speak your mind here

Feb 6, 2005 at 19:23:15 Dave Taylor

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Dec 21, 2004 at 23:49:42 John Cameron

Dear Nori,May I submit this;WAR,A FOLLY OF FOOLS. DEMOCRACY & DIPLOMACY WHERE ART THOU. Respectfully, John C. OZ

Apr 26, 2004 at 08:21:25 Divaker Shikotra (divakershikotra@hotmail.com)

Hi, i just read the article on ISKON isn't Hindu. i would like to clarify this point by saying that way back in the past, "Hindu's" were given the name by foreigners who didn't know anything about us except we lived on the banks of the river Sindhu(The River Indus in pakistan today)and so were spoken about as the Sindhus and over many centuries, we became known as the Indu's. but saying Indu's was harder than saying Hindu's and there was the name that we have been given. does it not strike you that the name of the country became INDia? its a way that people are recognised in the world, by where they live. Arabs come from arabian countries, Americans come from america and Indu's come from India. the real name of the faith there was Sanatan Dharma, just like any "Hindu" will tell you if they have any knowledge of "hinduism". so i say that all "Hindu's" should be called followers of Sanatan Dharma(universal way of life)::Namaste

Apr 11, 2004 at 12:50:05 Nori

Hi Dee - and thanks for your feedback.

Apr 4, 2004 at 00:00:56 Dee

hey Nori. I too was a devotee in LA, in the late 1980's. I loved that temple too, almost moved in, spent many days and nights there. I was 'this close' to being initiated but never was, and got out only by my rational mind telling me how completely unrealistic certain principles of the philosphy are. It does seem that whatever we choose to call our God does have a plan for us, and I still have a profound spiritual connection with God as a result of Krsna consciousness, but can no longer follow any organized religion. Thanks for sharing some of your story.

Apr 1, 2004 at 08:27:31 jr (internetnewsdaily@yahoo.com)

amazing site!

Jun 28, 2004 at 21:04:53 carol mosh (moshhat@onezero.com)

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Jun 22, 2004 at 09:43:29 Sallie O'Neill (sallie_oneill@hotmail.com)

Wonderful site -- so glad I visited, Am looking for AFF conference paper.

May 15, 2004 at 07:19:27 Joe Pass (joepass@peppo.com)

Apr 29, 2004 at 07:09:33 Yetta (ytorres76@dnsconsole.com)

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Sep 4, 2004 at 10:13:01 Maggie (psst_pass_it_on@yahoo.com)
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Hello, ::::Your website is loaded with valuable insights which promote infinite wisdom. I had many of these insights myself and found great joy in seeing them articulated in such a powerful format.I will be sending you some mail soon .... Keep up the inspiring work! ::Maggie

Jul 29, 2004 at 04:11:54 Jasper the Monarch (email)

Hari bol from the Honolulu outpost!WE have contact! Now we are up in cyberspace. Awaiting response.Took 4ever to get computer/internet.Watch out world.Sinbad Srimad.

Jun 29, 2004 at 13:50:51 aka Markandeya (mmansour14@comcast.net)

Hello all of you Gurukulis ex- and current,::::Regards to all of you and hope you are living life well. I was taken from Gurukula (Vrindavan) in 78 by the State Dep.t.. Admittedly, very lucky.. Peter Gabriel's Solsbury hill still makes my eyes water. Always wondered what happened to all of my brothers and sisters..

Dec 14, 2004 at 10:27:34 Cypher (cypher@yahoo.com)

Great Site.

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Nov 15, 2004 at 04:14:12 satprem (coyotespk2@hotmail.com)

like the energy of your site. i am former 3ho /yogi bhajan community member wrestling with his recent death and the flashbacks that have accompanied it. i left LA 4 years ago and was on my way , so here we go recovery 101 again. your list of cult/post cult resources is good. nice visuals on your site too : healing and comforting , thanks . i'm loking for a good post cult web forum if you know of one ( other than x-3ho delphiforum sites ) thanks

Sep 27, 2004 at 00:31:35 mayank sharma (mayank_maya@rediffmail.com)

::::I m 28 yrs old brahmin ,single men living in Delhi.mai aapke temples ka regular visitor hoo aur Vrindavan jata rehta hoo.magar pichle kuch saalo se meri material life kafi disturb chal rahi hai..::i lost my carrier,,my money,,even my relations.uske baad maine dheere dheere bahgwan ki sharan mai jana shuru kiya.i feel relax when i think about my lord Sri Sri Govindji.but from sometime i m going depress day by day just becoz of disturbence in my material life .i m fedup with my self.kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki may be there is no presence of god in this world.i think about lord Krishna tht why they do so wrong with me.??i m simple living men with no any bad addiction and helping to others.but why they do so rude with me???::welll,from last week i was too fall down tht i was thinking so negative to me.but i don't wannna fall down in negative waves..::i m worried to me..::i m losing my believe on the holy god SRi Bihariji..::but i don't want do tht..krisna is my life ...i don't wannna lose my believe on him.::plz help me..What should i do???::mai aapke sankirtan aur literature sunta hoo aur padta hoo.::Just a week back i read " Mrityu Ki Parajay ".i know lots of things abt the god and their divine.::plz mujhe batai ki kaise mai krishna bhakti marg par chalu aur apna man lagao..::mujhe akele rehna pasand hai aur mai logo se kam milta hoo.::presently i m working in ngo and doing social development.lekin shhaayad kahi mai ab spiritual aur material life ke fark ko feel karne laga hoo.plz mujhe yeh batai ki kya yeh sahi hai??::mera sahi karm kya hai aur mai kaise apne ko sshaant kar sakta hoo.::plz help me//::i m looking for ur fruitful reply....::Sri Radhey..Sri Krishna. ::::::

Mar 14, 2004 at 20:56:22 Nori

Dear Survivor - ::I completely agree with you. Please go to the URL above for the latest on the lawsuit, updated today, 14 March. ::-Nori

Mar 8, 2004 at 14:21:01 survivor

The re-organization plan is a slap int he face. Tehy don't even mention the compensation for the kulis in the suit. And this....after the Child Protection Office had to close its doors? Come on guys, you can do better than this. One therapy session is $300.00 an hour. At once a week.....for the rest of my life perhaps....you people are insane. What a punch in the gut...yet again. What can we expect...it is iskcon.

Nov 6, 2003 at 01:44:59 Schoenstatt Pecebre de Jesus (Schoenstatt@softcha.com)


Nov 19, 2003 at 13:37:01 Gabriel (gabrielmainville@hotmail.com)

In Montreal, ISKCON leader force their devotee to give donation and if you don't give any money they will force to do service. There was a lousy temple commander who harrass me to do more service and I was really tired. In Montreal the temple commander didn't mind his business and he asked me personals questions, how much I get on my welfare cheque, how much I pay my rent, how I pay for my clothes etc.

