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Dreams About God by Nori Muster, Dreamtime magazine, Spring 2022.

How and Why We Dream by Nori Muster, Dreamtime magazine, Fall 2021.

Dream Content Analysis - collecting and analyzing data from dreams.

Coding Rules for the Hall/Van de Castle System of Quantitative Dream Content Analysis.
Nori's Dream Sets, Presentations, and Papers

Dream Sets for Content Analysis - an overview of the notebook transcription project.

Decade Dream Series online version of my decade dream sets presentation, ICSA Annual Conference, June 18, 2017.

Dreams from Ten Years with the Hare Krishnas, 1979-1989.
Dream Art by Nori

Dreams About God
Religious Research Panel
Scottsdale, July 19, 2018
Dreams of God

The 22 Attributes of God
Religious Research
by Dr. Shanee Stepakof

School Dreams Study / Presentation
International Association for the Study of Dreams
Online Conference June 16, 2021
Video of the Presentation
Graph and photos from the journal:
School Dreams
Dream Sketches
Copy Drawings
LACMA Drawings
Misc. Typical Pages
Noriland Art

Introduction of New Characters in a Long-Term Dream Journal
IASD Annual Conference
Tucson, Arizona, July 19, 2022
Presentation: iasd-2022

Nightmares of One Person's Long-term Dream Journal
IASD 40th Annual Conference
Ashland, Oregon, June 19, 2023
Presentation: iasd-2023


Dream Class - symbols, archetypes, influencing dreams, dream art, and Gestalt dream work. Also, a chapter of journaling exercises. This is drawn from a class that took place online for one hundred students at Virtual University, in 1998.

Archetype Workshop - learn more about archetypes

Myth and Theme of Ex-membership an academic paper that draws on archetypes and metaphors to describe the psychology of an ex-cult member

book cover   DreamingPeace.net read Dreaming Peace, by Nori Muster - posted online free.

tarotcard   Secret Order of the Tarot archetypes and themes in the tarot

Surrealist Manifesto Surrealist.org purpose statement

Find Me at the Gates philosophical sci-fi story

Numinous Experiences my mystical experiences that could be dreams or real

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