Portraits of My Friends

These are in approximate order of how long I've known them: a video one of my Van Nuys Junior High friends made on Earth Day, 1970  |  Bodine Balasco  |  Don and Donna  |  Camelback High school friends  |  Don Scott  |  Steve Gelberg  |  Nara Narayan  |  obituary for Joey Zalabak (1953-2006)  |  Steve Hulberg - the most feared man in Hollywood  |  Nathan Zakheim  |  Melody Fahey  |  memorial for John Fahey (1939-2001)  |  Srimad B. McKee  |  Deb McColl's Artist Group in South Pasadena  |  T. Casey Brennan (former MK-ULTRA victim)  |  Rocky Raccoon  |  Heather Kovach  |  Sexy Liberal Show in Phoenix, 2014

There used to be many more portraits, but I thinned it out to keep just the people who told me they appreciate the page or worked with me to post the page. Some of these photos were provided by my friends. Usually I take photos of places. For my travel photos, click here.