Oct 1, 2003 at 22:29:24 Nori

I have added your link to this page. Click on URL above.

Aug 17, 2003 at 10:24:25 bhagirath moorti wala (bhagirathsharma@lycos.com)

sir::this site is really very useful ::i m thinking to add my site in this::site but cannot success.::can u pleas tell me how it possible::

Aug 2, 2003 at 14:13:08 Bertie

What a beautiful Website!! Nori - I've not seen it all and when I reply to your e-mail, I'll expand.::::Always with the Creator in Mind.

Aug 22, 2002 at 18:57:38



Hi, This is the new guestbook. Please sign and say hello.

Oct 7, 2002 at 15:42:41

bhakta?jani (xjanix@yahoo.com)

jay sri krsna and jay srila prabhupada!::i thank you for this awesome site!::i have been in to KC for about 7 years and allways been sceptical of ISKCON!now i know why?heh!i dont blame prabhupada...no way!without him none of us wouldnt have gotten to know KRSNA!?!::im nowadays more into gaudiya-math...maybe one day the old ISKCON(meaning the one that srila prabhupada build!not the one GBC build!)will come back!::i offer my humble obeicances and prayers to all of you who have suffered because of the ISKCON(GBC)!!!::your servant jani::.finland.

Oct 15, 2002 at 21:37:48

kent niepert (calovix@yahoo.com)

steve hulberg,::::where the hell are you? give me an email and tell me where you are. I still have the same cell number. call me !!!!::::Kent Niepert

Oct 25, 2002 at 19:44:13

tiger (ti.german.utut.com)

::expeerience what u see and aknolige as what u :: know of oergen at fierst sight is wht uknow::i meen to say u know .:: lets not stray out of the subject ::all living things experience certen incedents that u can conect to small or big does not truly matter each leason u learn that there are things that clike u know that they make cence / the peases of the puzle every thing fittes soner or later ,Althow when we are expearinsing (going threw an expeerince we feel that we feel but not whith anything that u ur self can not explain alot of things we whant to sayy but we are so dowtfull of what is in of all of us the true meaning that u know in ur mind :::well mwe can say that the litle voice that u listen to when it feels wright(sorry for the spelling mistakes) I am dislecsic i speel as i heer it.::I just whanted to speek my minde i feel that any ward i utter is very deeply intended to asist the pearson in knowing his true path . :: On the ather hand i keep douting my selfe becase my logic tells me that u should the fierst spontanus thing that comes to minde ,but when u think its perfect u tell ur selfe that ur speaking jibrish .:: i my true juge am compleatly adaptable i conect with peple as an artist conects with a serten instoment if u know what wright strings to play , each humen has the will to translate what the brain produses in thats or we can seand electecal signals to ur mouth that eaventuwaly gets ::missuderstood .::i truly do not know who is going to read this or be patiant eanuph to have sush a famealier feeling or that can conect to what iam saying.:::: that i wish that we can all say that we are truly brothers and sisters we all are a part of some grait perpose i feel so foolish of whrighting exactly what i feel i know some peple will not eaven discuss what they

Nov 21, 2002 at 17:08:21



Hi Surrealist,::::Great site, love the positive images. This can only help other grow.::::Regards::Jeff::www.affirmware.com.au

Nov 23, 2002 at 09:47:33

Project: Data Control (mrman2908@mindspring.com)


Great site. Stay strong against the New Dubya Order.

Jan 24, 2003 at 13:16:34

Madhusudana das (Madhusudanadas@hotmail.dk)

Hi, Noriji!!::Thanks for a wonderful site!!::::Me and my wife: Ananda Yukta d.d loves you very much, keep on helping people, what a wonderful job you are doing!!

Jan 24, 2003 at 13:18:08

Madhusudana das (Madhusudanadas@hotmail.dk)

Hi, Noriji!!::Thanks for a wonderful site!!::::Me and my wife: Ananda Yukta d.d loves you very much, keep on helping people, what a wonderful job you are doing!!::::I hope that you will write us, sincerily yours Madhusudana das and Ananda Yukta d.d

Jan 24, 2003 at 13:18:14

Madhusudana das (Madhusudanadas@hotmail.dk)

Hi, Noriji!!::Thanks for a wonderful site!!::::Me and my wife: Ananda Yukta d.d loves you very much, keep on helping people, what a wonderful job you are doing!!::::I hope that you will write us, sincerily yours Madhusudana das and Ananda Yukta d.d

Mar 25, 2003 at 17:56:51

Julie a.k.a. Kunti Devi Dasi (juliechapados@hotmail.com)

Great Thanx to you Nori Muster for this amazing site!!! I grew up in Iskcon till I was 12 years old and spent 2 years at the gurukula in Gita Nagari. I have spent some time also in the school in Vancouver and West Virginia. I am surprised at all the abuse that was going on for although it was a strict education there was no physical abuse in my case. At the time all devotees respected each other as I did. Today I study childhood development and am very curious to know how growing up in Krsna consciessnous has affected others. This site is a wonderfoul start. Thanx again.

Apr 1, 2003 at 07:52:37

J (Etter)

This is so stupid, You are FREE because of what people have done, DIED for you...and you set around smoking weed then you go somewhere to protest! What a waste of space you are.

Apr 1, 2003 at 15:15:21

Ginger (info@bluntbros.com)


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Apr 4, 2003 at 10:10:11



The corporate-controlled television stations are brainwashing people because they only show one side of the story. Etter is probably good person most of the time, but she is afraid to even leave her email address for a response. It's a frightening world out there if you believe our cult-government's propaganda. Peace to you Etter. I hope you find peace and comfort.

Apr 9, 2003 at 14:48:03

Marlee (baybee_o@yahoo.com)

Keep up the good work! I support you all. God bless...

Apr 27, 2003 at 00:23:51


I am not an official Hare Krishna, however I can see a lot of good, and a lot of sense in what they say. I don't think it's fair to classify them as a cult. Sure, some groups are "cult-ish" but the majority are not. Whatever you were involved with, sure doesn't sound like true Krishna Consciousness to me.

Apr 27, 2003 at 08:54:41



Dear Amy,::::I was a member in the Los Angeles headquarters of ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, from 1977 to 1988. That was the first decade after Srila Prabhupada died. You're right, it was not very Krishna conscious. However, it was the real organization. If you want to learn more about my experiences, click on the link above to see information about my book. ::::You say you're involved with better people, and that's good. But be careful of how involved you get. Many of the same un-Krishna-conscious things are still going on in some of the centers.::::Please write back again and include your email address.

