Shimmering Sister Healing Arts spirit paintings by Mary Suzanne Garvey
Human Being Society Join the human race today! Los Angeles artist Madam X, Gail Bates. Los Angeles ceramic sculpture artist.
Melody Fahey artist-writer (at this site)
Ole Olofson Los Angeles artist
Joan Waters paintings and metal sculpture, Tempe, Arizona (recent work on Instagram*)
Trisha Hassler at Instagram, Portland, Oregon muti-media artist (my relative).
Ron Bimrose Phoenix artist and printmaker (recent work on Instagram*) Silver Lake, California, artist. 35 mm black and white Bay Area photographer. Los Angeles artist and instructor Linda Jacobson.
Rocky Mountain Mike political parodies and comedy (music). musician, counselor, writer, and instructor photography, mixed media
Wood and Copper by Doug repurposing found wood "Each piece of wood began as a tree, served it's purpose but became unusable and thrown away. Giving new life and purpose to the useless and discarded is an exercise in Creativity." one of a kind polymer clay creations from the imagination of Jim Jenkins. Nightmare Doll One-of-a-kind Art Dolls - this is Jim's wife Sue. Her work includes pieces from the scary political environment too.
Cheng-Khee Chee watercolor.
How the Surrealist Movement Shaped the Course of Art History, by Jon Mann, Artsy Editorial.
Suzy Star light artist/writer.
Cecil Images Chuck Cecil - travel photography fine art gallery, art restoration, Chicago
Lu Bellamak Scottsdale art school
Dave Thomson graphic artist, retired Disney, surrealist mixed media broken golf club mobiles Mythos Celtic & World Music, art, graphic design, and dance
Vladimir's Eye photo gallery of San Francisco, amazing b/w going back in time to the 1960s Michael Grab balances river rocks.
Jee Young Lee Artist Turns Her Small Studio Room Into Surreal Dreamscapes Without Using Photoshop
Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art featuring the ceramic works of George Ohr (1857-1918), other exhibits, and buildings, including the Pleasant Reed House and buildings by Frank Gehry.
Gourds by Delos totems, animals, rattles, udus, masks, flowers
Rick Paul - singer songwriter in Southern California
This into That Gallery - furniture made out of books, by artist Jim Rosenau
mindazonaltal surrealist photo gallery
Amy Krouse Rosenthal Downtown Phoenix independent artist Downtown Phoenix independent artist Downtown Phoenix independent artist
improbable art a studio of five artists in Downtown Phoenix Kyle Jorde artist artwork of Margie Murray artwork of Jacek Yerka - painter of the fantasy worlds
S. Luehr Studios Sandra Luehrsen, ceramic sculpture artist
Elaine G. Coffee contemporary genre painter, Cave Creek, Arizona
Sylvia Fugmann Brongo Cave Creek ceramic artist and painter
Linda Storey-London painter, art instructor, Scottsdale.
Art in Metal Lyle London, public art, outdoor art, based in Scottsdale
Steve David the Skaldic Soul Ilana Yahav draws with sand on a glass table.
Oil Painting On Canvas by Mekdam Nima Mekdam Nima Oil Painting is the art of loving life American Guild of Musical Artists, Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Actors Equity Association
Voice Deity Jim Ward, Emmy award winning voice artist. Jon Wilkman Productions, documentaries steel sculpture for garden, atrium, home, or office; public art, private collectors Swedish artist. surrealism with galleries in New York, Maui, and Laguna Beach. make a space for magic in your life
Iurie Burlacu impressionistic oil painting
Artwork of Nezir art of Overton Loyd Artwork of Ragen Mendenhall photography New York based punk quartet - free download
Stewart Lane Ellington Original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas addressing themes of language, identity and the nature of being.

Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement
by Whitney Chadwick.

Dada and Surrealism (Art and Ideas) by Matthew Gale.

