Presented by Nori Muster at the 40th IASD Annual Dream Conference, Ashland, Oregon 2023

Nightmare Resolution

Most nightmares that are going to get resolved get resolved in the dream state during the night. If a nightmare doesn't resolve in dream life, people often simply forget about the unresolved nightmare. However, people may try to resolve a troubling nightmare or recurring nightmare through waking life methods. Popular methods include talking, drawing, or writing about the nightmare.

The first time this ever worked for me was in 2022 I attended an Art of Dreaming workshop with Drs. Mark Blagrove and Julia Lockheart. By luck, the group chose me as the volunteer and I shared my nightmare. Mark led a Ullmann Method discussion while Julia painted the nightmare on pages from The Interpretation of Dreams, by Dr. Sigmund Freud, first published in 1900. Then they made a t-shirt based on the workshop!


Moving through the Ullman Method to discuss the nightmare and the fun I had with the nightmare t-shirt resolved the nightmare. I learned that I can accept my aggressive inner dream self as necessary to defend myself in life.



Artwork by Dr. Julia Lochheart

t-shirt-wearing    t-shirt-warrior

Selfie photos by Nori Muster