More than a hundred worldwide ISKCON temples listed in Back to Godhead magazine. | New York State Supreme Court judge dismisses Ed Shapiro brainwashing case, March. | Susan Murphy, eighteen, who became a devotee at thirteen, and her mother file suit against ISKCON of New England, April.* | Hare Krishna Land temple and guest house open in Juhu Beach (Mumbai), India. | Shooting incident at ISKCON's property in Mayapur, India, July. Bhavananda arrested (his name added to the list of eleven gurus one day after the appointment tape). | Appointment tape recorded in Vrindavana, India, July 8. | Tamal Krishna writes letter listing eleven gurus, July 9. | First Venice Beach Ratha-yatra festival. | Robin George and her mother file suit for kidnapping and other charges, Oct. 14. | Steven Bovan murdered; ISKCON holds press conference in Laguna Beach temple, Nov. 7. | Srila Prabhupada enters samadhi at the ISKCON temple in Vrindavana, India, Nov. 14. Link to information about Srila Prabhupada's passing: blowback links.
1978 1978 - Newsweek magazine publishes "Krishna-by-the-Sea," on the Juhu temple opening, Jan. 30. | GBC institutionalizes zonal guru system, March. | A total of eleven gurukula schools in North America. | Famous actor murdered at Hare Krishna Land, Juhu Beach, July. | Jonestown tragedy, Nov. 18. | U.S. Airport and street soliciting reach the highest point. In some airports, travelers face a gauntlet of a dozen or more ISKCON devotees at a time. | Devotee punches Western Airlines Employee, Dec. 28.
1979 1979 - Krishna kids garland Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana at the Childrens Fair in London. | Bhaktivedanta Book Trust publishes Prabhupada Lilamrita, Srila Prabhupada's official biography, by Satsvarupa. | New gurukula opens in Dallas. | Airport clickers, August. | Media cover Prabhupada's Palace of Gold grand opening, New Vrindaban, Labor Day weekend. | "Krishna Hash Bust" reported in Orange County Register, Nov. 6. ISKCON holds press conference in Los Angeles, Nov. 7. | Dr. Burke Rochford begins to study the gurukula. (Rochford, 1998, p. 64) | Jagadananda (child abuser in the Mayapur gurukula) leaves ISKCON, writes confession in 2016
1980 1980 - Life magazine publishes cover story about the New Vrindaban gurukula, "Children of a Harsh Bliss," April. | Life readers vote the children of Krishna cover one of the year's best. The cover also appears on a Bombay billboard advertising Life magazine. | Life prints three letters to the editor in the December issue. (Letter to the editor, Life magazine, Dec. 1980) | Australian "60 Minutes" features the children of Krishna. | Gurukula opens in Lake Huntington, New York.| The number of married and unmarried devotees evens out; about one-quarter of devotees have children (Rochford, 1998, p. 50). | Hamsadutta's Mt. Kailash farm raided, ISKCON issues press release, April 1. | Hamsadutta arrested for illegal submachine gun, ISKCON holds press conference in Berkeley, June 11. | GBC holds three "full extraordinary special" meetings to deal with guru deviations. Hamsadutta, Jayatirtha and Tamal Krishna are suspended for a year. | Ramesvara removes his vyasasana and writes an essay on guru reform, July 1. The GBC rejects Ramesvara's conclusions, Aug. 17. | ISKCON Public Affairs holds first international communications conference in Bombay, November. | Pyramid House Talks take place in Topanga Canyon, Dec. 3.
