Pray for Peace 2024

Best New Years Wishes
December 31, 2023

Here we are, the days are getting longer, the new year begins tomorrow. This is the last year in the first quarter of the twenty-first century. We've made strides over the last twenty-four years for inclusion and for the earth, but the work goes on. We need to secure a future for our planet and future generations.

We have also seen setbacks in the first quarter of the twenty-first century. We had a lousy election in 2000 that resulted in an incompetent president, 9/11, and chronic bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq. After that, racist ideology flared up when we elected our first black American president. Many of us thought of that as a step forward and thought we could next elect our first woman president. We all know how that turned out. Then we got a pandemic that killed a million Americans and left millions more with continuing symptoms, and the pandemic still continues to kill. We also have a would-be dictator we're trying to bring to justice. And of course, part of the chaos includes new wars of aggression that threaten our democracy.

Humanity needs to keep moving forward despite these setbacks, so please join us in praying for peace in the new year.

New Conspiracy Theories
Hot off the Press at Surrealist News

December 9, 2023

We hear lots of propaganda every day. Sometimes it's exciting like an adventure to find out if there really is a pedophile operation in the basement of a pizza parlor. Sadly, that one ended in a murder.

We lefties aren't that good about writing our own conspiracy theories, so I'll throw a few out there and see if they stick.

Oligarchs bribe people with power in media conglomerates to schedule forty-five minute discussions about how great the former president is doing. When the anchors start a chat about how easy it would be for the former guy to win, all the guest analysts look disappointed. There are much more intelligent things to talk about. So why do the news conglomerates force this inane conversation? Money, bribes, gifts, or blackmail. Or a combination of these things. We must find out who is bribing the media to make the former guy look good. Possibly started in 2016.

Are you ready for another conspiracy theory I'm just making up as I sit here? Good.

The Republicans had this on their list to impeach Biden even though he's doing a great job. They did it with a judge in Wisconsin, as I recall. So the timing. This is where the conspiracy theory lies. Obviously, the Republicans noticed Biden is doing a good job, so they had better start checking things off their list before people start to like him. So now's the time. Same for the Hunder Biden things. Better get busy with those storm windows before the big blue waves come.

Just as a follow-up, how about another conspiracy theory on why these people are so obviously doing criminal things to hurt America? The reason is - and I want you to accept this without trying to fact-check - they believe if they act really mean and scary we'll all cower in fear all year long. Even if we have a fun vacation or reunion planned for sometime next year, they want us to be paralyzed with fear every minute of every day because they go around badmouthing democracy and women, or whatever makes them feel angry. So that's the conspiracy theory: they think if they are stupid (and they are), they'll just be so scary-stupid you will feel bullied and back off.

Vote Blue


Trust the Biden Administration. They are doing a good job to put America back on track after Covid and attempts to overturn our democracy. President Biden has the experience and know-how to bring Americans together. VP Kamala Harris is also qualified and working in the interest of the American people.

Truth watch multiple news outlets, don't just focus on one, especially if it's filled with propaganda like Fox News.

Trust your gut feelings - nobody likes abuse and nobody wants to go around angry all the time. Let's come together this holiday season to spread love and trust. United we can work together and make it a better world for the next generations.

Vote Blue in 2024


A Positive Affirmation
November 21, 2023

The world is so full of double negatives, I would like to broadcast and encourage this affirmation written in positive words:

"We win because American democracy is stronger than dirt."

Over the next year if you feel doubt, repeat that and feel certain you are correct. It is correct.

Noticias surrealistas Opinión sobre política
Noviembre 17, 2023

Mis queridos amigos. Quiero advertirles sobre la propaganda mediática. La cadena de televisión ha decidido promocionar al expresidente. ¿y por qué? Pregúntese: ¿necesita un dictador para solucionar nuestros problemas?

El expresidente actúa como un dictador y daña a quien se interpone en su camino. Tiene serios problemas legales, por decir lo menos. Me hace sentir avergonzado de ser un ser humano.

Ignora esta propaganda. Si algo parece demasiado extraño para ser verdad, probablemente no lo sea. No queremos reelegir a un dictador peligroso que depende de la propaganda para enojar a sus seguidores. En una democracia tan antigua como ésta, todos los ciudadanos tienen derecho a votar. Sin embargo, los dictadores quieren dificultar el voto de determinadas personas. Desde el final de la Guerra Civil, los tipos dictadores han ideado docenas de trucos ingeniosos para acosar a la gente y lograr que se quede en casa con apatía en lugar de votar.

