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An America of Peace, Rev. 2
August 5, 2018

After much protest from my readers, I will try rev two of An America of Peace. We have to do something, because people in our society currently live in an alternative reality where Trump is the victim of legal persecution. In reality, it becomes more clear every day, there's something going on here. We don't know for sure what it is, but we've heard many experts give their opinion on TV these days. There's a strange twist to this whole thing that started a couple years ago.

To find peace with a bunch of brainwashed people, do what my dad did when I was a Hare Krishna devotee. For him it was like a chess game. His first move was to meet the leaders at the temple and befriend them. Check. That way he could stay in contact with me. Second, he never told me to leave. He approved of certain aspects of my situation. I had a good place to live and was working hard at the office and at the temple. He accepted it as a cross between the military and a monastery. Lots of rules, lots of renunciation.

At this point, our relatives are reluctant to share the cult with us. When we arrive unexpectedly, they reach for the remote to lower the sound or pause. They do not share their strange beliefs with us, then we see someone who could be our own relatives shouting profanities at a fake news camera. It's getting scary out there, as if things will boil over.

Instead of changing how we discuss the Koch and Bush families, I think we need to speak up to our relatives. Ask them to share their thoughts and beliefs. Like my father, don't do it to pry me away from my beliefs. Do it out of concern. Like, my dad might say, "I saw this article about your group in The New York Times . . ." So you might say, "I saw this [latest wacky thing] and was concerned. What do you think about it?" Then let them tell you. Then after they clarify, either elaborate or change the subject. Do not interrogate your loved one. My father never, ever yelled at me about being in the group. He watched over me and raised legitimate questions when it was appropriate. We should learn something from that, and show some interest in the alternative world.

If you attempt this, remember relatives are precious, same for close neighbors and friends. We don't want to wreck anybody's world. Live and let live - like we've done for the last two years. If anything we want to offer them a bridge to the real world where the news is not fake. Betrayals can be emotionally devastating. We need to be kind if they share parts of their worldview, and listen out of love, never during an episode of anger. If you're angry, say, let's talk about this later. Then leave or hang up after saying a polite and concise goodbye.

An America of Peace [please see revision, above]
Let's Begin with our Words

People Left of center change the following language: instead of "Koch Brothers," we will use the more respectful "Koch Foundation." Saying "Koch Brothers" sounds like "coke" brothers - Left leaners stop making fun of their name.

While still studying the past for useful information, people on the left Left give the Bush family the recognition, love, and honor they deserve.

The sane Right blesses Left of center grandmothers in the House and Senate, and other elected office. The Right acknowledges the sincerity of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and other women who proudly serve their country.

People on the sane Right stand up to Russia instead of abusing their conscience, embodied in the voices of the Democratic party. America wins the Cyber Cold War when the sane Right and Left of center come together to solve the problem.

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