Nori art

Dream Art
with Professor Nori Muster

       A dream has a soul. Authors, artists, actor, and anybody of any profession may bring the soul of a dream into their work. For example in a songwriter, the soul of the dream's wisdom may inspire a song. You hear about it when the songwriter tells a music reviewer the familiar story: "I woke up from a vivid dream and reached for my guitar." For a writer, a story may arrive in a dream; an actor might receive the key to playing a character.
       People from all disciplines may wake up inspired from a dream. That is because in the dream world, the subconscious mind is playing with possibilities, freely thinking of ways to solve a problem. You get the message because of your knowledge of the symbol language. Imagine how fortunate you are to receive inner guidance and inspiration from your own subconscious mind.
       This process happens naturally, but what if you want to speed things up. If you want to create an art piece, for example, and you want it to be dreamy and symbolic. Where do you start?
       There are many ways to go about it, but one easy way is to go to your dream journal. Read over your dreams and pick one that includes vivid images. Then try sketching the dream images as you remember them. You can then develop your idea into a work of art. It may help to have an art teacher to guide you through the development process.
       Or, you may be happy just drawing sketches when you write down your dreams. My dream journals always include a dream sketch if the dream calls for it. Click here for examples of dream sketches.

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