1981 1981 - Los Angeles Times publishes "Krishna: a Kingdom in Disarray," Feb. 15. | Mayapur meeting: GBC rejects conclusions of the Pyramid House Talks; Hamsadutta and Tamal Krishna endorse the zonal guru system and are reinstated as gurus. | Steve Allen visits L.A. temple while researching his book Beloved Son, Aug. 31. | Grove Press publishes Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, edited by Steve Gelberg (Subhananda). | Children of Krishna pictured on the cover of the Australian BBT's The Wonderful World of Hare Krishna in Australia. | Bhaktivedanta Village gurukula opens in central California. | ISKCON World Review begins publication. | IWR cites twenty-four gurukulas running in eighteen countries, with approximately seven hundred students. | IWR features an interview with Jagadish, minister of education. (Gurukula: School for the soul--An interview with Jagadish dasa, ISKCON's minister of education, IWR, Vol. 1, No. 6, p. 1, Oct. 1981)
1982 1982 - IWR cites more than thirty gurukulas worldwide. | Children of Krishna Prahalad and Dhanvantari give books and a garland to Princess Diana in Brisbane. | New gurukulas in France, Australia, South Africa, England, Sweden; Manipur, Tirupati and Assam, India. Detroit starts ISKCON's first dayschool, breaking the trend of the boarding school system. | Lake Huntington gurukula offers summer camp for life members' children. | The level of airport and street soliciting in America is less than half its 1978 peak. With revenues down, parents are pushed outside of ISKCON's communities to find employment in support of themselves and their families (Rochford, 1998, p. 55). | Mayapur meeting: three new gurus added to original eleven (Pancadravida, Bhaktisvarupa Damodara and Gopal Krishna). | Jayatirtha leaves ISKCON; Bhagavan inherits his zone, March. | The New York Times publishes a story about ISKCON's influence in the Soviet Union, April 15. | ISKCON holds Ratha-yatra in Washington D.C., Aug. 21. Mayor Marion Barry proclaims official Ratha-yatra Day; Washington Post covers the parade, Aug. 22; | The Public Affairs department and BBT publish Who Are they? magazine, Chant and Be Happy, and Coming Back. | Two year old boy in New Vrindaban dies from battering, October.
1983 1983 - Children of Krishna appear on the cover of Hare Krishna Today, published by the Australian BBT. | Bombay announces plans to build a gurukula building on Juhu property. Day classes begin at the school. | The New York Times publishes a second story about ISKCON's influence in the Soviet Union, April 18. | The Public Affairs department and BBT publish A Higher Taste cookbook.| Media cover Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center (Fisher Mansion) grand opening in Detroit, May 25. State senators Kelly and Vaughn, and Secretary of State Kondler issue a Senate Resolution recognizing Ratha-yatra and Fisher Mansion grand opening. | The GBC expels Hamsadutta at an emergency meeting in Miami Beach; the Miami Herald, New York Daily News, Associated Press, and other media report the story, July 11. | Charles St. Denis (Chakradari) murdered in New Vrindaban. | Food For Life begins. | ISKCON ordered to pay $32.5 million in George vs. ISKCON case, June 17; ISKCON appeals the case. | Hamsadutta disciples picket San Diego temple, San Diego Union-Tribune publishes story, June 20. | French government cracks down on sankirtan; Bhagavan's summer festivals moved to Italy.
1984 1984 - Mayapur meeting: GBC ratifies Hamsadutta's expulsion. | Croome Court sold. | Imprisoned devotee Ujjvala lights Charles Manson on fire; ISKCON issues press release, Sept. 26. | Child abuse exposed at L.A. temple nursery school; Santa Monica Evening Outlook, Oct. 11, and the L.A. Daily News, Nov. 19, report the story. | Two boys, four and five years old, die in an abandoned refrigerator in New Vrindaban. | IWR reports benign nature of gurukula (ISKCON children win poetry writing awards, IWR 3.9, p. 2, Jan. 1984) | IWR article, Spiritual city rising in Sri Mayapur, IWR 4.1, p. 7, May 1984, sent in from the leaders in India, might have been an attempt to deflect rumors of child abuse at the ISKCON boarding schools in India | IWR covers Los Angeles gurukula board meeting. (ISKCON's educational leaders plan secondary school studies, IWR 3.10, p. 4, Feb. 1984) | IWR reports that six boys travel in U.S. with Muralivadaka. (Krsna kids touring America, IWR 4.5, p. 7, July 1984) | Gostabihari prosecuted and imprisoned for abusing children in Dallas
