Tyre Nichols
January 29, 2023

On January 7, Memphis police pulled Tyre Nichols over for a confrontation. They dragged him from his car, shot pepper spray in his face, chased and caught him, then kicked and punched him in the head, and struck him on the back with a baton. He spent three days in the hospital in critical condition and died January 10.

Videos of the beating came out Friday January 27 and it's been impossible to come to terms with the brutality.

We need federal laws to stop Qualified Immunity that makes police think they are above the law. Second, stop training police to think black people are inherently dangerous. It's just simply not true. And finally, stop hiring people who think black and brown people are a danger to society. They are not.

Rest in peace Tyre Nichols.

Lunar New Year Update
January 22, 2023

My annual predictions for 2023 are published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Most of the articles in that journal are channeled, which is fine with me. I believe channelers reach deeply into their own subconscious, and collective unconscious, to bring new ideas to the conversation. I appreciate channeled information, but I do not channel my writing. I study stuff and write about it.

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle still known throughout the world as a relevant treatise on human behavior. It focuses on the stadards of morality for effective leadership. I believe the knowledge contained in the I Ching still has the power to reverse the march toward tyranny we've witnessed over the past five years - or five centuries - depending on your perspective.

We can make the future better. That's the bottom line, and most of the Sedona Journal channelers agree 2023 is a time for spiritual growth, and advancing to higher levels of consciousness.

The Best Attitudes for 2023 From the I Ching, by Nori Muster; Sedona Journal of Emergence, Predictions 2023 issue

January 6, 2023:
Biden awards Presidential Citizens Medals on Anniversary of Capitol Attack

Here are those who were honored:

Brian Sicknick (Capitol Police Officer / posthumus)
Howard Liebengood (Capitol Police officer / posthumus)
Jeffrey L. Smith (Metropolitan Police Department Officer / posthumus)
Harry Dunn (Capitol Police officer)
Caroline Edwards (Capitol Police officer)
Aquilino Gonell (Capitol Police sergeant)
Eugene Goodman (Capitol Police officer)
Michael Fanone (was Metropolitan Police Department Officer)
Daniel Hodges (Metropolitan Police Department Officer)
Jocelyn Benson (Michigan secretary of state during the 2020 election)
Rusty Bowers (Arizona speaker of the house during the 2020 election)
Shaye Moss (former election staff in Fulton County, Georgia)
Ruby Freeman (election worker in Fulton County, Georgia)
Al Schmidt (Philadelphia city commissioner during the 2020 election)

God bless the honest, good Americans, and God save our democracy.

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