May 20, 2003 at 05:51:39

someone whose Guru blooped

After ten years of trying to believe the impossible before and after breakfast, day in day out, I am out of it. Thanks Guru Maharaj for your enlightenment, thanks for the inspiring festivals and all that jazz. ::But you won't give me back the time I lost on the streets distributing SP's books. And Guru Maharaj, now that you left us: please do us one favour: don't ever again try to sing! Because you can't.::

May 20, 2003 at 05:58:02

haiku dasa :-)

iskcon was a dream.::it could have been a nice dream.::but it became a nightmare. ::::iskcon was a promise.::but it became a punishment.::::iskcon was.::::now what?

May 26, 2003 at 21:50:21

denisha arjuna dasi (Recovery122@aol.com)

I am ex devotee denisha (arjuna dasi) from the first sacto temple around 1974. My brother was Lankesa das from s.f temple. I am interested in talking to other devotees from that era or present..... does anyone remember me out there....

May 26, 2003 at 22:05:02

denisha arjuna dasi (Recovery122@aol.com)

it was a beautiful time at the sacramento temple, the devotees were compassionate and thoughtful, I was only 14 then ,Jayananda would often come ::by and visit selling his incense to companies.My brother moved to the s.f temple and married Dhanistha dasi. I recieved very intensive spiritual direction. I remember reading the first::gita printed. The sacto temple fell apart gradually the devotees returned to s.f. and I stayed with my parents as::requested by Prabupad in a letter.he mentioned I should respect my parents even though they were not krishna involved

May 28, 2003 at 22:36:30

Denisha (Recovery@aol.com)

There were pleastant memories, and yes::there were some unpleasant memories.::I didnt like the way women we treated and how submissive they taught us to be ::concerning it all. I search the Vedas and think for myself more now, Its ok to leave if things aren't right.... Find::good spiritual path,Its ok to challenge ::authority at times. Find out what truth is. A young man found out I was and exdevotee once. he came to my place to talk, He was a gurukula survivor..WE need to let them talk, let them express the anger and sorrow, let them tell the ::truth. The worst injustice is to sit back and do or say nothing or say it doesnt exist..... Think about it devotees.::Lets stop playing religious and get real.

May 30, 2003 at 10:37:08


Snapping, an extreme moment wherein one involved in a controlled group,suddenly::begins to start thinking for himself and::investigates decisions or statements or::religious doctrines on his/her own,.::People involved in alot certain groups are often taught "That the mind is the enemy,maya or even satan, and are encouraged not to think for themselves but to follow every word or rule of the groub and teachings. When snapping, the::mind comes out of Zombie unconciousness to consciousness or awareness, it snaps.::at that point, a person may want to flee::a group or may suddenly disappear. Its a sharp and drastic change, one comes out or trancelike states and his/her ::ability to think for oneself is restored and ones true self separate from the group is restored and comes alive. "The following statement is not meant to offend but help those who::found it necessary to flee or leave certain groups and are still suffering the backlash from others for it."

Jun 6, 2003 at 08:39:28

Yana Dimitrova (yana_a@bitex.bg)


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Jun 11, 2003 at 13:30:43

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Dear Madhusudana and Madhu,
Thank you for signing the guestbook. It is probably just a coincidence that you're both named Madhu, which means Sweet. They say there is no such thing as a coincidence, so i'll just have to take it as a good sign. I appreciate all the conversations i've had with people who write to me or sign the guestbook. I had a long email correspondence with Madhu dasi (below) and we found that we have more in common than what separates us.

Madhu(Madhusudana dasi)


Dear Nori, thanks again for your wonderful site!

To Madhu dasi: Indeed all glories to Srila Prabhupada, well I guess that you are entitled to your opinion about Nori and her site, but it would be interested to know why you think like you do. Personally Nori and her site has helped me very much, and I very much disagree with you............and would be quite interested to discuss it with you.

Hari Bol, Madhu(Madhusudana das, Denmark)




Dear Visitors,

Hope you're having a happy summer. I have appreciated the letters people send me. It's nice to have a real letter along with all the spam. Have fun surfing around Surrealist.org. My current favorite things posted at this site are: Story Matters (in the Gurukula section), The Pray for Peace Plan to Win the War on Terror (see Pray for Peace News Purpose Statement), and my Bush Weblog and Joke Section (see Love In page at Pray for Peace News). Also, i put the archive of back issues of the PFPF News back on line. According to the robot at my search engine, there are 471 pages and close to 1/2 million words posted at this site, so enjoy.

Your friend,


Madhu Dasi


Hare Krsna! All glories to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivadanta Swami Prabhupada. I was told about your site and wanted to drop in and take a look. Interesting. It is my hope that your intentions will serve you and that if they are to truely assist those who you feel are in danger, that you will suceed. But it is my opinion that you are misleading people to glorify your own ego and pride. At the cost of others.

In the Service of The Supreme Lord Krsna,
Madhu Dasi


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i would like to be added to your mailing list.i would like to have
information on symbolisim & there meaning on the spiritual of the
zebra & what there stripes means.thank you.DON



Hari Bolo, dear Nori!

Well I finally read your book 'Betrayal of the spirit', thanks dear Noriji for your courage, you have no idea how much you have helped me by "stepping forward" and sharing your realizations. To some it might sound strange, but by reading your book, my faith in God have increased many many times, you are really an angel!

Thank you!!!
Love from Madhu, Denmark.



Dear Nori thank you for a wonderful wonderful site, I deeply appreciate the great work you are doing. I will get your book in a week or two and I really look forward to reading it.


i wouldn't let the real surrealists know what you're doing if i were you



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The Hare-Krishna problems is interesting to compare with the Vallabha scandals in 1860 in India.

Thank You!!! Nori for the book: "Betrayal of the spirit".

Andries Krugers D.

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See also http://weapons.fancymarketing.net/ny-attack.htm

I really don't know what to do for the Afghan people and how to fight terrorism.


I Ching


Dear Friends and Visitors,
Thanks to Hurricane Erin and the tragic events in New York and Washington DC, I am still in Bermuda and it might be a while before I get home and check steamboats.com email. The hotel has provided computers so I've been using my email address at AOL. I also cannot change anything at the website, being away from my html & ftp programs. If you're as worried as I am about events, click on the link above for an I Ching reading that seems to fit this situation. https://surrealist.org/iching/hexagram50.html
Pray for Peace News,
Nori (webmaster)

Partha's Profile - click here


YOUR OWN BALARAMA - Girls! My spiritual brother Partha is a brahmin who grew up in Jagannatha Puri. He is looking for a soulmate to share his life. He is a professional who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rhonda Miller



Enjoyed the site.