1985 1985 - Bhaktidayal files charges against Harikesh with the GBC, Jan. 6. | Children of Krishna perform peace dance at Gita Forum, Dallas. | Nirmal candra's art recognized in magazine. | Lake Huntington gurukula girls meet New York congressman in Washington, D.C. | Sulochan begins distributing copies of The Guru Business to ISKCON disciples. | GBC names Minister of Education Jagadish a guru. (Four new gurus appointed, IWR 5.1, p. 3, May 1985) | Anonymous letter to the GBC describes Bhavananda's sexual deviations, including child abuse, March. | ISKCON leaders complain that children are turning out to be like "karmies" (Rochford, 1998, p. 50) | Dignitaries attend grand opening of South African temple. | GBC holds an emergency meeting in Los Angeles to examine Bhaktidayal's evidence against Harikesh (one of the eleven gurus); they pardon him. | New Vrindaban announces $60 million, ten-year temple construction project, media report the story, May 31 (never built). | Ravindra-svarupa writes "Under My Order," describing the need for guru reform, June 6. | Prabhupada disciples meet in New Vrindaban to discuss guru reform, September. | The GBC votes to excommunicate Sulochan after he locks himself in protective custody during GBC meeting. | Rutgers University Press publishes Hare Krishna in America, by Burke Rochford. | Kirtanananda assaulted and sent to the hospital in a coma, Oct. 27. While recovering, he begins openly molesting children. | Persuaders documentary by Anna Raphael (Ritasya dasi), exposing Bhagavan's arrogance, airs on BBC TV, December. | Dr. Lawrence Liliston publishes academic papers praising Lake Huntington gurukula. (Hare Krsna kids rate high in general awareness test, IWR 5.7, p. 2, Nov. 1985)
1986 1986 - Mayapur meeting: GBC accepts list of twenty new gurus. Ravindra svarupa, author of the guru reform movement, becomes a GBC and guru. | Prahlad and the Krishna Kids (of Australia) record an EMI album, including a plea to Mikheil Gorbachev to free the Soviet Krishnas. | Lake Huntington gurukula closes. | Children of Krishna in Vancouver demonstrate to free Soviet Hare Krishnas. | Year-long observance of the five-hundredth anniversary of the appearance of Lord Chaitanya, including Pada-yatra pilgrimage to Chaitanya's birthplace in India. | Forty children of Krishna walk with Pada-yatra. | Governor Sir Walter Campbell meets ailing devotee child Trishandhya in her hospital room in Brisbane. | Children of Krishna meet Queen Elizabeth in Auckland. | Children of Krishna ride float in Penn State University Homecoming Parade. | Nirmal-candra, son of Minister of Education Jagadish and a gurukula headmistress Laxmimoni, is left quadriplegic after an accident at the Gita Nagari gurukula. He begins writing about his gurukula experiences. | The last two regionally based ashram gurukulas close in North America; Indian boarding schools continue. | Ramesvara caught with minor-aged girl in Santa Monica mall, report given to GBC May 7. | GBC holds an emergency meeting in San Diego, Aug. 18-19, to discuss Kirtanananda, Bhavananda and Ramesvara. Kirtanananda agrees (by telephone) that he will resign if indicted for the murders of Sulochan or Chakradhari. Public Affairs office issues a news release denouncing Kirtanananda's presence in the media. | Sulochan murdered in Los Angeles, May 22. | Grand jury convenes to study New Vrindaban , Sept. 5. | Bhavananda agrees to quit initiating disciples while he is suspended, Sept. 8; when he goes through with an initiation ceremony, the GBC expels him. | The GBC holds an emergency meeting at the Pyramid House in Topanga Canyon to discuss Ramesvara. | Ramesvara, Bhagavan resign and leave ISKCON; L.A. Times covers story, Oct. 5. | BBT Council cuts off funding for all Ramesvara's projects, October. | Hamsadutta followers finally vacate ISKCON Berkeley property, October. | Sulochan's son drowns at New Vrindaban, Dec. 7. Grandparents obtain court order to take five year old brother away from the farm. | Kirtanananda embarks on "Freedom Tour" to distance himself from alleged crimes, December.