La Princesse de cire-un conte cruel a fairy tale The Princess of Wax: A Cruel Tale, illustrated by French Surrealist Anne Bachelier.

Surrealist Women: An International Anthology
(The Surrealist Revolution Series) by Penelope Rosemont (Editor) This is a very fine volume; it is inclusive, superbly researched, and the introductions are clearly written. . . . It should become a standard text of surrealism." -Stephen Eric Bronner, Professor of Political Science and Comparative Literature, Rutgers University

Concerning the Spiritual in Art
, by Wasilly Kandinsky. One of the most important documents in the history of modern art. Essential reading for all artists.

Joseph Cornell's Theater of the Mind: Selected Diaries, Letters, and Files, by Mary Ann Caws (Editor), John Ashbery, Robert Motherwell (Introduction) Offers greater access to the mind and heart of one of this century's most unusual and innovative artists.

Between Lives: An Artist and Her World, by Dorothea Tanning. A noted American artist born in Galesburg, Ill., Tanning lived in a milieu of European creativity as wife of the surrealist painter Max Ernst (1888-1976).

Surrealist Art (World of Art), by Sarane Alexandrian. Sarane Alexandrian traces the development of surrealism from its origins in the Dada anti-art revolt of 1916-1920 to the death of its guiding spirit, Andre Breton, in 1966.

Surrealism "The Dream of Rveloution", by Richard Leslie

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Paul Tzanetopoulos public art, Los Angeles area
A.P. Clark filmmaker Skie Borne Art
Walter Anderson Museum "Celebrating man's harmony with nature," in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is the foundation and home of the artwork of Walter Anderson (1903-1965).
Dusti Bongé Art Foundation home for the work of Dusti Bongé (1903-1993), pioneering modern artist of the twentieth century.
UCM Museum, also know as the Abita Mystery House, is the creation of John Preble. Located in Abita Springs, Louisiana Enrique Lechuga Alexnder "Sasha" Spivak, New York Based Artist
Treavor Neal surrealist
VBZ.ex VBZ Surrealista - VBZ organizes a branch of the contemporary Surrealism Movement in Europe and worldwide
Random Surreal Generator java to add to your site free
Brizz Medings Fine art photography paintings of Michèle Vincent - Sorin's photorealistic oil paintings
Michael Cheval Surrealistic Oil Paintings, Drawings, Portraits, Books & Artist's Info.
Sacred Light artwork of Mark Henson PG-rated - some images may be NFSW or children
Home of 72 Los Angeles artists: W 3 Art punk surreal artist
J.D. Mortenson at YouTube Los Angeles photographer displays amazing shots of the city and L.A. River.
Jessica Sschiffman art/illustration
Ka Gold Jewelry Authentic Sacred Jewelry and Talismans for healing, self balance, and unity, by artist David Weitzman. Singer songwriter watercolors by Kris Killman.
Remedios Varo Lesser known great woman Surrealist 1908 - 1963. Artwork of Narangkar K. Khalsa composer
Darrias Attraction Design Arts by Darrias
Surreal Writing and Images
Soulpaintings The artwork of Friedrich Joost Galerie Natalie Boldyreff - fine art gallery in the heart of Paris, near the Louvre.
Finity Unlimited Cliff Finity, surrealist painter, illustrator, and web designer, Port Townsend, WA. Surrealist artwork of Cornelia Harmel, Germany
Michael Csontos Pagina Personal del artista plastico Carlos Uribazo Draw with water and then see it disappear. yard sale art glorified by its collector-fans
Shari Silvey 3D paintings that channel love and light
Catherine Eyde artist, painter, and teacher in Arlington, VA Nori Muster, author of abstract surrealism, based in Arizona
Dmitry Shtyka Ukrainian artist
Duncan Long digital art Gonzalo Benard - R-rated surrealist work - NFSW or children
H.L. Bressack The Visionary Art of Herb Bressack
Juliette Pelletier paintings, mixed media, drawing