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I publish the long-running political blog, Pray for Peace News, now known as Surrealist News,* latest issue*, and I believe cults explain a lot about these surreal times, so I posted my cultic studies research.*

In 2016 I got into dream content analysis and religious research in the field of psychology. That currently consumes most of my work hours.*

Another of my long running projects is to aggregate news on phytotechnology and alternative energy. My current focus is bioplastics, eco-friendly plastic made from plants. I'm also working to convince people to put their non-eco-friendly plastic trash in the landfill. It's the best way to keep it out of the ocean.*

I've also built spaces for my artwork,* writing,* steamboat museum,* and genealogical research.*

You are welcome to read your I Ching here,* and I invite you to take a copy of the Manifesto.*


Nori Muster and Elizabeth Warner
Tempe, Arizona, August 1, 2019.