Take the Light Rail to the Sexy Liberal Show in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. See a video of the lightrail pulling into the station Youtube.


Plenty of time before the show starts to take a few photos of the Orpheum Theatre.*




The Orpheum Theatre is a Spanish Baroque revival style, with ornate murals, moldings, wallpaper, carpet, and antique furnishings. It opened in 1929, but fell into disrepair. The City of Phoenix bought the property in 1984 and began a $14 million restoration, completed in 1997.


The stars arrive about 6:55 p.m. The men on foot; Stephanie Miller in a white stretch limo.


On with the show!


Emmy award-winning voice artist Jim Ward impersonates Tom Brokaw; then the late North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Il and current North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un; former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and finally, the late conservative commentator William F. Buckley.

Jim and Chris are Stephanie's sidekicks on her morning drive-time radio show.* Chris is the executive producer. Besides radio and online, the show is now broadcast on Free Speech TV.* They started the Sexy Liberal comedy tour several years ago, and this was their second appearance in Phoenix.


John Fugelsang works awfully blue for a pious man. He is a political commentator, actor, and comedian. He was also the last tv host to interview our friend, the late George Harrison.


Carlos Alazraqui, seen here levitating off the stage, was the original voice guy on the Stephanie Miller Show. He played Deputy James Garcia on the hilariously funny Reno 911 series, he is in Toy Story 3 and other animated films, and is the voice of the Taco Bell chihuahua.


Jim and Carlos singing If I Fell by the Beatles, while doing voice impressions. Watch it here:


Stephanie's impression of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.


Stephanie shares her vision for a successful 2014 for all sexy liberals.


Jim, Steph, and Chris take questions from the audience.


The entire cast comes out for a panel discussion.


The "meet and grope" seats are in the orchestra pit, where Stephanie interacts with her fans. She catapulted herself into the pit and hoisted herself back onto the stage at least five times. If you were in an EST workshop, you would want her on your team. She could get you over the wall.



Digitally enhanced to see what's going on down there!


Stephanie also groped her colleagues. Didn't get any photos of the really nasty groping, but trust me, it happened.


The Reno 911 closing shot. Phoenix loves you Jim, John, Steph, Carlos, and Chris! Please come back soon!