Seguir con el tipo de gobierno donde la gente vota es la mejor opción. En 2020 elegimos a un presidente que ha ayudado a recuperar nuestro país. (A Biden le está yendo bien y tiene un gran vicepresidente que está listo para intervenir si sucede algo)

Debido a la pandemia de Covid y la caótica respuesta del dictador, sin saber qué hacer, los restaurantes y tiendas minoristas de Estados Unidos estaban quebrando; Se cancelaron eventos deportivos, conferencias y conciertos en todo el país. Miles de personas enfermaron de Covid y tuvieron que colocar remolques frigoríficos delante de los hospitales para almacenar los cadáveres. La escuela fue interrumpida y la economía estaba colapsando. Entonces el dictador intentó anular las elecciones.

Desde entonces, el actual presidente aprobó proyectos de ley de infraestructura para crear buenos empleos. Cuando el mundo entero experimentó inflación, Estados Unidos fue el que menos sufrió debido a las buenas prácticas gubernamentales. Ahora tenemos una inflación baja. La votación funciona porque los estadounidenses son inteligentes y eligen personas honestas y leales a la democracia. Necesitamos personas en el cargo que sepan lo que están haciendo y se pongan a trabajar. Los dictadores sólo saben de poder y dinero.

Este país nunca ha sido perfecto, por supuesto. Pero ese es el sueño: alcanzar algún día nuestros objetivos de igualdad y justicia para todos. Por favor ayuden a mantener la democracia. No andes enojado. Sé feliz con tu vida y mantente abierto a las personas amigables y felices con las que pasas en un día. Tenemos derecho a sentirnos agradecidos de poder votar y moldear nuestro gobierno como una democracia (también conocido como... Nadie quiere vivir en una dictadura.

Tenga cuidado con la propaganda, especialmente ahora con la Inteligencia Artificial "IA" y los grandes países antagónicos que quieren ver fracasar a Estados Unidos. Oren por la paz y trabajen por la igualdad.

Is Civilization Moving Backwards?
November 1, 2023

This is a message to all my Jewish and Middle Eastern friends, and other friends, and friendly people I don't know who are suffering, I love you all!! I stand by you and we will get through this together.

rose This time let's try to learn something from history: democracy works and it has worked since the 1700s. We can keep it going. Having a strongman, a bully, in charge is bad government. In a democracy all citizens can vote and our opinions count.

--> What is Woke?
October 28, 2023

The other night I was at a meeting that involved our City Council. I talked to one woman who thought our City Council was too woke. So we do have a healthy progressive City Council. So I asked her what "woke" means. She said it means people are trying to censor books and stop teaching history in schools.

Up until then I thought it was the woke people getting their books banned, not the other way around. But this woman seemed to blame all the book banning and erasing history on the woke people.

She seemed so distressed about it. I suggested she take her mind off it so it doesn't get to her. There are always problems in the world and there's only so much we can do about it. So we need time off to decompress. Read books, listen to music, work in the garden, and so on. That's what I do and it takes my mind off of things, such as discovering this new meaning of "woke." I found that disheartening that some people believe a cabal of woke people censors books. Just that intelligent looking human beings believe the opposite of what's true. Sort of living in a Lewis Carroll book.

There is a mastermind behind these mass brainwashing symptoms we see in our politics these days.

We all have friends, neighbors, or relatives who acted brainwashed at times - weather machines create hurricanes, etc. The propaganda is to gaslight people, and they know a percentage of their followers will go into a psychosis, pick up a gun and stand up to the woke.

So how do we find out who's behind this propaganda? Maybe the DOJ or other agencies are looking into this? Is it similar to the operation from 2016 in the Muller Report? Whatever it is, it's truly anti-American propaganda and we need to find it and stop it.

How the Media Could be Fair
October 6, 2023

Yesterday I met a woman who told me she thinks Biden is the most evil man in politics. I told her we better stop talking about politics. (I disagree and sensed she had her mind made up.) Then she complained that people are afraid to talk about politics, back in the old days we could talk about politics without fighting. So I agreed, and we went on to another subject.

How did this woman get the idea our President Biden is an evil man, when he has dedicated his life as a public servant. He has done a great job as president. The answer is, the media has no intention to refute that belief. Both sides are just as bad!

Here's how I recommend media companies be more fair. Use a stop watch and find out how much time you spend on leading candidates in the 2024 election. And give both candidates equal time.

Well, there is the matter of Trump's legal news, and you've been covering that very well. But when there's no breaking news, the discussions seem to turn to gossip about what might happen, who likes who, who's mad, and so on. That is really boring. Then the next step is everyone starts to narrate "their worst fear." This is both boring and discouraging. Better to turn off the TV or fast-forward to a different segment.

For liberals and other people who prefer to live in the real world and continue having a democracy, it's harder and harder to find refuge from the wall-to-wall Trump coverage. This is what the media did leading up to the 2016 election. I remember. I was here. So big corporate executives sell their souls to get ratings so they can have more money and not have to pay income tax. They don't have time to care about the corruptive influence of fascism they produce and broadast on their air waves!

Editor's note (10/28/2023) instead of going after Amazon as a monopoly, we ought to go over the media monopolies. About five interests own all the TV, radio, and newspaper outlets.

