A River for Kyle (6x9") 2018 - mixed media: tissue paper, construction paper, plastic beads, wooden house. This is the dream:

Dream * Dated February 11, 2017 - 2:10 a.m. (abridged) * . . . I'm at Kyle's house. He has a large tiger living with him. Lots of his friends are there. We try to set the tiger up so he won't run away or bite anybody. The metal barricade goes outside. I knit a little muzzle for him, but he must have pulled it off. Kyle sets up some low metal barriers but they keep falling over. Then Kyle decides it's time to go. We all walk down the street to his friends' place. We go in and there's a lot of people. They've made a big pot of food. They pour some over someone to help calm things down. I say don't waste the food - there's a lot of people here. We walk out into the river out front and the water is incredibly warm and nice. Back at Kyle's the lion is still there. He's quite content and likes to hang around us like a house cat.

Although the most striking dream image is the tiger/lion, the river was the most important image for me. When I built the sculpture in 2018 I was still grieving the loss of my friend Kyle, who died in 2015. I chose the image of all of us going in the river to remember life goes on. It documents my good memories of Kyle and his friends.

dreamsculpture 2021

A Dream Toy Like Callie (24x10") 2021 - mixed media: yarn, cardboard, plastic, cloth scarf, and paper ribbon bow. Parts can be moved and rearranged. This is the dream:

Dream * Dated October 2, 2021 - 5:53 (unabridged) * Lots of dreams - what I remember most was this yarn thing - like a key fob in the shape of an octopus. Everybody had one - they offer me one that's a baby blue yarn. It's very thick yarn, like rope - But later someone offers me a multi-colored one - I run my fingers through it and say it reminds me of Callie, so I want that one.

I was missing my tortoiseshell, Callie, and made this sculpture for her in December 2021. She would have loved to play with these things. She passed peacefully at home in November 2020, about a year before the dream.

I first learned to make tiny object dream sculptures in a workshop by Susan Armington. The workshop, "Tiny Objects of the Dream," took place at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) in Scottsdale, June 19, 2018.

For more information about Susan Armington art workshops go to susanarmington.com and talkingsuitcases.com

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