Andries L. Krugers D

Ex Sathya Sai Baba


Dear Nori,
I just read with great interest your pages about Iskcon/Hare Krishna because of the similarities and differences with Sathya Sai Baba (SSB), the group that I left 4 months ago after 9 years of devotee-ship. I was an officer (seva coordinator) the last year.

Unlike you in Iskcon I didn't experience any abuse nor had I heard of any abuse on a local level. SSB's mainstream Hindu teaching are much more open minded than Iskcon's.

The sexual and spiritual abuse was commited by the criminal, pedophile, Sathya Sai Baba in India who claims to be a purna avatar. India's prime minister is one of his followers and that's probably why is not in prison yet. To lose my faith in him was traumatic.

See also http://www.exbaba.nl

Btw there was a kind ex-Hare Krishna devotee by the name Frank Morales who wrote a compassionate open letter to (ex-)devotees of SSB.

Thanks I found your pages very interesting.

Kind regards, Andries

Ashwin Haldipur


Regularly chck ur site, very much a fringe devotee, hare krsnaa.

I wish i could pick both Monky on stik n your book, Nori.

Your old friend, remember me.

My keyboard's graduaally conking. Sorry! write when ur free. bye!


MrMarvin Photo


All the best to a renaissance person.

The Ancient One



you have an intelligent and thought provoking site. my compliments on a job well done. may all our days be happy ones.




chrebr03 wrote:

who is ur god?

dear 03:
thank you for your question. I was born Christian (Lutheran). Later in life i joined the Hare Krishna movement for ten years. After leaving the group in 1988, i wrote a book called "Betrayal of the Spirit," which is my story but also an expose of ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.
I have been out of iskcon for twelve years and now look back on those years as a learning experience. As for your question, i would say that my God is the same Supreme Lord that controls everything and is the root of everything. Thanks for your letter,

Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)



As he did not he is disqualified. Consequences are inherent in the act itself, zero tolerance for victimiaztion of devotees and zero tolerance for authorities who do not do all that they can do to stop such abuses.


Listen to Narayana Maharaja. Srila Prabhupada

Oh yes, but listen with intelligence, or otherwise you will only hear as Kirtananada did, or as the Maharaja wishes you to hear, instead of how it is.

Unfortunately in my opinion for anyone in authority to make comments that would convince some innocent of Kirtananda's qualification is irresponsible, especially in the light of the types of victimizations and offences that Kirtananada was and is committing. These comments were made back, I think in 85. Had the Maharaja spoken the truth that he was conversant with at the time and told Kirtananada out right that he wasn't qualified to initiate even, let alone to lead ISKCON many devotees might have been saved from abuse and some lives might have even been saved. It would have been a risk for the Maharaja, that is true, but had he taken it there would not be a single doubt in my mind as to the truth of his claim that he now makes, that he is heir to ISKCON. As he did not he is disqual


This little treasure of a book which I received as a B-Day present from my sister Subhadra (she bought it from Bhramananda who highly recommended it) shows in these quotes how transparent Kirtananada is to the intelligent and objective observer. In this excerpt it also demonstrates the subtlety of Srila Narayana Maharaja. Had Kirtanananda not been so taken with himself, so busy with preening like a pea-cock he might have been at least suspicious of Srila Narayana's motives. As I and Nori's father observed Kirtanananda is transparent. He is not just transparent to an uttama, or to a madhyma, or even to a kanistah, but to any intelligent observer. The types of persons who accept Kirtananada as an uttama are not intelligent observers, or, as in Srila Narayana Maharaja's (who is very intelligent, whatever else he may be) case, his acceptance of Kirtanananda as Mr .ISKCON communicates one thing to Kirtananada, and to his disciples and to the INNOCENT, and another thing to the intelli


Dad looked over the interview

"Are you going to print it?" he asked, looking up.

"I don't think it's going to work out," I said. "Kirtanananda can be a convincing speaker"

"Kirtanananda's not convincing at all," Dad said. "I think he's very transparent. I think his ego is in the way, and I think that it's appropriate that people will be reading this and understand."

Dad spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully, "The thing that bothers me is the violence of his words. Look at the last paragraph, at the clearly stated ego problems he's having. He says that he will never split from ISKCON, that one of Prabhupada's godbrother's (Srila Narayana Maharaja) sai, 'You are Mister ISKCON.' It's such an intemperate statement that there isn't anything anyone could say that would more negatively reflect upon his sanity than what he has said himself. It has to be read as the statement of a very conceited man who is is out of touch."

Quoted from Betrayal of the Spirit by Nori Muster



Dear Nori
Hari bol.

I have posted the following and some additional comments upon Rocana das's dharma mela web site if you are interested. I wish to thank both you and your father for the continueing help that your book and life story in Krsna consciousness provides.

My sister Subhadra das was a room mate of yours at the L.A. temple and it was she who gave me your book which has been the source for the both of us of many insights, again thank you.

"I can never split from ISKCON. In fact, one of Srila Prabhupada's godbrothers, Narayana Maharaja, told me, 'You are Mister ISKCON.' " "Mister ISKCON?"
"Yes, he meant I am Prabhupada's first disciple. I was the first sannyasi. I cannot leave ISKCON. ISKCON is leaving me, but I am not not leaving."

After the interview, I checked the tape, labled it, and set it at the top of my stack of things to do.

Dad looked over the interview

"Are you going to print it?" he asked, looking up.

"I don't think it's going to work out," I said

Ed Smith


Dear Nori: I have read "Betrayal of the Spirit" and I have recommended it to friends. I have visited your site over the past several months and I find the richness of its contents and the goodness of spirit it represents to be inspiring. I noticed a new photo of you sculpting a deity murti. Could this be of Sri Venkateswara (a form of Vishnu, aka Balaji)? I'm interested in Balaji because I'm trying to find a focus for my bhakti practice. Also, I wonder if you've run across bhajankutir.net, a site run by Nitai das (Neal Delmonico). There are a lot of interesting Vaishnava material there. His thesis is that the Gaudiya Math/Iskcon line ran into trouble because Bhaktisiddhanta never received proper initiation. Nitai is setting up an online Chaitanaya tradition study course. Very interesting and impressive to me, not to mention intimidating! Anyhow, let me again express my appreciation for this site and for all you and your friends do. I'm looking forward to your next book
Aelred Edmunds/Caita


Hi Nori...and others endeavouring to kick religious institutionalism!

I am just checking in again to let you know that I visit the surrealist site regularly. All of you who sign in do help to give me a positive slant on my devotional life. For example, no one has written in to slam me because i am gay and in a relationship. Still, though, it would have been nice to have received more than just 2 responses from gay devotees "out there."

Oh, I am a friend of Brian Strader, whose short stories are now posted
on this site. I am about to check on that.