If Amazon purchased Etsy, Ebay, and other big retail enterprises on the Interent, that would be a monopoly. At this point anybody can open a successful retail place online. Many shops are doing this and it's a good thing.

Many retailers sign up at Amazon to make their goods available to Amazon customers. If Amazon is doing unfair things to their vendords, that's malpractice. I don't see how that makes it a monopoly.

Amazon owns Audible, but that's closely related to their original product, books. I think Amazon does a good job and I've worked for them since my first book came out in 1996. So please don't hurt Amazon. Get them to treat their employees and vendors better. But don't try to break them up. Then put your focus on the media monopolies. That's what's hurting our country.

A Time of Lawlessness
September 25, 2023

In an environment where some people think laws don't matter, lies are nothing, and abuse is kind of cute and kinky, what will become of us?

• Remember this is a vocal minority. Chances are there is always a percentage of any population on earth who work as criminals. Maybe they see no other option, maybe they have undiagnosed medical issues, or maybe they think it makes them cool.

• Remember things can get better because people mature as they get older and they make amends, change their ways, and act like grown ups, like honest adults. Society also matures, and for the most part we live well together. People are friendly. Maybe I can just speak for myself, but when I go out I usually feel surrounded by good people. You see people stop in an aisle talking, or employees are stocking the shelves in teams and having a good day. We live in a free society where most people are grown ups, or put a lot of effort into working on ourselves to grow up.

• One good lesson here is don't act like a criminal yourself. There's nothing to get by trying to "fight fire with fire" when you're dealing with liars. A better saying would be "don't stoop to their level," or to make it a positive statement instead of a double negative, you could say, "When they go low, we go high," like Michele Obama said so beautifully. We need to fight back, but fighting fair is the only way we will get to the place we want to be. We want a country of people who agree to follow the laws. Thankfully our laws are sensible for the most part now that they are bringing down the wall against hemp and marijuana. Those laws accomplished nothing, didn't stop violence, and destroyed lives and families. The laws against women's rights and banning books are in that classification of law. It's more like retribution and cruelty, but that's another reason to get registered and find out everything you need to vote, and find out if you can volunteer to help.

• Remember that the people who live in a different reality believe what they believe. Imagine if you thought your government was stolen by a tyrant who has a son who has a hard drive called a laptop, who made some money and paid the tax late, who owned a gun for a short time. Somehow in those people's minds this adds up to treason in the highest degree. That and trying to hold their deity of Retribution accountable. They think he's a perfect angel and people are indicting him as some sort of conspiracy to hold him back. The most disturbed of those people are willing to go to war and sacrifice their lives to stop the tyranny.

If this is what we're dealing with, you can't make sense to them. Since this is the desired outcome of spreading chaos and lies, try to step back. Don't go around these people if possible. Try to bring things down a notch and don't talk about politics if they are people in your life.

• Good people are running to replace some of the chaos agents in local and federal elections. Research the candidates and issues you support and when you can, send them $8 and give ActBlue a tip of 88¢, so on your credit card you have $8.88. It's not a large amount of money, but it's a lucky number. Campaigns care about small donations these days and it adds up if more people do it. Also, you can afford to do it more often. (Give more if you can! Or volunteer your time.) We have some elections ramping up.

• Instead of feeling beaten down by lies and propaganda, get down to work and support the good people in life and in office. We're fortunate to have good people on our side. We need more.

• There's every good reason to think positive about our future, our country's future, and the earth's future. When you hear people tell their version of a dystopian future, fast forward, or take it with a grain of salt. It's science fiction. Everybody's got an opinion. Anybody could write a dystopian novel about the future. Nobody's got a crystal ball.

• And finally, hunker down, because we have a lot of work ahead.

Remembering January 6 on September 11
September 11, 2023

We will always remember twenty-two years ago when terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed them into the Twin Towers. George W. Bush, president at that time, stood on a pile of rubble and declared war on the perpetrators. The next month we attacked Afghanistan and a few months into 2002 we attacked Iraq. After twenty years of war, are out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

On January 6 two years ago, domestic terrorists attacked our Capitol Building to overturn a free and fair election. Now some of the domestic terrorists are in jail, or did serve time in jail for what they did.

While we pray for peace, we also pray for justice. If terrorists get no consequences, they try again. We are twenty-two years out from 9/11 but we are only two years out from Jan6. Maybe soon everyone involved in Jan6 will get consequences for what they did.

Just after 9/11 I posted prayers for peace from all religions. It's still online and we still have a long road to peace, see Prayers for 9/11 Peace.

Mirror Land
August 29, 2023

When you see these indictments against former president it makes you wonder . . . is this real? Are they making everything up and everyone in the legal world is in on the conspiracy? Everyone is against the former guy who got voted out legally fair and square. People voted, states voted, certified, done. Went to court, didn't change anything. A legal but beleaguered transfer of power for the first time in the history of our country.