1987 1987 - FBI raids New Vrindaban, exhumes St. Denis' remains and collects evidence of copyright infringement and racketeering, Jan. 5. | New Vrindaban former school principal Larry Gardner (Sri Galim) and teacher's assistant Frederick de Francisco (Lalita Madhava) arrested for child abuse; story reported in Wheeling News Register, Feb. 11, 17, and 18. Also, The New York times* | Mayapur meeting: GBC excommunicates Kirtanananda and all of his temples, and accepts the resignations of Ramesvara and Bhagavan. They issue a letter to all New Vrindaban residents asking them to leave Kirtanananda and be re-initiated in ISKCON, March 16. | Ananta-santi (Prabhupada's Soviet disciple) finally freed from Soviet forensic hospital. | Westminster Press publishes Dr. Larry Shinn's The Dark Lord. | Rolling Stone magazine publishes "Dial Om for Murder," by John Hubner and Lindsey Grueson, April 9. | Time magazine publishes "Troubled Karma for the Krishnas," Sept. 1. | Jayatirtha murdered in England. | California superior court hears George vs. ISKCON appeal. | Bhaktivedanta Archives publishes Srila Prabhupada's letters in a five-volume set. | Satsvarupa resigns his position on the GBC, removes his vyasasana, writes an essay on guru reform, and grants an interview to IWR. | Temple presidents of Ramesvara's former zone form an alliance called the Western Zonal Council. The council elects Badrinarayan as their GBC representative. | New Vrindaban holds "Religious Freedom Gathering," Nov. 21-22.
1988 1988 - A mother writes to Minister of Education Jagadish about child abuse at the Gita Nagari [Pennsylvania] gurukula, Jan. 26. (Dear Jagadish Maharaja, anonymous letter from a mother, 1988) | Mayapur meeting: The GBC admits Badrinarayana as a GBC to manage the Western Zone, including all of Ramesvara's former territory. Within the GBC, he advocates gurukula reform (but favors keeping the matter a GBC secret). | Former member Christina Mills accuses New Vrindaban of abusing her as a child, March 3. | Harcourt Brace Javanovich publishes Monkey on a Stick, by Hubner and Grueson, including a statement about gurukula abuse in New Vrindaban. (Monkey on a Stick excerpt, Hubner & Grueson, p. 347) | GBC orders an interview of former gurukula students. (The Results, ISKCON Youth Veterans newsletter, 1988) | Jagadish resigns; GBC dissolves the Ministry of Education and forms the Board of Education. Jagadish becomes a member of the board. (GBC Resolution, 1988) | IWR interviews Drista Dasa, head of the Dallas gurukula, and Sri Rama Dasa, secretary of the ISKCON-wide GBC Board of Education. (IWR interview: Gurukula Today in Dallas, IWR 8.4, pp. 6-7, Nov. 1988) and IWR interviews Sri Rama Dasa, IWR 8.5, pp. 6-7, Nov. 1988)
1989 1989 - Princeton University publishes The Hare Krishnas in India, Charles R. Brooks. | Detroit opens new gurukula schoolhouse.
1990 1990 - ISKCON Youth Veterans newsletter publishes "Children of the Ashrama," by Raghunatha. (Children of the Ashrama, by Raghunatha, ISKCON Youth Veterans newsletter, Vol IV, Aug. 1990, supplement, pp. 28-49) | Gurukula alumni hold their first reunion, Los Angeles. | Southern California-based Public Affairs office closes; ISKCON Communications opens in Potomac, Maryland. | A minor aged bride from New Vrindaban tells her story in the ISKCON Youth Veterans newsletter, January-May issue. (Gurukula, by D.D., ISKCON Youth Veterans newsletter, Vol II, Jan.-May, 1990, p. 1) | GBC passes a series of resolutions dealing with child abuse. (GBC Resolutions, 1990)
1991 1991 - Householders outnumber renounced members. Seventy percent of devotees have at least one child (Rochford, 1998, p. 50). | Kirtanananda sentenced to thirty years in prison for using murder, kidnapping and fraud to protect an illegal, multimillion dollar enterprise; Associated Press reports story, March 30. | Thomas Drescher (Tirtha) convicted of first degree murder in Los Angeles for killing Steve Bryant (Sulochan); United Press International and Associated Press report the story, Aug. 21. The Washington Post follows with a feature story on New Vrindaban, Sept. 8. | Thomas Drescher found guilty in the murder of Sulochan, Aug. 20; Los Angeles jury recommends life in prison, Oct. 10. | U.S. Supreme Court finds ISKCON not liable for brainwashing Susan Murphy; case remanded to lower court on other issues; Associated Press and United Press International cover the story, Oct 7.