Aelred/Caitanya das

Sallie O'Neill


I've been exploring. Fascinating. Love your work....s

Toshiro Ishikawa



Hi! I made a home page for a biginner! It show how to divine by using stick 3 times! Please see it and sign my guestbook!

Hilary Barrett

I Ching readings and resources with Clarity


Amazing the wealth of I Ching resources that lurk on the web... Thank you for the translation, I shall be coming back to read more of it.

BTW, I run a large I Ching site at www.onlineclarity.co.uk, and at the moment I'm offering free readings at the forum. Anyone interested?

Bhakta Khang


Haribol People,

PAMHO. AGTP. I'm sure you guys must have heard of the IRM (ISKCO Revival Movement) by now. I would love to get any personal input regarding what I feel is a genuine and active attempt to return the movement to its former glories. Their newsletter has 2000+ subscribers and I'm wondering why there isn't more. All you disillusioned devotees should be flocking to rally around their banner. Thank you. "Books are the basis. Purity is the force".


i can honestly say that it is now an honor to sign your guestbook. like many, i am looking for answers to life's questions. Prabhupada's books seem to give me alot of answers that make sense. However, Iskcon seemed to just raise more questions that made me feel ashamed to have. i can't continue driving myself into depression in the name of spiritual advancement anymore, nor can i cont. denying it to myself and others. the guys at the local preaching center aren't bad, per say. they're quite fired up, really. but they're spinning the issues along with the best of 'em it seems.have they been dupped too? for the sake of my well being, i open up again and would like to hear what people want to share. does surrendering to god really entail closing your mind off? hare krsna

Ashwin Haldipur

Digi Art Alley


Although Srila Prabhupada was a realized soul while on earth, it is tragic that his devotees did not carry on the master's orders. One fault is that Srila did many things in 12 years, but it is very difficult to change the mindset of certain cultures, I salute to Prabhupada for having traveled to USA to obey his master's orders, but the state that ISKCON is in today makes any reader of Prabhupada Lilamrta shed tears.
The philosophy is great if one reads it, but the organization sucks. It would be safe for any individual to follow philosophies and stay out of any cult, or you'd be trapped like in a vacuum and suffer.

Hare Krishna.
Rich & Gail Hassler

Figured we would sign your guestbook.

We didn't know your site had so much Chinese philosophy content. Pretty cool!
We have consulted the I Ching recently with positive results. We thought, because of your background, you leaned toward Hindu traditions more than Chinese?

We will copy this as e-mail to make sure you get it.
Rich and Gail


Dear Nori...thank you for your story.Although I feel much resentment towards Iskcon and myself,I am healing.Take care-srinatha[stewart] Lokatma Das


No more silence.No more promisses. Let's keep talking!
Lokatma Dasa



Let love an peace reign. free the weed ban nothing.
afirm peace for the highest good of all.



your pain is my pain.
your story is my story too. mine, my sisters, my friends, my ex-husband's. good for you, you are all very brave. you are strong and articulate and beatiful and inspiring. when i read through the accounts of gurukulas (sp?) it's like reading my life. that's what i said when i saw "sleepers" too.
i don't have much first hand knowladge of sexual abuse, i just know that it happened. i unfortunately have my fair share of incidents of first hand physical abuse. not to metion the almost unworthy of noting mental and verbal abuse.
i know i am going to be ok now.
i know we are going to be ok now.
please contact me if you want to, and i hope no meanies find me.
i'm being pretty reckless about my privicy.
dimitri dimock


Ananda, went to gurukula with you in india.I blocked out most of the others names.I remember you specificly because I remember bieng saddend having to see you clean the bathrooms.And bieng mistreaded only because your parents didn,t pay your tuition.never made sense to me that you were punished for materialistic reasons,which went against prabupadas' teachings. hope you are staying sane and positive.
stay strong,
dimitri,a.k.a. (kaivalya-pati)
dimitri dimock


iskon devotee 1973-1981 dallas,pennsylvania & vrndavan kalpa-taru,initiation name kaivalya-pati

I believe religion(blind faith)can make you closeminded.To stop asking what if? doesn,t make sense to me.If blind faith is for you godbless.we all have to choose a path,but there is no one path to the main road.the goal isn,t the end of the road but the road itself.religion ,life experiences,common sense and (yes even science )can be tools for your specific path.
Do believe.

how many deadheads does it take to change a lightbulb?
none,they all watch it burnout then follow it around for 30 years.


hi im a former gurukuly loooking for others that went to N.V. from 79 to
Vrnda (NZ)


Nice to see the photos etc. Thanks :)


How is it flowing fellows? Nice pictuers huh? We need more on here.


I'm wondering if anyone knows of Tirupati. She was an ex-gurukuli I met when I first started coming to the Perth temple. She was married to Ciran Jiva and had two children, Yasoda & Nila Madhava. I lost contact with her when she moved to Melbourne.



anybody know where to get info on dee rAiNboW gathering in AfRiCa??? mOOnBeaMs * dReAmS * heRbal HEALIN for all dee beautiful brothas -&- sistas reading this!!
chris kelly




Gurukula programm can be properly run if kids could live with their parents, for that I do believe that Vrindavana as well as Mayapura projects should walk in that direction, do not allow kids to live full time in the gurukula until they are 18 years ould.Also investigate properly all the cases,sometimes teachers also are inocent and blame only out of politics and racism.Y/S The rejected begger


I hope I live to see cannabis legalized in the U.S.I,ve been busted so


Dear Aelred,
thanks for your feedback.
I keep thinking the world will get better soon, but it just keeps being the same as it always was.


Nori, I have just finished reading BETRAYAL OF THE SPIRIT. Although the details of our "Vaisnava stories" obviously differ, there is no doubt that we both share the same fundamental conviction regarding religious institutions: more often than not they spoil everything. As my spiritual master, Acharya Maharaj, said to me: "Religious institutions: they try to institutionalize everything don't they? Yet no one can stem the flow of the mercy of our Divine Lord." Each of us - despite the institution - still knows the presence of the Divine Lord. That presence is what we take with us into the future.

Your book is a very important contribution to the process of restitution and rehabilitation...and to the continuation of hope!