Anyway, the maga people like the former guy because he's edgy, dishonest, they like that about him. So why would he not be going to court? When people in our country do dishonest things they get in trouble for it. The leader doesn't designate who gets punished. The leader can't break the law and be immune from consequences.

Good News Days
August 17, 2023

I'm trying to cultivate a more positive attitude toward mainstream news. I must get over my resentment - Hunter Biden's hard drive is not the same as four indictments and two impeachments. I'm glad some exaggerated story about the son of the president is the only thing they could find against Biden. They've had fifty-four years since he first got elected as a Senator in 1972. We Love Biden. So calm, always thinking of our welfare.

[Editor's note 8/29/2023 I still need to stop getting mad at the news. The Trump Show is back and hard to get away from it. I want to hear the latest on these stories. I don't want to hear long discussions that put the focus on former guy as a celebrity. "Let's talk for the next twenty minuts about why he's so popular."]

I must also admit I appreciate. The station I watch for their good job covering the situation in Hawaii. I would like my station to dedicate more time to climate stories.

So good job on that. Second, they cover the stories about women who suffer medical consequences in pregnancy. I feel terrible for all women and families suffering because of the extra weird Christian/Catholic fringe group-forced pregnancy laws.

One Wish for TV News in 2024
August 13, 2023

It's hard to watch the news these days. I'll tell you what I like and don't like. I like to hear the latest developments in stories I follow. It's a real downer to watch reporters breathlessly awaiting the arrival of Trump or his attorneys. Just tell me what happened because I don't need to see him pull up to every court. Really it's great somebody finally noticed he and his people committed crimes.

Got any Reformed Republicans out There?
July 14, 2023

Over the years I've dedicated my life to helping juvenile delinquents, religious cult victims, and people who are indoctrinated into cults.

When I look at the Republican party these days I see lots of neighbors who seem otherwise normal . . . and wishing to remain friends with them and not get into political discussions. I've met more Republicans living here in Arizona for the last seventeen years than I ever met earlier in my life.

I can live with people who have opposite opinions and beliefs. There's no reason to argue. If it's someone I don't know, I will often give them a little pinch to find out if it would be possible in any way for them to wake up and acknowledge reality.

So as a researcher I just want you to know I've found an easy way you can come in from the cold. They did this in Los Angeles and they do in Arizona to some extent.

All you have to do is tell yourself "D" stands for "Republican" when you go to the polls to vote. Vote "D" all the way down the ballot because local races have the same problem.

We need a two or three party system where the parties work together in good faith to make the country better for everyone.

Now get deprogrammed:

If you are a Republican who thinks the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane was a witch hunt and / or a hoax or false flag, here are some facts for you:

Trump associate Roger Stone was found guilty of seven counts, including lying to Congress, tampering with a witness, and obstructing a congressional investigation. Trump pardoned him.

Trump 2016 campaign chairman Paul Manafort reached a plea bargain on two of three counts: conspiracy to defraud the United States and witness tampering. Trump pardoned him.

Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. about his conversations with a Russian diplomat. Trump's attorney general at the time, Bill Barr, tried to shut down the investigation. Later Trump pardoned Flynn.

Check "D" so we can get out of this rut the wannabe autocrats have created. We all need the same facts to live in an effective way here on earth.

Young Frankenstein
July 9, 2023

I get the feeling we're living in a movie, what is it? We're living with the monster Young Frankenstein Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, and other creative writers and actors created.

We have what we need to rely on renewable energy in the coming years. It can't happen too soon. Also can't happen overnight, but it's starting to happen. We will have to help the petroleum products get through this when they realize they are not wanted.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein : [to The Monster - or container of gasoline] Hello handsome. You're a good looking fellow, do you know that? People laugh at you, people hate you, but why do they hate you? Because... they are jealous. Look at that boyish face. Look at that sweet smile. Do you wanna talk about physical strength? Do you want to talk about sheer muscle? Do you want to talk about the Olympian ideal? You are a God. And listen to me, you are not evil. You... are... good. [the Monster starts to cry, and Dr. Frederick Frankenstein hugs him]
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein : This is a nice boy. This is a good boy. This is a mother's angel. And I want the world to know once and for all, and without any shame, that we love him. [kisses the monster's head] I'm going to teach you. I'm going to show you how to walk, how to speak, how to move, how to think. Together, you and I are going to make the greatest single contribution to science since the creation of fire.
Inga : [from outside] Dr. Fronkensteen! Are you all right!
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein : MY NAME IS FRANKENSTEIN!

An Improbable Moment
June 25, 2023

Last week India Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited our country to meet with President Biden in the White House then address Congress. Behind him sat Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


Modi said: "There are millions here who have roots in India. Some of them sit proudly in this chamber" (applause). "And there is one behind me too!" (Photo taken from The Last Word, MSNBC, Thursday June 22, 2023.)

