Gratitude Revival
March 3, 2021

Gratitude is back here at Surrealist News. There's no particular reason to feel optimistic when I look at the outside world. The world is churning out of control as usual. The zombies are plotting to take away my vote by mail and install their QAnon Lord back into the White House. Texas has thawed out from a deadly manmade disaster, but still can't get their water back. The Texas governor has declared the pandemic over! I feel sorry for the zombie vote eaters and Texas, but there's not much I can do for them from here. I care about Texas, and I love Texas. Get it together, Texas! We miss you!

Thankfully, with gratitude, here at the world headquarters of Surrealist.org, things are sunny and bright. I have good work to do, friendly and kind neighbors, and I'm getting back my health. Things are pretty good. Wish the same for you.

Tough Time for a Gratitude Journal
February 18, 2021

It's been a rough week with what's going on in Texas, and all over the South. I feel especially bad for the sea turtles, and wish they would invite people to come in and add body heat to that big warehouse.

I also feel sorry for my mom and others who loved Rush Limbaugh. My mom was a distant cousin through her husband, and used to send him homemade hot pads every time he got married. So I don't derive any gratitude or joy from that situation in any sense. He was a menace to the truth, so it's just sad he used his great talents to divide, instead of unify.

I am making progress on my own work, in my own little world here. I've been okay. I'm in Arizona, so it's not freezing. But still, this morning I had three bad dreams about the insurrection, and the first two were nightmares. In the first one, I was in a large hall, like a school, or a large ark with long hallways. Due to lies, the people on the streets were going insane, attacking each other. It was like the insurrection, but I knew a few of them personally. I barely escaped. I managed to climb up some cloth ropes they threw from the ark before it moved away from the scene.

In the second nightmare, I was inside my condo and the zombies came to my windows. For some reason both of my side windows were open. I managed to shut one and they put their faces right up to the glass. But they poured in through the other open window and surrounded me. They were acting really weird, around me. I started to scream "help help help," but could barely make any sound. Then I put my hands up to push away one of the zombies, and thought of the idea of sending him love. So I did. Then all the zombies started to say "what's this what's this?" and suddenly they all disappeared.

In the third dream, creepy and scary, but not a nightmare, I'm at home at some house with other people. These pushy people came to the door and forced their way in. We tried to stop them, but they spread out, somewhat like what happened on January 6. They were all over the place, while one very talkative man from their group kept us occupied so we couldn't do anything to get them to leave.

So no gratitude journal today, except that my nightmares were just dreams.

Grateful for a Good Mayor
February 17, 2021

Here where I live, we have a great mayor. Our city is always working to improve things for the people who live here. We have festivals, or at least we used to (and will probably resume after Covid), we have parks, good air quality, reliable city services, and responsive city employees who answer the phone when you need them!

I feel sorry for apartheid states where the leadership doesn't give a damn about people under their care. Governments, especially local governments, channel the tax money back into infrastructure, schools, and community services. I'm grateful to live in a city with high ratings as a good place to live or locate a business.

Texas is experiencing unprecedented danger from weather conditions. Despite running almost exclusively on fossil fuels, the energy grid was overcome and millions of people are living without water or heat. The last I heard, more than twenty people had died. I feel really bad for Texas, because I love Texas! I feel particularly bad for the people of Colorado City, Texas. Here's what their mayor posted on social media while people are freezing to death in their homes:


Anybody who has a good mayor who cares and feels empathy for others who are suffering, take a minute to feel grateful, and to feel pity for the people who must suffer under the lack of leadership from Mayor Tim Boyd. Or anybody like him. (Latest news: Boyd resigned in disgrace after this post.)

Gratitude Diary
February 13, 2021

I'm grateful for the Impeachment hearings in the Senate over the last few days. The Democratic House Managers did an good job presenting the severity of the January 6 attack on our Capitol, the seat of our democracy. They put the facts out in the open for the public, and history.

God bless the House Impeachment Managers:
Jamie Raskin, lead manager, representing Maryland's 8th District
Joaquin Castro, representing Texas' 20th District
David Cicilline, representing Rhode Island's 1st District
Madeleine Dean, representing Pennsylvania's 4th District
Diana DeGette, representing Colorado's 1st District
Ted Lieu, representing California's 33rd District
Joe Neguse, representing Colorado's 2nd District
Stacey Plaskett, representing Virgin Islands' At-Large District
Eric Swalwell, representing California's 15th District

I'm grateful seven Republicans voted to convict Trump. Although some Republicans were complicit in the insurrection, at least seven were not involved. That's something to feel grateful about.