I have just "signed" the guestbook with the name "Aelred." I have used my secular name rather than my initiated name because of the no-doubt rather controversial content of my message. As I said, to be gay (that is, RESPONSIBLY gay) is very, very difficult in a Vaisnava context. In my message I asked if there are any GLBT devotees who might want to talk with me, help me, via email. But I failed to give my email address....here it is: aelred@ozemail.com.au


I really appreciate Nori's openness, and have ordered her book BETRAYAL OF THE SPIRIT. I was initiated in the mid 80's in the Caitanya saraswat Math context. My S.M. is deceased. I still have a tentative hold on the Vaisnava tradition, though, given that I am gay, it is practically very difficult. The issue for Vaisnavas is not so much that I am gay (and there are any number of gay devotees as we know!), but that I do not see my sexual orientation as a negative - rather, that it is a reality about myself which i celebrate. Also, I am in a happy monogamous relationship with another man. This all goes right against the heavy negativity towards the body - and especially the sexual body - manifested by most contemporary Vaisnavas. So, I am "out!" so far as the vast majority of devotees are concerned. Is there any point in my persisting with the vaisnava tradition? Are there any GLBT devotees "out there" who want to share with me about it? I would be really happy to hear from you. (A


The guestbook was getting too long, so i moved all the entries into an html file at my server. Click on "see more guestbook entries" to read the rest of the messages. Please sign in and feel free to SPEAK YOUR MIND. Free speech honored here.


"Blessed is he that comes in the name of the LORD" Aum Nama Shivia.......HRIM! GOD bless god!as per Mahavatar Devidas
William Szot


This web site touches my very being.
While I am only an advocate of ending the drug war I do believe it can be ,done with people such as the late Mr.McWilliams and other like minded individuals. I thank you for such an imformative web site.
Mike Hobbs


part 2 (sorry folks, pressed the wrong button. this part two of what you read just below this message)

So where was I? Yes: Iskcon had enough time and enough opportunities to prove itself good or bad. And unfortunately, it did not succeed. And I think the real reason already starts in SPs teachings.

I say this with a heavy heart. I also was, until fairly recently, an initiated devotee. But thanks, I had enough. Enough of promises how purifying chanting and service is - when I actually saw more than six spiritual masters fall down or bloop in just a couple of years.

And I have enough of those unrealistic claims of SPs books being the lawbooks for the next 10.000 years. If what happened in ISKCON is a result of these laws, I can only say that I am glad that there are only so few who know they are. Hopefully that will remain like this forever.

And I have enough of flowery word jugglery by sannyasis and gurus who know perfectly well what is going on behind the scenes: that even the



I would like to say two things: first of all, thank you so much for your homepage, and thank you so much for drawing attention to the incredible suffering devotee children had to go through.

I can only hope that ISKCON has to pay for this; not only (but also) in terms of money, but also in the sense that they wake up.

Yet, the sad thing is: what is done is done, and there is no way of making it go away. Personally, radical as it may sound, I hope that ISKCON will be destroyed by this lawsuit. After so many years, so many scandals and so many seemingly minor sufferings of individual devotees, I think ISKCON had time enough to prove itself good or bad.



Great site
Diary Bum


this guestbook serves all sites on surrealist.org (artwork, i ching, pray for peace, etc.), in case you are wondering "what lawsuit?" click the url above for more information. - webmaster


abused family

The gurus of ISKCON are the biggest culprits that I have ever seen. They destroy innocent minds and along with them their families. It is too bad that an organizantion like this is allowed to be in our midst and continue their evil work. I sure do hope people start seeing their true colors and understand that they are a terribly destructive cult. They are the worst in the society. Such a menace to the society has to be dealt with firmly. The lawsuit is a fantastic thing. I sure do hope that other people will start coming forward too.

Kulasekhara das
ARA Technologies


I have no sympathy for any abuser - or their supporters!

I wish to extend an invitation to all to visit my spiritual site:


then click the VEDA button in the bottom Rt. corner...enjoy!




I think your site is wonderful, and I am going to look for your book this weekend.
I am an ex-gurukuli from Dallas. My brother and I (Govinda), were there from 1978 to 1984-85.
I can tell you why this is happening to the Hare Krsnas. I feel that they are going to get their due justice. The gurukulis will never be able to live a normal life, without the ever consuming fears, lack of trust, lack of self esteem, etc.
Trying to conform to society, for your own survival, that is what we all have had to do. Some have not dealt with it well, others are fine on the outside. But believe me, the deep rooted pain and the memories haunt each and every one of us, and always will. As far as I am concerned the devotees threw the baby out with the bath water long ago, when they failed their children. How long can a religion last, if a majority of the children leave in disgust? They started this chapter, and I think the gurukulis have every right to end it.



Pamho; AgtSP

What is happening within ISKCON I consider to be a test. Why these things happened I do not know. I was initiated in 1970 when things were different.
What we shouldn't do is throw the baby out with the bath water.

Ananta SEsa Naga das


Why are we born to suffer and die?
Jim mortenson's place
Jim and Tina Mortenson

Pablo Weisz-Carringt

Surrealist Art by Pablo Weisz Carrington


Loved the page, I feel like the little guy in the square....


Dear Nori,
you have done a yeoman service to the society by opening this web-site. The atrocities committed in the name of "Krishna" by the ISKCON people in India are countless. In Bangalore ISKCON alone 45 regular inmates have been taken in the prime of their youth(those who are brilliant engineers,computer professionals,Graduates from prestigeous Institutions like IITs,IIMs,IIScs etc.)who are in the age-group of 20 to 30 and who are induced to desert their jobs and families in the name of Krishna,the God, getting their promise to continue in the cult on a ceremonial fire(which is supposed to be sacred and hence this vow should not be broken at any cost. They are told that their parents are like HIRANYAKASIBHU(ademon king who tortured his son in heinous ways preventing from telling the name of the LORD) and they are the holy PRAHALADAS(THE son who defied his father and chanted the LORD's name).Ultimately when the father tried to kill the son the LORD descended on the earth as NARA


I am not a Hare Krishna. I did enjoy this page. I but fail to understand, WHY ISEN'T THE CATHOLIC CHURCH A CULT? I mean dosen't the discription of the church match the "14 qualities that comprise a cult"?


I can't believe we didn't talk about art while we were in Indy! Kat, my sister that you didn't meet and I both are artists. You can visit her briefcase of art at www.spiritualhardware@yahoo.com I'll have to send you a postcard of a piece I did for a studio show (I don't have a digital camera or scanner, so I can't send you any current things)I can send to your PO right?



My name is Kat Schilke

daughter of Wm E. -&- Dagmar Schilke
Sister of David Schilke
Kaaren Schilke-Cherns
Joann Schilke-Lehmer

Kaaren gave me your web page I really like your work...