The people in this photo are all smiling and laughing. The hall was filled with applause, laughter, and hooting. People stood up in an enthusiastic show of appreciation. Even Kevin McCarthy stood up and clapped.

The moment was improbable because I've heard complaints about all three of these people. Modi is too fundamentalist and goes out of his way to neglect minorities; Kamala Harris is a woman and a woman of color so that bothers people who don't think women or women of color have what it takes to do important work; Kevin McCarthy enables the crazy lies and conspiracy theories going around the Republican party.

Out of all this mishegoss comes a moment of love where our human side shines through. Most of us humans try to be better people as time goes on.

This is the real America where we can accept each other for who we are and not turn every encounter into a controversial fight. Especially a pointless argument with someone who doesn't understand the basic laws of physics. A liars and bullies: give us our rights back and stop corrupting our government institutions. You are breaking things. We would like you better if you functioned in the real world and

Stand Up to The Lies
June 17, 2023

A percentage of our friends and relatives believe all sorts of lies about what's really going on. They think there's a big conspiracy to indict their savior, their retribution. They may never be able to accept the truth that their retribution committed crimes.

Another fact, most of the people dying from Covid this year are unvaccinated. The vaccine did not turn millions of people into zombies who go around shedding vaccine. It's a total made up story but people believe it.

We need to stand up for the truth. Apart from all the lie-spewing and people who believe the lies, America is doing okay. We're certainly much better off than we were in 2020. Do you remember in 2020 we were locked down? Non-essential and essential events were canceled, stores and restaurants closed down, and many never reopened. Do you recall when it was nearly impossible to get a Covid test? There was also little to no vaccine available and it was very scary to go out. That's where the former guy left the country as we voted him out.

Since the election, apart from January 6 and the continuation of mass shootings, we've done well. People have jobs, the wheels of the supply chain are turning again, problems are getting addressed. We're even addressing the former guy's crimes.

Calling all Zombies
June 11, 2023

While I'm reading the June 8 Grand Jury Indictment of Donald Trump and his co-conspirator Walt Nauta, I'm getting more questions. How about this? Was Mar-a-Lago's main attraction the Easter egg hunt? You pay your fee to join, show up for events, and search the bathrooms and theater stage for secret documents?

This raises yet another question. How do right wing Americans feel about a former president storing classified documents next to a toilet? Do you have any veterans in your family line, or in your life now? Classified documents are secret to protect our country and our allies.

If Trump is some kind of charismatic prophet why does he leave a trail of disgraced former followers and attorneys? This is not a spiritual path. The goal of enlightenment is you make the world better for everyone.

The religious cult I was in said it was the guru's "mercy" when he yelled at us. The gurus in our group were mostly all bullies. It's just part of being in a cult. We ignored the gurus' crimes and what the media said about the organization. People like that are fundamentalist, not open to facts or considering other people's opinions.

Since leaving my cult in 1988 I've met people from all over who have left different cults. Some grew up in their group. From meeting people like that I get the feeling once you're out, you're out, and you begin to research what the heck was going on in your group. People realize they made a mistake taking part in a cult and get on with their lives. People leave their cults all the time. Someday, some of the steadfast MAGAts will leave their cults, their reactionary churches, and realize Democrats don't eat babies, and President Biden did not cause the indictment(s).

Some tips for returning to the the real world. First, it's full of danger so you must always be alert. Unless you are involved in the criminal world, nobody is out to get you. The Democrats are not out to get you. Most of the bad stuff that happens to us in this world is either beyond our control or our own fault.

Second, in a cult they teach you to only listen to people aligned with the cult and reject all outside voices. If you can get away from your cult, I want to recommend you open up to media sources besides the heavily biased networks and podcasts you have turned to as a cult follower. Your old media may be like chocolate candy, but it would be better if you learned critical thinking to develop a sense of what is real and what is from the matrix of lies in a dangerous cult.

The cult I was in had murders, child abuse, drug trafficking, and who knows what all. It was a bottomless pit. Now I just pray for them and look back on the parts of the experience that were helpful and non-cultish.

And for any zombies still following along, FYI mass shootings with assaut weapons are real. They are not false flag operations by the Deep State. The jobs people do in the deep state include typing, pushing paper, answering the phone when you call, sorting the mail, managing offices, keeping records, and so on.

Come live in the real world where people recognize facts when they find them. Facts can be proven. Another hint: Hillary Clinton may have had a couple of inappropriate things on her phone, but there was no intent to break the law. She also did nothing wrong in Benghazi. She's not a criminal and that's why they didn't charge her for anything after years of investigations. Meanwhile it's true we have evidence Supreme Court Justices are taking money from rich guys.

Well zombies, maybe you think I'm the zombie, but your world is more messed up than mine. You are always worried it's the end of the world, the Deep State is after you, and all that. How do you like it over there? You always have to make up a story, or believe whatever wild story trickles down to you. Please come back. We want MAGA brainwashed people to come back to us. We already love you because you are our neighbors, relatives, old friends, and people we used to know.

