prescottartshow nori-hsilai
Self portrait from a dream, 2003; Nori in Reykjavik City Centre, 2015. Photo by Steve Gelberg.*

artwork Upcycled Canvases
Paintings found at yard sales and thrift stores, upcycled.

artwork Dream-inspired Artwork
sketches, drawings, and paintings by Nori.

artwork Abstract Surrealism
Synopsis of an article that appeared in ICSA Today, Vol. 9, No. 1.

artwork Art Vault
Nori's work ranging from the 1970s to 2010s.
Paintings | Drawings

artwork Star Registry
See pictures of the stars registered through

Link to Nori's writing
artwork Noriland Series
The Story of Noriland and the painting series (1990s).

artwork Affirmation Cards
Hundreds of these cards sold in a Glendale, California import shop, 2000-2005.

artwork Surrealist Manifesto
Read the manifesto of the New Surrealist workshop.

artwork Travel Photos
Switzerland, Chile, India, Germany, England, New Zealand, California, Arizona . . .

artwork Commissions
Artwork for friends and patrons.

St. Louis Arch, by Nori
Prescott College art show, 2017.