Jewelry falls in the pool.
Dream dated August 16, 2006 - At the end of the dream I am by the pool and I see my necklace on the edge of the pool, then it falls in the pool. It inches toward the drain, so I dive in and get it, just before it disappears down the drain.


Cottage on the beach.
Dream dated August 17, 2006 - I go to stay at a beautiful house on the beach. It has many rooms. I go out to the beach and walk around. There's a path to the beach. A woman in one of the other front yards is painting in her yard (painting a picture). My cousin wants to stay there too, so I tell her she can stay in the master bedroom and I show her around.


Picking out clothes.
Dream dated August 21, 2006 - I'm traveling in some little towns along a highway. Also taking classes - getting a degree in counseling [and] real estate. My mom and brother are there. In part, I am re-designing some of my mom's clothes to fit me. In part I am driving my bro around to show him the town - the best hotel, the health food store.


Cat in the room.
Dream dated August 22, 2006 - Lots of scenarios where I'm trying to sleep but keep getting woken up. In one part my brother is doing puja to an altar - I keep trying to fall asleep - on a spare bed, outside, etc. At one point I say, "Don't wake me up. If anyone calls, tell them I'm not available." But I keep getting up. Several kittens in this dream - cute little things to keep me awake.


People signing papers.
Dream dated August 23, 2006 - People struggling to buy or sell a house. Agents struggling to get paperwork and to get their clients to do things - sign, show up, etc.


SPDS diploma.
Dream dated August 24, 2006 - Getting the SPDS disclosure [Seller Property Disclosure Statement]. More about buying houses.


Waiting by an elevator.
Dream dated September 1, 2006 - I'm on an SATW trip. First they take us out to breakfast, then drop us at the hotel. I get the key and wait at the elevator. No elevator comes for a long time. One stops half way between floors and one of the men says not to get on because it could be a drug deal. I go down a floor and wait there for the elevator. When it finally comes, I get on but panic because I can't remember my floor. I get the key and see my room is 602. One of the men tells me that men like to talk to me more than their own wives.


People at a table.
Dream dated September 2, 2006 - Something about traveling with a bunch of people. Trying to find food, trying to get a bathroom, not sleeping enough. I tell one woman, "They get you home at midnight then expect you to be up for breakfast at 7 a.m. - how can you get enough sleep?" Something about the temple. Trying to get out of there. Looking at houses, talking to the people who want to buy a home with RV gate.


Dad's house.
Dream dated September 9, 2006 - I go to my dad's house and he is there. He asks what he can get for his house. I say $200 - $800. He says he wants to keep it and get roommates. I ask if I can move in.


Holiday card.
Dream dated September 10, 2006 - A holiday card with four photos - my mom, brother, and stepdad. He complains that his photo is hard to see - bad lighting - he wants to fix the card - reprint it. (Bill said it's about not accepting D2 as my real dad.)


Monster chases my friend.
Dream dated September 12, 2006 - I'm at a place with some people but there are bad people who want to control us. At the end my friend runs away. I run after her. On the way, the bad guys' main monster. He admits that his boss is a monster but he thinks he can be a force for good. We chase my friend - she is terrified, but he thinks she will have lunch.


Airplane and cloud.
Dream dated September 23, 2006 - I only remember part of it - an illustration of how someone went down in an airplane. His wife saw it - he climbed up above a pointed cloud and then dove. This might have something to do with the long political discussion Sallie and I had last night. In the dream, the cloud was illustrated like this.


Dream dated September 23, 2006, continued - Airplane and cloud.


Can't remember a compelling dream.
Dream dated September 24, 2006 - Slept a lot and had some important dreams I can't remember now.


Steamboat world.
Dream dated September 26, 2006 - I want to get a condo and it will become part of the steamboat world. The building is stationary but several boats could advertise - "Come on down to the river," etc. I start to talk to a man who works there. He knows everything. I start to explain to him who my family is.


I photograph an actor.
Dream dated September 30, 2006 - A kind of nightmare (maybe from watching Desperate Housewives last night). I go with some friends to a big house. One of the kids with us dies and crumples up in a heap. I found around telling people - his survivors - and calling off a hundred bags of lettuce he ordered. I go all over, then come back to take pictures of the dramatic way his dead body was left, but he has moved. Actors are playing him and another dead body, so I ask them to remember how the body looked and position themselves so I can take a photo.


Painting my tennis shoe.
Dream dated September 30, 2006, continued. In another part, I am painting my tennis shoes with black ink so they will look like black tennis shoes. K.S. is watching me. I find out from my mechanic that one tire has a hole punched in it and we have to go buy another one. This has something to do with the dead bodies. I think that it's impossible because I just replaced all four tires.