DeSantis Exploits Churchill Speech in Iowa
June 4, 2023

Early in World War Two, Winston Churchill inspired the people of Europe with his famous "Never Surrender" speech: "We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender . . ."

Now the Governor of Florida goes to Iowa to read a speech somebody wrote for him, which was a farce of an adaptation of Churchill's speech.

Click here to listen to DeSantis desecrate Churchill's speech.

Maybe his supporters are completely unaware of the original rendering of the speech, or if they have heard it before, it makes me wonder if they understand the irony. Like Obama said, World War Two was to protect democracy; the cover DeSantis performed attacks democracy. Open a history book and learn about it unless you think all history books are part of a conspiracy to make people woke, and therefore the enemy.

If you want your children to get a good education, then support your teachers when these brainless idiots harass them. Take a deep breath and count to ten, but please put yourself on the line to defend teachers.
We shall not flag nor fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France and on the seas and oceans; we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender . . .

How Crazy is Too Crazy?
May 18, 2023

You might look at certain politicians these days and scratch your head. How could they be anymore detached from reality? It makes me wonder how they get away with it! Why does any percent of Americans believe their poorly constructed lies? It would bother me more if I had not already done my time in a religious cult. It works like this. Now that you're in our religion, God looks over you personally, and guides you in your life. When God himself sees something wrong, he will send evidence. You just have to have faith because this special day will come when everyone will see the coming of the Lord at the end of the world and it will be known. Everyone will join our religion and we will save the world and go down in history bla bla bla . . . .

We can't control what religious freak syndrome victims will believe, but we can control how we react if we encounter someone like that. Waiting for a plane? In a long line somewhere? A shirttail relative at a reunion? For people who live in Earth One, if you recognize the symptoms of brainwashing, try to see them with pity, since they are being manipulated. They often think it's the end of the world, so everything is an emergency. This explains why they may overlook any flaws in their leaders. People like this are most often gloomy about the future, but I always try to cheer them up and tell them things have always seemed pretty bad here, but there's also a lot of good here.

Republicans Please Notice CNN
May 11, 2023

Republicans, especially Republicans in public office, do you believe in elections? If you don't, that's your right. But if you don't believe in elections, at least don't wreck it for those of us to do. Are you laughing? You know and we know, if the former guy gets the Republican nomination, and does not win the election, it will be an even more organized, more violent overthrow of the government than what happened January 6. Then he will be the king and his sons will be the next kings. Is that the kind of America you want to leave for your children and grandchildren?

On Racial Equality
May 4, 2023

I'm not sure why people judge someone for the tone of their skin. It doesn't make any sense to me. I've heard it tends to run in families. Parents pass along the antiquated belief that people of color are dangerous and want to take over. Lots of Republican officials are against letting black people vote. It's hard for me to face that, since I believed what they said in the Pledge of Allegiance. But it's gotten so obvious lately.

Here at we want an America where everyone is welcome with liberty and justice for all. That's the dream. Please join us in the peaceful revolution. We can all support each other - all races, religions, ages, straight, LGBTQ, writers, artists, scientists, librarians, everyone run for office. If you can't run, give to good candidates. If you can't give, volunteer. Make sure you have a plan to vote, and support organizations fighting for everyone's right to vote.

A successful minority majority is America's destiny. If you agree, you are welcome to join us. "Expect victory and you make victory." - Preston Bradley (1905-1975)

The Thirteenth Amendment Protects Abortion
April 27, 2023

This 2010 paper from a professor from Northwestern University makes a case for Thirteenth Amendment protection for abortion rights. Read "Forced Labor, Revisited: The Thirteenth Amendment and Abortion":

When I think of the government forcing women to keep pregnancies, even unviable pregnancies, it just feels like forced labor. The heavily Fundamentalist Christian side of the government wants to dictate what I'll have to go through over the coming year, and carry the anxiety of the experience the rest of my life. Botched pregnancies or botched abortions can be fatal, or make it impossible to have children, or they leave women and families emotionally scared.

This is the kind of dominance and aggressiveness the Thirteenth Amendment addresses. When oh when will that day come when people get back to this argument. The people with all the money want to control all of us. But too bad.

Read Forced Labor, Revisited: The Thirteenth Amendment and Abortion, by Andrew Koppelman, Northwestern University School of Law (2010)

Supreme Court Justices Need to Step Down
April 25, 2023

Former Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas resigned in 1969 for taking money from a rich guy with issues before the Court. Now we have several Supreme Court Justices taking money from rich guys who had business before the Court.

How can the Supreme Court function if Justices are taking money from rich guys?

MAGAs' Attack on America
April 18, 2023

The MAGAs and their beloved guns are killing people all across America. This ramped up after the recent gun conference where they celebrate the idea of two year olds having their own guns.

