Pray for Peace Affirmations

World Events The truth remains clear even when people refuse to see it; falsehood remains weak and exposed, no matter how many people accept it.

Peace in the War on Terror We belong to a world community that honors justice, truth, and love. The good people of the planet are the majority and now direct world events.

Honesty in Business Enduring wealth is built on honesty, including care for Mother Earth.

Cities We weave a web of honor and fellowship in a world where love prevails.

Natural Areas The majority wants to protect nature and so it is. Corporate forces must pay the country what it's worth to take our natural resources.

Elected Officials We support elected officials when they do what's right for the people and the earth. If they refuse to care for the earth, then the people will lead them.

Peace in the Culture War We participate in a peaceful social discourse, free from any connotations of war. Ours is a world of neighbors with a common dream of equality, freedom and prosperity.

Police and Law Enforcement Agencies We support the men and women of law enforcement who fulfill the duty to protect and serve, thus nurturing trust, cooperation, safety and goodwill in our towns.

Peace in the Drug War We affirm a peaceful conclusion to the War on Drugs. Personal freedom, civil liberties and democracy are restored. All drug sales are taxed and regulated. The black markets for money diminish, reducing the threat of terror and returning money to the legitimate economy.

Addicts, Alcoholics We pray that addicts find the fellowship, counseling, and medical care they need to build fulfilling lives, freed of their addictions.

Medical Marijuana We affirm a spiritual road map for the respectful use of marijuana for mind, body, spirit healing.

Children and Drugs We teach our children to cope with life's problems free from drugs of all kinds.

Raising Children We make this world a better place for children and teens.

Freedom of Religion Freedom of religion is a basic human right equally guaranteed to Native Americans, Hippies, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Rastafarians, Pagans, Moslems, Artists, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and all who follow an alternative spiritual path.

Freedom of Speech We value speech that tells the truth, relates a story, points out irony, illuminates history, offers hope. We allow but disregard abusive speech that humiliates or hurts.

Diversity We celebrate diversity and build bridges of love.

Astrology Affirmations

Life is a process. Stars and planets may cast metaphors that mirror activities on Earth, but their movements are not meant for parlor games or fortune telling.

I create the momentum in my life. The planets are less of a factor when I'm productive and content.

I can choose to forget any astrology metaphors that I once believed. It's my choice what thoughts I keep in mind. I can choose to accept and contemplate astrology metaphors as I choose.

Most people get along fine not ascribing meaning to the movements of the planets.

No matter what the astrologers tell me, I trust the planets to work in harmony for my highest good, and the highest good of the universe as a whole.

The planetary conjunctions are favorable to me, my family, and all living beings.


We hold a loving consciousness whenever thinking about these cities and the manifestations from these cities. We envision Hollywood as a safe, friendly and peaceful heart, surrounded by the loving arms of the greater City and County of Los Angeles.

Why do we need a Hollywood affirmation? Many people make "Hollywood" a scapegoat for violence in schools and whatever other problems are out there. Actually, Hollywood is just a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles and many movies are made elsewhere (Burbank, Culver City or out of state). Nevertheless, political cartoons and editorial writers set "Hollywood" up as a straw man. It would take more courage to name the studios, producers, directors, writers and actors who make the violent movies they dislike.

Blaming "Hollywood" is a lazy bad habit and I believe that negativity from the McCarthy era onward made Hollywood what it finally became in the 1970s and 1980s: a run down and dangerous black sheep within the City of L.A. Everything changed when Pray for Peace News started the Hollywood Affirmation circle. We wrote letters to City and State officials, asking them to help revitalize Hollywood. Now people consider Hollywood a major economic plus for California. Ever since the 1990s people have been working to improve Hollywood and change its reputation.

Our movies are our modern-day myths, so let's stop disassociating from our stories and accept (and deal with) the mirror that the movie industry holds up to us. Instead of blaming the problems on a great old L.A. district of historic landmarks, do something positive like write letters and join our affirmation circle a better future.

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