1992 1992 - Gurukula alumni hold their third reunion in Los Angeles. Annual summer reunions continue in Los Angeles through the nineties.
1993 1993 - Gurukula Alumni, Inc., publishes three issues of their color magazine, As It Is: The Voice of the Second Generation. | Hamsadutta asks to be accepted back into ISKCON. | Burke Rochford, in conjunction with ISKCON, begins "Project Future Hope," designed to match members of the second generation to compatible jobs.
1994 1994 - Gandhari studies the history of gurukula in her UCLA World Arts and Cultures Senior Colloquium. | A panel of former gurukula students, including Gandhari, addresses the Devotee Relationship Conference in Topanga Canyon about abuse they suffered in gurukula. | George vs. ISKCON settled for an undisclosed amount. | Gurukula alumni Jivananda commits suicide, he was eighteen. He grew up in the Pyramid House in Topanga Canyon. | As It Is, the Voice of the Vaisnava Youth interviews a former gurukula teacher. (From a Teacher, by Krsna-kumari, As It Is, the Voice of the Vaisnava Youth, No. 5, Summer 1994, p. 12)
1995 1995 - Gurukula alumni Gaura-vani appears in three summer movies: "The Brady Bunch," "Dangerous Minds," and "Virtuosity." | Manu appointed GBC Youth Minister. (ISKCON Youth Ministry Mission Statement, author's collection)
1996 1996 - An eight year old is molested in New Vrindaban; the girl's father and other men beat up the perpetrator and pull out his ponytail (sikha). These incidents were never reported to authorities. | Former students from the Vrindavana, India, gurukula confront Dhanurdar, the former school principal who directed the abusive school in Vrindavana. The meeting takes place in the Los Angeles temple, arranged and facilitated by GBC member Badrinarayan. After the confrontation, Dhanurdara continues in his position as guru, sannyasi, and member in good standing. | A Los Angeles gurukula teacher resigns after she receives death threats for reporting incidents of child abuse to the proper authorities. ISKCON's new Women's Ministry learns of the incident, but is powerless to do anything. | ISKCON World Review changes its name to Hare Krishna World. | V.O.I.C.E. (Violations of ISKCON Children Exposed) website by Nirmal-chandra Hickey and Maya Charnell posted, including personal accounts of abuse and a statement about Srila Prabhupada's responsibility for gurukula. (Janmastami Nightmare: One Account of Child Abuse, anonymous, posted at the V.O.I.C.E. website, 1996). (Prabupada's Responsibility, by Nirmal-chandra and Maya Devi, posted at the V.O.I.C.E. website, 1996) Nirmal-chandra also wrote an account of Vrindavana gurukula, which spoke for many victims of that school. (Vrindavana Gurukula, by Nirmal-chandra, author's collection, 1996) | Ten gurukula alumni give three hours of moving testimony about child abuse in gurukula at the North American GBC meeting in Alachua, Florida, May 17-18. Children of Krishna, Inc., formed to help abuse victims and other children raised in the movement. (Excerpt from Priti-laksanam, by Kunti, 1996). (The Children of Krishna, Inc., Strategic Guidelines, author's collection) | Srimad Bhagavan writes his autobiography to help effort to gather information about what happened to the children in ISKCON. "My Life Story," by S.B. McKee, (author's collection, 1996) | Maria Ekstrand (Madhusudani Radha dasi) starts an online conference called "Child Abuse Prevention" (CAP).