What I Like about Biden
April 15, 2023

There's a lot to like about President Biden but my favorite thing about him lately . . . besides being a kind person with faith in America . . . Biden has been around a long time. He was here when Republicans worked with the Democrats in good faith.

Happy Easter, Ramadan, and Passover
April 9, 2023

This is a joyous Easter for me, because somehow the stars and planets decided we would have all these celebrations overlapping this day. I find it an honor and a blessing for humankind. Considering the problems we've had lately with all the discrimination and all the death threats, and shootings. When I say a blessing for humankind, I mean let's send the blessings to the people who are suffering because of losing someone to gun violence, people who are harassed with name-calling, death threats. This is not good. People who go for that bully type of behavior need to wake up and act normal. Democrats do not eat babies. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Okay?

Display of Racism in Tennessee
April 7, 2023

Yesterday the Republican majority in the Tennessee State House voted 72-25 to overturn the election of Rep. Justin Jones (D) of a district in Nashville, and 69-26 to overturn the election of Rep. Justin Pearson (D) of Memphis. Both of these men are black and both are young. They protested with white school children to stop school shootings. Republicans also voted to remove Rep. Gloria Johnson (D), a white woman who also took part in the protest. However, they didn't have the votes to overturn her election. The media asked her why she survived the vote and she said it must be the color of our skin.

The lesson here is if you don't like black people, and you don't want them in elected office; if you love guns and you don't mind mass shootings in schools, then you are a true Republican. If you have empathy for children and people of color, stop voting for Republicans. It's not your father's Republican party anymore.

Notes to the Future
April 5, 2023

Yesterday they arrested and arraigned Donald Trump in Manhattan. It will take a year to bring to court, but in the meantime several more cases are coming to a head, as well as several lawsuits.

Because of Trump's Teflon, we thought he would never get consequences for his crimes. But it did happen. He had felony counts for the crimes and felony counts for the cover-up. Covering up crimes is a crime. Laundering his hush money as legal fees and running that through his taxes is another crime. We have a lot of clean-up to do.

News from the Sky
March 8, 2023

My god cousin who is an astrologer sent me this nice news:
On Mar 3, 2023, at 3:30 PM, Trina wrote:
This is a long and detailed prediction of where the entire globe is headed, now that Pluto is leaving Capricorn after 15 years and entering Aquarius where it will remain until 2045. This is one of the most major transitions in Astrology; when Pluto changes signs. It will change the entire cultural environment of Earth and all it's people. It's last sign change was in 2008.

Not sure if the astrology has anything to do with it, but it does seem tides are changing.

Ethical Questions about Abortion
February 26, 2023

What is the difference between a wanted and unwanted pregnancy? An example of a wanted pregnancy is when people get married and then find out they're pregnant. Or if someone who thought they couldn't become pregnant finds she can have a baby. Lots of women can't wait to raise their own children and pass along all the love and support they got when they were groing up. There are other reasons to have a baby, and that is to carry on the family line, to provide grandchildren and to make the world a better place.

An unwanted pregnancy is when a woman is raped or conned, and becomes pregnant. Why not end the pregnancy as soon as possible and move on? She can get pregnant again later, when she's ready. Another example of an unwanted pregnancy involves the medical risks. Carrying a baby is no piece of cake. Things can go wrong and the mother can die. Abortion prevents death - of the mother. In most cases she can try again.

We already have a high maternal mortality rate in America, but making abortion illegal it will just get worse.

The average American woman of the 21st century has two children in her lifetime. Women should have a say over their plans for when to have their children. While it's sad to have an unwanted pregnancy, but it's a violation of our rights for the government to force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy and then after all that work, give up the baby. The anti-abortion platform is extreme right wing religious propaganda. They aren't helping anything, just making it worse for all women, especially women who want to start a family.

Who Works for Russia?
February 19, 2023

A lot of Trump supporters might be working for Russia, sharing Putin's goal of destroying American democracy. According to MSNBC Chief Terrorism Analyst Malcolm Nance, there is a ladder, a chain of steps, to working for Russia:

Useful Idiot - you spread propaganda for a ruthless source without understanding the consequences.

Fellow Traveler - you understand the consequences and become sympathetic to Russian propaganda, so you knowingly spread racist lies, election lies, and fake news.

Unwilling Asset - Russian agents spy on you.

Willing Asset - they spy on you and you cooperate by giving them information.

Russian Agent - you become a person who does things for the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, FSB, and/or the Foreign Intelligence Service, SVR. Tools to elicit your cooperation may include money (bribes), blackmail, threats of psychological/financial/physical abuse, or death threats to you or your family.

Good luck to the useful idiots on social media, but remember, once you start aiding Russia, your are on the path as a traitor to your country.

Child Abuse Symptoms
February 14, 2023

If we could raise one generation free of abuse, they would grow up and bring world peace in their lifetimes.

