News of the Day - The Payoff
March 21, 2023

Leading up to the 2016 election day, Stormy Daniels feared she could wreck twice impeached former president chance to be president. She wanted to go public with all his lies about her. Right away, Trump's enabler attorney Michael Cohen paid her $130,000, and Stormy Daniels decided to not go public. Just think if they couldn't reach a deal, and she spoke her truth, we could have had a different result in the election. No Trump. Maybe his voters would vote for him anyway. But some percentage of his voters would see through him and not vote for him. Just a couple of percent could have made a difference. Instead, Stormy got the money, kept her mouth shut, and we got President January 6, bringing with it mobs who want to destroy the country because they believe Democrats eat babies. We can do better than this.

News from the Sky
March 8, 2023

My god cousin who is an astrologer sent me this nice news:
On Mar 3, 2023, at 3:30 PM, Trina wrote:
This is a long and detailed prediction of where the entire globe is headed, now that Pluto is leaving Capricorn after 15 years and entering Aquarius where it will remain until 2045. This is one of the most major transitions in Astrology; when Pluto changes signs. It will change the entire cultural environment of Earth and all it's people. It's last sign change was in 2008.

Not sure if the astrology has anything to do with it, but it does seem tides are changing.

Ethical Questions about Abortion
February 26, 2023

What is the difference between a wanted and unwanted pregnancy? An example of a wanted pregnancy is when people get married and then find out they're pregnant. Or if someone who thought they couldn't become pregnant finds she can have a baby. Lots of women can't wait to raise their own children and pass along all the love and support they got when they were groing up. There are other reasons to have a baby, and that is to carry on the family line, to provide grandchildren and to make the world a better place.

An unwanted pregnancy is when a woman is raped or conned, and becomes pregnant. Why not end the pregnancy as soon as possible and move on? She can get pregnant again later, when she's ready. Another example of an unwanted pregnancy involves the medical risks. Carrying a baby is no piece of cake. Things can go wrong and the mother can die. Abortion prevents death - of the mother. In most cases she can try again.

We already have a high maternal mortality rate in America, but making abortion illegal it will just get worse.

The average American woman of the 21st century has two children in her lifetime. Women should have a say over their plans for when to have their children. While it's sad to have an unwanted pregnancy, but it's a violation of our rights for the government to force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy and then after all that work, give up the baby. The anti-abortion platform is extreme right wing religious propaganda. They aren't helping anything, just making it worse for all women, especially women who want to start a family.

Who Works for Russia?
February 19, 2023

A lot of Trump supporters might be working for Russia, sharing Putin's goal of destroying American democracy. According to MSNBC Chief Terrorism Analyst Malcolm Nance, there is a ladder, a chain of steps, to working for Russia:

Useful Idiot - you spread propaganda for a ruthless source without understanding the consequences.

Fellow Traveler - you understand the consequences and become sympathetic to Russian propaganda, so you knowingly spread racist lies, election lies, and fake news.

Unwilling Asset - Russian agents spy on you.

Willing Asset - they spy on you and you cooperate by giving them information.

Russian Agent - you become a person who does things for the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, FSB, and/or the Foreign Intelligence Service, SVR. Tools to elicit your cooperation may include money (bribes), blackmail, threats of psychological/financial/physical abuse, or death threats to you or your family.

Good luck to the useful idiots on social media, but remember, once you start aiding Russia, your are on the path as a traitor to your country.

Child Abuse Symptoms
February 14, 2023

If we could raise one generation free of abuse, they would grow up and bring world peace in their lifetimes.

This philosophy is based on the belief child abuse spoils a child, and can spoil a child's entire life if there is no intervention. Abuse victims often hold anger for what happened to them, especially if nobody helps them with ongoing abuse. They may grow up to hold the anger inside, causing depression or other negative emotional issues. Or they may turn the anger outward and become bullies. Many of history's worst bullies were likely victims first.

To learn more about child abuse, the symptoms, and how to cope if you have related issues, go here:
I wrote this page in 1998, and it used to come up on the first page of a search until people finally acknowledged child abuse happens. Now all the pockets of systemic child abuse are coming out in the open, and there's lots of information. I still like my page best, and thought I would share it for Saint Valentine's Day. Here are the first two articles on the page:

Traits of Families that Tolerate Child Abuse

Sexual child abuse is just one of a number of abuses taking place within an abusive system. There may also be a history of family violence, substance abuse, and other criminal activity.

