Years I've been in school:
UCSB - BA sociology 1978
UCLA - 1988-1993 part-time
WOSC - 1990-1991 - MS 1991
Marylhurst - 1990-1991
Art School - 1993-1996 part-time
Real Estate School - 2005-2006
Teach Real Estate - 2010-present

Examples of dreams that contain the word school:

October undated 1985
I was at school - it was in the country - I saw people I used to know and who used to know each other (who also knew me)

December 1, 2005
Non-Literal (not enrolled in school)
I go to school, but have too many classes - some are scheduled at the same time. I rush to do everything at once - I fall behind in one class, especially - Can't get to it, can't find the books, have to cram for the test - hope I can get at least a "C" in some of the classes I've been skipping.

Literal School Dreams
My fall 1990 schedule was extra full because I took four academic classes, including statistics. I had the following dream August 27, 1990, just after registration: I go to school. I have four classes. I need to get all organized - find out what I need to write for each class, etc. I had two dreams about statistics class, a subject I ended up loving: A dream about measurement, statistics. How far off something is from the middle, etc., (Dated October 2, 1990) probably referring to my fascination with the bell curve. And a quite literal dream, I'm in school - a lesson on statistics. (December 8, 1990)

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