This philosophy is based on the belief child abuse spoils a child, and can spoil a child's entire life if there is no intervention. Abuse victims often hold anger for what happened to them, especially if nobody helps them with ongoing abuse. They may grow up to hold the anger inside, causing depression or other negative emotional issues. Or they may turn the anger outward and become bullies. Many of history's worst bullies were likely victims first.

To learn more about child abuse, the symptoms, and how to cope if you have related issues, go here:
I wrote this page in 1998, and it used to come up on the first page of a search until people finally acknowledged child abuse happens. Now all the pockets of systemic child abuse are coming out in the open, and there's lots of information. I still like my page best, and thought I would share it for Saint Valentine's Day. Here are the first two articles on the page:

Traits of Families that Tolerate Child Abuse

Sexual child abuse is just one of a number of abuses taking place within an abusive system. There may also be a history of family violence, substance abuse, and other criminal activity.

Duplicity, deceit, collective secrets
The incest family hides its embarrassing secrets.

Rigid and tightly controlled
Incest families have rigid rules to prevent revelation of their secrets.

Demand for blind, absolute loyalty
Incest families usually have a domineering head of household who rules the family through force.

Poor boundaries
Disrespect for each others' privacy, rights, and individuality is common in incest families.

Parents immature and inexperienced in life
Parents of incest families usually never become fully mature adults.

Conflictual marriage or troubled divorce
In incest families, this may refer to situations where children are pushed into the drama between a conflicted mother and father.

No childhood for the children
Incest families are somber and strict places, where the authority figure (usually one of the parents) dictates behavior for everyone else. Rather than let children run around and play, they force children into a regimented routine.

Chaotic situations, traumatic stress
Incest often takes place in chaotic households, with unstable roots. These families may move often and lack connections to any one community.

Low level of appropriate touch
In the most toxic incest families all touching is considered taboo. Parents do not hug, caress, or cuddle their children, as normal families do. This is perhaps the most telling symptom of incest.

Compensating veneer of religiosity
Incest perpetrators often hide behind an external show of religion.

Traits of Healthy Families

1. Individuality is respected.

2. Differences are tolerated.

3. Boundaries and roles are clearly defined.

4. Problem solving is open and valued.

5. Communication is responsive and accepting.

6. Strong marital bond between parents.

7. Strong ties to extended family, community.

8. Healthy humor, play, fun.

9. Shared spiritual life.

Tyre Nichols
January 29, 2023

On January 7, Memphis police pulled Tyre Nichols over for a confrontation. They dragged him from his car, shot pepper spray in his face, chased and caught him, then kicked and punched him in the head, and struck him on the back with a baton. He spent three days in the hospital in critical condition and died January 10.

Videos of the beating came out Friday January 27 and it's been impossible to come to terms with the brutality.

We need federal laws to stop Qualified Immunity that makes police think they are above the law. Second, stop training police to think black and brown people are inherently dangerous. It's just simply not true.

Rest in peace Tyre Nichols.

Lunar New Year Update
January 22, 2023

My annual predictions for 2023 are published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Most of the articles in that journal are channeled, which is fine with me. I believe channelers reach deeply into their own subconscious, and collective unconscious, to bring new ideas to the conversation. I appreciate channeled information, but I do not channel my writing. I study stuff and write about it.

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle still known throughout the world as a relevant treatise on human behavior. It focuses on the stadards of morality for effective leadership. I believe the knowledge contained in the I Ching still has the power to reverse the march toward tyranny we've witnessed over the past five years - or five centuries - depending on your perspective.

We can make the future better. That's the bottom line, and most of the Sedona Journal channelers agree 2023 is a time for spiritual growth, and advancing to higher levels of consciousness.

The Best Attitudes for 2023 From the I Ching, by Nori Muster; Sedona Journal of Emergence, Predictions 2023 issue

January 6, 2023:
Biden awards Presidential Citizens Medals on Anniversary of Capitol Attack

Here are those who were honored:

Brian Sicknick (Capitol Police Officer / posthumus)
Howard Liebengood (Capitol Police officer / posthumus)
Jeffrey L. Smith (Metropolitan Police Department Officer / posthumus)
Harry Dunn (Capitol Police officer)
Caroline Edwards (Capitol Police officer)
Aquilino Gonell (Capitol Police sergeant)
Eugene Goodman (Capitol Police officer)
Michael Fanone (was Metropolitan Police Department Officer)
Daniel Hodges (Metropolitan Police Department Officer)
Jocelyn Benson (Michigan secretary of state during the 2020 election)
Rusty Bowers (Arizona speaker of the house during the 2020 election)
Shaye Moss (former election staff in Fulton County, Georgia)
Ruby Freeman (election worker in Fulton County, Georgia)
Al Schmidt (Philadelphia city commissioner during the 2020 election)

God bless the honest, good Americans, and God save our democracy.

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