Duplicity, deceit, collective secrets
The incest family hides its embarrassing secrets.

Rigid and tightly controlled
Incest families have rigid rules to prevent revelation of their secrets.

Demand for blind, absolute loyalty
Incest families usually have a domineering head of household who rules the family through force.

Poor boundaries
Disrespect for each others' privacy, rights, and individuality is common in incest families.

Parents immature and inexperienced in life
Parents of incest families usually never become fully mature adults.

Conflictual marriage or troubled divorce
In incest families, this may refer to situations where children are pushed into the drama between a conflicted mother and father.

No childhood for the children
Incest families are somber and strict places, where the authority figure (usually one of the parents) dictates behavior for everyone else. Rather than let children run around and play, they force children into a regimented routine.

Chaotic situations, traumatic stress
Incest often takes place in chaotic households, with unstable roots. These families may move often and lack connections to any one community.

Low level of appropriate touch
In the most toxic incest families all touching is considered taboo. Parents do not hug, caress, or cuddle their children, as normal families do. This is perhaps the most telling symptom of incest.

Compensating veneer of religiosity
Incest perpetrators often hide behind an external show of religion.

Traits of Healthy Families

1. Individuality is respected.

2. Differences are tolerated.

3. Boundaries and roles are clearly defined.

4. Problem solving is open and valued.

5. Communication is responsive and accepting.

6. Strong marital bond between parents.

7. Strong ties to extended family, community.

8. Healthy humor, play, fun.

9. Shared spiritual life.

Tyre Nichols
January 29, 2023

On January 7, Memphis police pulled Tyre Nichols over for a confrontation. They dragged him from his car, shot pepper spray in his face, chased and caught him, then kicked and punched him in the head, and struck him on the back with a baton. He spent three days in the hospital in critical condition and died January 10.

Videos of the beating came out Friday January 27 and it's been impossible to come to terms with the brutality.

We need federal laws to stop Qualified Immunity that makes police think they are above the law. Second, stop training police to think black and brown people are inherently dangerous. It's just simply not true.

Rest in peace Tyre Nichols.

Lunar New Year Update
January 22, 2023

My annual predictions for 2023 are published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Most of the articles in that journal are channeled, which is fine with me. I believe channelers reach deeply into their own subconscious, and collective unconscious, to bring new ideas to the conversation. I appreciate channeled information, but I do not channel my writing. I study stuff and write about it.

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle still known throughout the world as a relevant treatise on human behavior. It focuses on the stadards of morality for effective leadership. I believe the knowledge contained in the I Ching still has the power to reverse the march toward tyranny we've witnessed over the past five years - or five centuries - depending on your perspective.

We can make the future better. That's the bottom line, and most of the Sedona Journal channelers agree 2023 is a time for spiritual growth, and advancing to higher levels of consciousness.

The Best Attitudes for 2023 From the I Ching, by Nori Muster; Sedona Journal of Emergence, Predictions 2023 issue

January 6, 2023:
Biden awards Presidential Citizens Medals on Anniversary of Capitol Attack

Here are those who were honored:

Brian Sicknick (Capitol Police Officer / posthumus)
Howard Liebengood (Capitol Police officer / posthumus)
Jeffrey L. Smith (Metropolitan Police Department Officer / posthumus)
Harry Dunn (Capitol Police officer)
Caroline Edwards (Capitol Police officer)
Aquilino Gonell (Capitol Police sergeant)
Eugene Goodman (Capitol Police officer)
Michael Fanone (was Metropolitan Police Department Officer)
Daniel Hodges (Metropolitan Police Department Officer)
Jocelyn Benson (Michigan secretary of state during the 2020 election)
Rusty Bowers (Arizona speaker of the house during the 2020 election)
Shaye Moss (former election staff in Fulton County, Georgia)
Ruby Freeman (election worker in Fulton County, Georgia)
Al Schmidt (Philadelphia city commissioner during the 2020 election)

God bless the honest, good Americans, and God save our democracy.

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