I recorded three dreams where the dream suggested of a piece of artwork I could make. - Nori


April 7, 1994 Dream of a painting - I dream of a painting I could do for my brother. It's a spirit in a doorway.


Spirit in a Doorway, oil on canvas, 1995.


Photo of a spirit in a doorway, taken in 2015. This is a contractor friend working on a neighbor's house before she sold it. It's a real-life version of the spirit in a doorway that first appeared in a dream.

April 1, 2016 Dreams - A painting I could do using mirrors.


Sketch recorded at the time of the dream; art piece not yet attempted.

January 12, 2107, Dreams - I dream of more images that could be in the dream art exhibit. One is of a woman sitting on a shore, bent over in tears. It's like this election. At first I want to sketch it. Then I realize I can get the actual image from the dream.




Self-portrait from a dream, c. 1997.

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