Hi! I'm a 28 year old guy from Japan! I'm crazy about Iching! I decide everything according to it. I became a computer programer, chose my company , etc. I'd like to correspond with people who like Iching. Please write to me!
Toshiro Ishikawa



Enjoyed your site!
a href="http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Portal/1306/duv1.html"img src="http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Portal/1306/graphics/dhoodban.gif" alt="Humor for the soul!" border="1" width="468" height="60"/a
Brother Skarz


Hi Carina, Thank you for visiting and speaking your mind. there is one section of this website that deals with child abuse. It's a little confusing because the same guestbook serves Pray for Peace (religious freedom for hippies and other non-mainstream people) and my book about the Hare Krishnas (Betrayal of the Spirit). I've spent the last few years researching child abuse in the Krishna group because it happened during the years I was a member. I never would have believed it either, except that the survivors told me about it. You can read their stories at surrealist.org. It is pretty surreal.
The producer (Elisa, message below) was asking for information on the Hare Krishnas.
Our Pray for Peace News section has suggestions from hippies for raising healthy, happy, drug-free kids (especially prescription drugs and other dangerous drugs). Click on the link listed with this entry to go to the Pray for Peace 4-kids campaign.


hey elisa,

newsflash, deadheadism,rainbowfamilism,hinduism etc. are not cults. the majority of these people are well-educated family people who live in your community. we are doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, mothers and fathers. i take offense that you would come into this site looking for people who systematically abuse their children. you may have better luck in the right wing extremist sites. places where the majority of folks expose their children to violent televisions shows and pestiside laden foods as well as fast food restaurants in order to get their children off their backs. we are a community of folks that share an interest in high morals, good music, pure foods and great educations for our children. we expose our children to love, understanding and a wide variety of cultural events. i have never seen a child being mistreated at either a rainbow gathering or a grateful dead show and if i had, i would have said something to stop it. i have, on the oth


Thanks for the great book _Betrayal of the Spirit_! I just finished reading it and it's been a great help in a paper I'm writing for a class in New Religious Movements. I didn't know much of anything about Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON and it provided me with more information about the group's history than I think that I could have gotten from any other source.

Jeff Burke
Conn College '02


Dear Miss Nori,Your book tells us that it is high time that we take a serious look into the gurus of Iskcon.SANNYAS HAS ONLY MADE THE GURUS MORE PROUD.I feel very sorry for the young gurukul children who were abused at such a young age.For your information Icome from the Gaudiya Math and you will be surprised to know that the next acharya in the Gaudiya Math afer Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati had refused to take a seat on the Vyasa Asana because he knew that in kaliyuga it is very difficult to do one,s own bhajan ,what to speak about a high position of becoming a Guru and managing so many people's devotional affairs.I feel more sorry for the devotees who have no self respect and bow to the sannyasis belittleing oneself and encouraging these sannyasis to do more mischief.
rohit shinde


Hello. I am a Producer with a new National Television show. I am interested in speaking with people who have knowledge of cult abuse of children and other issues of cult abuse as well. Our program is offering complete anonymity to anyone will to work with us on the program to speak about practices of abuse. By offering anonymity we hope to have people speak out who would not normally come forward. Your face will never be seen and your voice will be altered during your time on the program. Messages can be left for me at (323) 463-2723 or I can e-mailed at kukla88@hotmail.com.
Since the focus of this program are peoples stories, you may use an Alias when you speak to me. Protecting people's identities is of the utmost importance to us.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Hey long time no see,
I have been out of ISCKON for some time now but dable in it once in a while. I was in ISCKON for about eight years or so which took me to the gurukula in Dallas Texas from there to the Gitanagari Gurukula and finally to Vrindavan India. I spent about four years in the Gurukula in Vrindavan and still have alot of memories of it. I would say the last time I was there is when Prabhupad passed away and I got annicaited. I still keep in touch with Sanata Kamara.
Okay, so you are wondering who the hell this arent you? Durring the days in Dallas, Gitanagari and some other temples and finally India my name was known as Dhirodatta dasa. It was then changed to Bhakti Shakti Dasa. Well, my birth name is Eric B. Twigg and this is what I go by today.
The time in the Gurukula has helped me very much in the military and far as discipline. I was in for 12 years and planed on retiring but did not. I was an Army Ranger, Airborne, Combat infanry man an
Eric B. Twigg



It has been some time. I hope you are well. Drop me a note if you have a chance.

Ryan D. Kuper
The Redemption Recording Co.


April 4, 2000


For the first time, I just got the chance to explore your various websites and take a ride on the links you've set up and I have to say it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Thanks for helping to make my day a lot brighter just knowing there is someone like you who is bubbling with creativity and actively trying to do something that connects with the public at large by using so many varied venues.

When I first checked out the gallery site, I didn't realize it was all your work. In fact, I thought you just represented artists. So I looked at the watercolors, the drawings and oils and photos with awe at all the talent you had gathered for the site. Then by the time I got to the lovely dream pictures, I realized that it had to be your work...and ALL your work. I was very impressed. Having lived in Silver Lake for 8 years, I especially loved those pictures.

Overall, your sites are by various turns whimsical and serious and healing and spiritual. A

Marlan Warren


I was a Bhakta in New York city in the late 70's, and I'm glad my stay there at the Manahatan Ashram was short and varied. I was very much into Hatha Yoga and meditation, so much so that many people wanted me to open a Hatha School. The Devotees told me that this form of Yoga was a lower Bodily yoga and Krishna would not accept it as Yagna. (So now Im 42...gave it up and suffer poor muscular health..DUH..DUH) In stead they had me out in the city..CONNING the Kamis out of their money....what a great form of Yoga!!!!..I could only take that for about 6 months. Thank GOD that I had the intelligence to leave after Prabuprada's death. It was way too obvious that "SPIRITUAL RETARDS" were taking over his movement. What a bunch of 20 year old clowns...they all thought that they were touch stone....one of these guy really wanted to touch my stone if you know what I mean!?
Now I serve the ORTHODOX in the grace of the Saviour LORD JESUS CHRIST..we have our problems too, but..now I know
Father Benidict


A very interesting site!

R.K. West
Unusual Software


howdy all :) PEACE


the site is really very good .keep it up!


Jim Brown


Hello Nori, I have checked out your steamboats site. pretty cool.


I request prayers of your visitors for my friend, Rachel, for whom her doctor has just discovered a lesion on her breasts. Please pray that it is not malignant.
Jay Bender


This page was very cool and I am going to suggest it to my friends.It wasn't realy inappropriate or anything.But keep up the good work Nori.Bye.
Summer Montgomery


Please visit my new website, Surrealist.org. The old guestbook that was here has been moved to that site. Click the link below to see more guestbook entries.


Your site is number one on a our sucks list
Richard Myers


Hi to all,
It is heartening to see your efforts to bring child abuse case in ISKCON to the attention of others. Infact these cult in the world do more harm than they good for the manking. I just read a news today that over 250 people of a cult commited suicide in Africa.

