Transom Window Paintings

This is a prop wheel from the 1951 MGM production of Showboat with my paintings serving as window shades. Private collection in Phoenix.

I did the painting on the right in about 2010, and my patron realized it fit perfectly in his transom windows to block the morning sun. In 2020 he asked for a second painting to match the size and colors. These paintings catpure views that would be visible from the windows.

To prevent fading, and increase insulation, we stuffed the back of each canvas with insulation batting and stapled fabric onto the frame to hold it in place.

Each painting is 6' x 32". The wheel is about 14 feet high and hangs in a vaulted kitchen - breakfast nook space.


Here are some close-ups of the paintings.

Note in the new painting (top), the flat image on the far left shows a mountain they blasted and cut away to build the nearby 51 Freeway back in the 1990s. My patron sent photos of the cut-away mountain and asked that it be in the painting. The mountain on the right is Piestewa Peak. At 2,610 feet, it is the second highest point in the Phoenix Mountains. It is visible from Lincoln Drive near 24th Street.


This picture shows how the two paintings would fit together as a diptych if there were hanging in a gallery.