Tiny Objects Dream Sculpture by Nori, constructed in a workshop by Susan Armington.* * The workshop, "Tiny Objects of the Dream," took place at the IASD conference in Scottsdale, June 19, 2018.

Dream * Dated February 11, 2017 - 2:10 a.m. * It starts when I go on the chat room and say hi Prez then I'm at Kyle's house. He has a large tiger living with him. Lots of his friends are there. We try to set the tiger up so he won't run away or bite anybody. The metal barricade goes outside. I knit a little muzzle for him, but he must have pulled it off. Kyle sets up some low metal barriers but they keep falling over. Then Kyle decides it's time to go. We all walk down the street to his friends' place. We go in and there's a lot of people. They've made a big pot of food. They pour some over someone to help calm things down. I say don't waste the food - there's a lot of people here. We walk out into the river out front and the water is incredibly warm and nice. Back at Kyle's the lion is still there. He's quite content and likes to hang around us like a house cat. I make a going away card for Kyle - on the front it says "I love you." I write a note in it. It's actually like a little book. Several pages long. He accepts it. It's 2:30 a.m. At the other house there's a contest and Kyle hands the card to his friend and says to bite into it. If the man bites into the word Kyle, the answer is yes. The man bites into it - and of course he bites into the name because it's all over the card. Kyle doesn't even check. Back at his house, I help him straighten things up. Kyle sweeps out and thoroughly cleans up one of the rooms. It has a beautiful wood floor. All his friends are surprised he cleaned it up so well. Someone comes to the door and the lion goes out. I get worried the lion will go away but it comes back. Kyle loves me and embraces me. I'm happy I got to see him again. (I feel like I really did see Kyle and his pet lion. Tonight was the Leo-Aquarius eclipse, full moon, and comet. On February 26 will be the Aquarius/Pisces eclipse and new moon. It's symbolic there was a lion - Leo - in the dream. Also, I'm an Aquarius and Kyle is Pisces - February 19, 1955.)

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