I wonder when these poeple will realise that if there is a god it is
totally different than what these cult and religions preach us. I
strongly believe that all the religions are man-made and irrelevant to

I give you all my support in fighting for truth and saving the children
from abuse and psychological disoerder
best wishes are regards

g kumar (singapore)


Hello. I bought a copy of your book, and was saddened by the whole affair. I lived in the L.A. temple briefly in 1977. I am still shocked by the abhorent revelations you have exposed, and by the continous stream of scandalous and offensive behavior carried out by alleged Vaishnava's. Hare Krishna. All Glories To His Divine A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Bharatvarsa is in grave danger I'm afraid.
your fallen servant


looks like something very positive :) dont have time right now - but am moving to san diego very shortly - please keep me in touch for i feel strongly of these violations of our rights - i was busted from this drug war shit myself - so i have very strong opinions on these subjects - looking forward to hear from you folks :) lov'n'light :)
Kenny (KlubSoda)


Vaisnava das anudas




Haribol bol everyone,
I would just like to offer sahasrakoti dandavats to all of you.
Yudhisthira Dasa


Damodar dasa' kirtans rock!!!!!
marja from nz


Jeff Vuille


Please encourage your U.S. Senators to support the ratification of CEDAW!




Please Kathy Putnam in your prayers for God's guidance and protection.

Jay bender


You've got an out-of-date version of 12 rules of the conman. The newer version, on Hassan's webpage is much better, so be invited to upload it.

I enjoyed your web page - not usually fond of New Age but you've a nice optimism about you!

Peter Forde


Dev Parkash (and anyone interested in the subject of worship of ordinary men) please check out Peter Forde's link to his statement about conmen: https://surrealist.org/betrayalofthespirit/


I'm just a worthless living being just like the rest of this world who don'n know KRSNA the supreme personality of Godhead. I myself wuold like to get in contact with pure devotees so that I van demolish my bad habbits and activities. I try to do bhaktie by chanting, kirtaning and singing bhajans. So as long as you contact the allmighty include me also because you people from this society of KRSNA contiousness are pure and only a bhakt can understand this demon(me). I'd like to meet devotees because in my environment there all fooles and they are more and more entangled in this material world just like I am. But I have some transcendental knowledge but I am not doing bhaktie the proper way Anyway thank you very much for sihning me up

Hari bol
Jaya Sri VISHNU ki Jaya

I love you all devotees because I love KRSNA and you all are great parts of him being so devoted. The other living entity's are little integrated parts of Him in comparison to a pure Devotee
Please send m
nawin ghiraw


Dev Parkash


Anybody wishing to worship or receive blessings from another human being belongs in Fools Paradise. The manipulators who run sects in gods name are no better than second hand car salesmen and women. Greetings from a sceptic.

Amber DeMello


i really applaud u guys and i agree with you 110%. thank you for being such an amazing organization, and a step in the right direction, man. God bless. Peace, love, happiness, harmony, melissaman
melissa bean


Brithers and sisters,

I support your cause, and I respect evryone who does. There are so mant things I want to say but I want to say thank you the most.

I love you all,





I appreciate your efforts and hope to find a copy of your book. If I think about it all too much, it still makes me crazy with anger after 20 years of being blooped. For the the most part, devotees were wonderful (but flawed) people. It's too bad they were taken advantage of. I'm glad to say that none of the gURUS or temple presidents liked me very much. Maybe that says something about me because basically they were rotten to the core.

former Raksovanda da


larry moretto


Special prayers go out to this entire world...Because of it's precious creatures and luscious greens we can endure to make our lives way better and praise the Lord for everything he gave each and everyone of us in this world.

Sarah K May


this is awesome page!

i will pray for everyone to be peaceful and respectful for our
enviroment it is so fragile and wonderful.



dear colleagues:

please note that our revised (oct 99), annotated edition of the new coptic gospels is now online (gratis) in both english and spanish:


significantly, professor helmut koester of harvard university, speaking as president of the society of biblical literature (usa), recently declared that "nearly all biblical scholars in the united states agree that [the gospel of] thomas is as authentic as the new testament gospels" (religious news service, new york, dispatch #15709).

our online edition has been accessed over 200,000 times since february 99.

with best regards,

dr paterson brown
ecumenical coptic project


Ilike what you did with your internet web sight. Please E-mail me soon I love steam boats Because the disied them very cool and out ragous.

Kenneth Middendorf


Taoist not Daoist.



I have been on your homepage and seen your paintings. They are nice. I'm a norwegian woman ho like to paint also.

Jorun Irene Bjrling


I pray for the knowledge of God's will for me and the power to carry that out. I'm a recovering addict, and don't use any type of drugs any more, but I support the legalization of Marijuana for medicinal purposes. The conspiracy being waged by the United States government must come to an end. I pray that God will put it in the hearts of the politicians to find some compassion for the people who are suffering and really need the benefit that Marijuana could bring them.

John Madsen


This is the best page I have ever seen about I Ching, so far. Keep it up. Thank you very much. Love Steve :-)


pleae look at our site as a possible link


Dear Nori.
Tell me , have you been to Ireland in the last while. We have a new reform going on at the moment that you may want to check out. Since the recent incident with Harikesa we have been going through the process of letting it all hang out. Devotees have addopted a do what you want thing, within the regulative principles. Maybe this recent incident was a good thing as devotees have become to think if you repress it it will come back and bite you on the ass so instead of repression it is succession. Do it in small amounts and stop going around being holy holy, which can make devotts arogant and pretensious and in that way we can proceed slowley instead of racing to the top. Come over and check it out.
Your servant.


Dear Nori,
Hi! Would you recommend any internet discussion groups that focus on interreligious dialogue?
Jay Bender


Dear Nori,
Thank you very sincerely for Betrayal of The Spirit! I am reading at present and it is a very engaging story and a well-crafted book. At the age of fifteen I corresponeded with some Krishnas in Moundsville and read some issues of Back to the Godhead. That was a stop on my spiritual path before I become a Baha'i at the age of 16 in 1974.
Please write more!
Michael Foster


Pablo Weisz-Carringt
Surrealist Art by Pablo Weisz-Carrington

I liked your page, I welcome you to visit my website.
Pablo -l'infant terrible


I have recently created a site which is basically an online "Magic Eight Ball". Just a little novelty I decided to do. Well, as it turns out, I found your I Ching site and it is really cool. So, I decided to create a link to it. I used javascript to randomly choose and go to one of the 64 hexagrams. It's a really cool deal. I wanted to let you know that I linked to your site, and also suggest that maybe you would like to copy the code from my site to use on yours. Let me know if you have any questions.
Eric Green
Ask the Oracle


Thanks for signing my guest book. you have an intersting site a few years ago at school I took art as a subject!!

Colin East
Me and My Hobby Modelboats



It is great to read of all your creative and good natured activities. I am thankful for knowing you and wish you the best in everything.

-Ryan Kuper
Redemption Records