1997 1997 - Manu persuades the GBC to pass two resolutions favoring the second generation, Mayapur Meeting, March. (GBC resolutions, 1997) | Guru B.V. Madhava leaves ISKCON after admitting that he touched a male follower inappropriately. | Muralivadaka resigns Board of Education and Children of Krishna, Inc., board of directors when confronted with evidence that he abused children. | University of Illinois Press publishes Betrayal of the Spirit, including one chapter about gurukula abuses. | Children of Krishna, Inc., report in their newsletter that in their first ten months of operation they had granted four individuals a total of $2,000. | Accounts of guru Bhavananda's child abuse were gathered and published by Dr. Maria Ekstrand at, a GBC-approved forum for discussing controversy. The Past is Not Done With, statements about Bhavananda's acts of child abuse, (posted at, by Dr. Maria Ekstrand, 1998)
1998 1998 - Raghunatha revives his old newsletter on the Internet. Gurukula Veterans Journal website posted. | Gurukula alumni Manjari Devi performs with Madonna on the international MTV Video Awards. | Dhira Govinda (David Wolf, Ph.D.) establishes Child Protection Office (CPO), along with Yashoda Devi. (Child Protection Office interview with Dhira Govinda at Culver City Park, author's collection, 1998). (Child Protection in ISKCON, a task force report, 1998) | Dhira Govinda (David Wolf, Ph.D.) also establishes the APVC, Association for the Protection of Vaishnava Children, to oversee ISKCON child protection efforts, "creating and maintaining safe environments for children in ISKCON communities around the world." Malini Dasi is assistant director. The establish the website | Harikesh resigns and leaves ISKCON. | ISKCON Communications Journal, based in Sweden, publishes Burke Rochford's "Child Abuse in the Hare Krishna Movement: 1971-1986." (click here to read this paper) When the article is published in their October issue, ISKCON Communications issues a press release. Media cover the story (click here to see articles): the front page of The New York Times; Associated Press, Religious News Service, Dallas Morning News, India Express, Deccan Herald, and numerous local radio, TV and news stories. | Dr. Rochford admits he felt caught in an internal political struggle when encouraged to publish his paper on child abuse in ISKCON (click here) | ISKCON Communications issues press release about the child abuse media coverage, along with confidential media guidelines to all ISKCON centers, Oct. 13. (Media Release: Hare Krishnas Investigate Past Abuse at Boarding School, Oct. 13, 1998) | Gurukula alumni Nimai Bhakti Pralad Dasa commits suicide, Dec. 13, he was twenty-six. | Gurukula alumni survey conducted, see results [formerly posted at] (Manu Dasa made the results public through in April 2000).
1999 1999 - Mayapur meeting: gurukula alumni address the GBC, Feb. 13. (Can We Mend the Shattered Fragments of ISKCON?, by Krsna-devata and Shakuntala, author's collection, 1999) | Bhakta-Visvareta loses his cool in Mayapur, beats former Vrindavan gurukula principal Dhanurdara. (Hi everyone, by Bhakta Visvareta, author's collection, 1999) | ISKCON's Office of Child Protection issues its first newsletter, April 6, including their findings against two child abusers: Srutadeva dasa (Robert Kaufman) and Muralivadaka dasa (Michael Mager). (Cases Resolved by the Child Protection Office,, April 6, 1999) | ISKCON's Office of Child Protection begins to look for evidence that Kirtanananda and Bhavananda abused and molested children, April 23. | Dr. Michael Langone, Executive Directory of the American Family Foundation, an cult information organization, defends ISKCON's reform movement at the AFF Annual Conference, May 14. | Windle Turley, P.C., of Dallas prepares to file a class action suit on behalf of several former gurukula students. | Associated Press publishes "Hare Krishnas Threatened by Lawsuit," by Julia Lieblich, June 6; Jean Sonmor of the Toronto Sun follows with "Hare Krishnas on the hotseat," June 14, and "Dark Side of Krishna Looming Class-Action Suit Alleges Physical and Sexual Abuse of Kids," July 6. | ISKCON Communications pledges that the organization will donate $1 million to child abuse prevention efforts (Media Release: Krishnas Pledge One Million Dollars to Child Protection, April 29, 1999)

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