It's tragic seven people died as a result of the insurrection, but our legislators were spared. Imagine where we would be now if Trump's mob had killed all our legislators. Trump would now be the king and his mob would be rampaging across DC to rout out the legitimate government. I'm grateful the Bidens put big pink hearts on the White House lawn to remind us love prevails, especially over Valentine's Day weekend.

It's unfortunate Senator Mitch McConnell is only in politics for the love of money and power, but he at least made a little speech condemning Trump's actions on January 6. McConnell encouraged us to take Trump to court. In his own weasel ways, I'm grateful he at least condemned Trump.

Because we still have our democracy, for now, I'm grateful. It would be better if the Republicans would get it together and work with Democrats in good faith, but that's up to them. They look like they care more about their jobs than about the Constitution or the welfare of the people of America.

Thank god America is still standing. Bruised and bloodied, but still standing.

Looking Forward
January 30, 2021

Well, here we are wishing goodbye to the first month of 2021. We regret the problems the GOP is having, since it would be great to have a reliable, loyal opposition party. Nobody likes what's going on. I was in a cult for ten years! It makes me feel grateful to be out for the last thirty-two years.

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American Inauguration
January 24, 2021

There's so much to be grateful about. After a successful election, we have a new administration that cares about the American people. President Biden and Vice-president Kamala Harris will end this pandemic and get us back to work.

This was the first inauguration where I've watched all day. Past inaugurations may have had good speeches by the incoming leaders, but that and a parade were about it. Plus, it was footage of other people watching a parade, like they have around the holidays.

However, this year I felt involved in every part of the inauguration, beginning with prayers and mourning for the four hundred thousand people who have died of Covid.

The daytime events went well, everyone safe in a heavily fortified District of Columbia. Then an amazing concert at night, including three past presidents discussing why they support Biden-Harris. After that, more music and then fireworks. When it ended, Rachel Maddow said if you need fireworks for anything else, forget it. They're all used up now!


I want an America with a working government, where the government cares about people, and cares about our traditions and obligations.

New Yorker Footage of January 6 Riot
January 16, 2021

I just watched the unabridged footage of what happened inside our sacred Capitol Building. It's like we're at the gates of hell. The people trapped in hell burst into our temple and pleaded for release from their wretched lives. We pray for our country.

UC Santa Barbara Accomplishments in 2020
January 11, 2021

This is where I got my bachelor's degree! Here's what my alma mater was up to while the rest of the world was spinning out of control: UC Santa Barbara: a look back at 2020 (video).

Further Thoughts
January 10, 2012

Grateful the police held a funeral processon for the late Officer Brian D. Sicknick. He gave his life to protect our country. Grateful the FBI warned ringleaders to stay home. It could have been much worse if the ringleaders had been at the Capitol Wednesday. Grateful the Democrats in the House will introduce their Articles of Impeachment tomorrow, and present it to the Senate after the first one hundred days of Biden-Haris.

Predictions 2021
January 8 2021

I Ching Predictions for the Changes Ahead in 2021
This essay originally appeared in Sedona Journal of Emergence, Predictions 2021 & Beyond, Annal Predictions Issue 2020-2021.

Gratitude List
January 7, 2021

In Arizona we have a lot to feel grateful about. We elected Senator Mark Kelly. We helped elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Yesterday after the attempted coup to overthrow America's election, Arizona made history standing up for free and fair elections. Even though the conspiracy theorist Republican legislators attacked our election results, Arizonans know our elections are fair. We've been voting by mail for thirty years.

We are grateful the House and Senate confirmed the Electoral College vote for Biden-Harris. Two Republican Senators asked the rest of the Republicans to tell their constituents the truth: the election was fair.

More gratitude - we won two elections in Georgia yesterday, so with Senators Warnock and Ossoff, Democrats will control the Senate.

More gratitude - President-elect Biden named Merrick Garland to be our next attorney general. Judge Garland knows the law, and is an honorable man. He was denied a hearing when President Obama nominated him for the Supreme Court.

Plus, the man who blocked hearings on his nomination will now become the minority leader, and I'm glad he accepted the demotion gracefully. Although I believe Senator McConnell has a wheelbarrow of karma, at least he discouraged election conspiracy theories, and condemned the insurrectionists.

We call for consequences for all the people who attacked our Capitol. After we square things up, then get ready for a better world to take shape from these ashes. I look forward to justice, and to reclaiming some of the innocent lost souls who have gone into the tyranny of cognitive dissonance. Come back to reality lost people, things are not as fake and broken as they told you. We can fix it. Things get better so gradually, you sometimes take it for granted.

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