Happy house.
Dream dated October 1, 2006 - I have a new condo. A few people live and work there with me. My dad is there, also Mukunda and a few others. I'm walking around outside and see my father wake up. He comes out and wants to see what I'm up to. In the hallway is a vent that makes things float and stick to it. I was trying to move it. He says to leave it. I turn on the outside watering thing and can't turn it off. Someone shows me how to do it. A few other women have computer stations set up. I want to move my computer to where I can have a view. I see Mukunda and a few others.


Packing a bag.
Dream dated October 3, 2006 - I'm staying over someplace and have to get ready to go to the airport. I look at my ticket and call my parents on my cell phone. I have a couple big suitcases that aren't packed very well - lots of food I will have to leave.


Waking up with K.S.
Dream dated October 8, 2006 - I'm in a place with a bunch of people. We are taking a nap. I cuddle up with K.S. After a while we start to wake up. (This was like yesterday at the open house, when the cat got up on the table and let me pet him, then someone came to the door and the cat ran off.) In the dream when we wake up K.S. and I stopped hugging.


Beautiful view.
Dream dated October 9, 2006 - I go to Los Angeles and stop by my apartment, or do I still have an apartment? Did I move out? Did I ever move out? Did they just take it back because I stopped paying rent? Some friends want me to stop by their place and maybe help rent it. It's a condo where the people have buried their ancestors under the floors. I wonder about the place until I see the view - it's of the coast line beautiful blue water and hills.


Moving van.
Dream dated October 21, 2006 - Vague now, but the dreams were about moving. I had a person moving in and had to be in contact with the moving vans, etc. Can't remember now.


Measuring windows.
Dream dated October [undated], 2006 – first dream 5 a.m. - Measuring windows and evaluating a house. Mom says what she didn't like about living there. My brother doesn't want to hear it - like criticizing him. Worn floors, west-facing window, old computer.


Joel needs healing.
Dream dated October [undated], 2006 – second dream 7:42 a.m. - More house dreams. In this one I go to see Joel Axelrad, who is sick in bed. When he looks at me, I can tell he's in love. He wants me to hold him and he says to come see him again, but don't wait so long. He says he has lonely man disease and will always have it. Brit is there. Janet Lang buys some hair bands all different colors - many pink. I ask her why she got pink if they are for Joel. She says she doesn't know. I look through a pile of mail and the hair bands for one to give to Joel. Brit has two cute little dogs. I play with them and pet them. Her assistant plays kinda rough with one of them.


* Also a sketch of Brit's two little dogs.


Moving into the dorms.
Dream dated October 23, 2006 - 7:14 a.m. - Moving - late - in the dorms. We are trying to get to our first class, but we have to move and wake up our friend's roommates. One gets really angry. They have to call in the dorm manager. We have a garage downstairs but can't find it. We pick up a bunch of groceries and must go through check-out. Everything takes extra time. The first class is 7:30 a.m. But that's my friend's class. Mine don't start until later. It's 6:30 and I'm walking around with a box of stuff looking for the car on a lower floor of the building. It's like an ashram with sheets spread out on a hard floor.


Looking for jewelry in the waves.
Dream dated December 16, 2006 - The best part of the dream was finding jewelry in the ocean. I'm staying at a place with a little beach. I run my hands through the water and pick up jewelry. Some of it is mine. I think my jewelry box fell in the ocean so I become frantic to find my earrings. I go to my room and empty my pockets, then go back. The tide has gone out so I can see the sand under the water. Some people have thrown a canvas out over the beach and set up a table. The house in this dream is a beautiful spacious one. I have my own apartment in an upper floor. K.S. lives there too. I think I must be dreaming. The people who own the house want to sell it to me along with the furniture.


Woman holding a snake.
Dream dated December 21, 2006 - At a place - a town or large resort or some friends' house - we have a big party. Also, we take a train. We run to catch the train - I think Dave Schiller takes us. We try to get on this particular train. Later, a snake comes up and tries to bite someone. He catches it. I say "Hold it by the neck so it won't bite. They try that, but the snake is like a guide. A woman takes it while we go look for a place for it. We find a spot near a lake but the woman with the snake is gone. I walk around saying "Has anyone seen a snake?" But it's gone - I imagine that it's a good place. Someone wants me to go back to school, but I don't want to.


Ayatollah heads.
Dream dated February 18, 2007 - I'm at some big public place and a riot starts where people with big yellow Ayatollah heads try to storm into the buildings. Everyone is afraid of Iran, but I'm not. I run outside and take a walk. In another part, I try to program an exercise machine for a five and a half minute walk, but it programs for a table soccer game instead. I want to get a refund.


Dead body in a washing machine (L.)
Showing the cops (R).
Dream dated February 19, 2007 - I see some dead bodies and call the police. I get so scared I can't talk. One is a woman stuffed in a washing machine. One is when the old guy stuffs bodies into suitcases. I push him down a flight of stairs. I get so frightened - a dead body in the washing machine - I show the cops.

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