The Future of Health Care
by Nori Muster

Healthy Organic Food
The body needs nutrients to heal. Opting for fresh, organic food is the first step to stay healthy or eat healthy to recover from disease.

Until the food, air, and water are free of chemical pollution, medical science develops reliable ways to remove toxins from the body. For now, we have colonic irrigation, green juice cleanses, probiotics, and antioxidants to neutralize toxins.

Naturopathic Bodywork and Exercise
Naturopathic bodywork like massage, spinal adjustment (orthopedic, chiropractic), and acupuncture prevent conditions from becoming worse, and spur the body to heal itself. Exercise improves overall health to help prevent disease.

Mind-Body Psychological Counseling
Through knowing oneself. Some of us respond to placebo in drug testing, in other words get better because we believe we're taking a drug to heal. Those studies prove people in the control group, taking sugar pills, can show improvement as if taking a drug. Let's put more thought into that. Why can people heal just thinking they take a supplement or pill that cures their symptoms? There's a longtime belief our emotional unacknowledged feelings may lodge in the body and cause physical problems. For some people homeopathic and other natural cures work fine. Why else would people buy it over and over? If it didn't work it wouldn't sell like it does, so it shows a growing number of people who can heal symptoms using things the mainstream medial system would call ineffective, aka like a placebo.

The new paradigm of health care is based on prevention and natural healing, encouraging the body to heal itself. Prevention and natural healing prove to be more effective and people accept the new paradigm as mainstream.

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