Nori artist

Nori artwork

Nori artist

The Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Hills Art Show
Featuring the sculpture of Sallie O'Neill and the Noriland oil paintings and prints. Held November 2, 2003, at the home of Sallie O'Neill.

Sallie O'Neill started exhibiting her table sized sculptures in 1987, the same year she began her artistic journey. During the ensuing years, collectors from all over the world have purchased her original clay sculptures and limited edition reproductions. She creates forms of people in varying degrees of abstraction, her male and female pieces present powerful portrayals of intimacy. Her group figures of women express deeply spiritual and emotional interactions.

Nori Muster studied art at College of the Redwoods, Humboldt State University, UCLA Extension, Bush Barn (Salem, Oregon), Western Oregon University, Marylhurst College (West Linn, Oregon), the Lu Bellamak art school in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is an alumni of Deb McColl's artist group in South Pasadena (see).

Nori artwork Nori artist

Artist's statement:
"The first time I painted Noriland was on the wall of an apartment in the San Fernando Valley, where I lived with friends in 1974. Twenty years later, while studying oil painting with Scottsdale artist Lu Bellamak, she encouraged me to revisit the images. She also introduced me to artist Desmond Morris's work. With inspiration from the surrealist paintings of Desmond Morris, I painted five Noriland canvases 1994-1995."
Above left: Desert Garden, an abstract rendering of a front yard in Tempe, Arizona. Above right: Mount Ranier at Dawn. The mountain and cloud came from a photograph in the book, Sacred Mountains of the World.

Below left: Noriland Islands, the original Noriland image. Lower left: The Creators. This illustrates the power of autosuggestion. Below right: Noriland - Highway 10, the desert between Phoenix and L.A.

Nori artwork

Nori artist
Nori artwork

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Excerpt from the Noriland Manifesto:
Here I am in heaven again, about to go down the chute. It's a serious, intense world, where you can't pretend to hide. Oh yes, I took a stand in my last life, wrote down everything I could remember. Kicking through the webs, walking around the lake (a lake of miracles). My new life will be by the sea (a heaven lake, glittering like diamonds). Look at it - a holy miracle of eternal love. Hypocrisy like hell! See you down there. I have taken a stand, now it's my turn to live.

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