Gurukula Veterans Journal

Editorial Purpose Statement:

The Gurukula Veterans Journal: a Community Center for the Second Generation.

The Gurukula Veterans Journal is a forum for the 2nd generation of the Hare Krsna Movement known as Guru-kulis or students from the schools of gurukula, "house of the guru."

We represent a unique cultural phenomenon by way of our childhood experience and adult expression of that experience. Our common language has been our cultural diversity in the ancient Vedic-Indian traditions and the Western lifestyle, along with years of global travel, devotional (religious) insights and childhoods of hardship and spiritual training. How this all translated into the lives of young adults in the world provides for a story, lifestyle and expression as unique as it is insightful. The Gurukula Veterans Journal is to tap and share the benefits of this unique cultural experience.

The Gurukula Veterans Journal is different from other, similar efforts that come with agendas that have priorities equal to or greater then the guru-kulis. The Gurukula Veterans Journal is intended to finally provide a forum that is exclusively dedicated to focus on the 2nd generation.

The Veterans Journal will serve to:

Showcase the history, experience, interest, talents and services of the 2nd generation; document the guru-kuli experience: past, present and future; the good, bad and ugly; the material, emotional and spiritual; the collective and individual points of view;

and will provide a forum to:
bond with old childhood friends and well-wishers,
review our common past for greater insight to the past, present and VISSION OF THE FUTURE,
create a network of old friends for new and on going projects,
promote guru-kuli efforts and projects,
establish a structured system for patrons to Sponsor guru-kulis with work, donations etc.,
find and pair patrons with guru-kulis,
tap the talents, experience and insight of guru-kulis,
provide formal recognition and institutional certification of cultural (Vedic) skills,
highlight successful child/youth programs and effective people in the field,
reference youth and childcare resources and experience,
offer counseling, healing and family workshops,
house "all" gurukula related documentation,
begin compiling a book on the gurukula experience,
create a stronger interface for guru-kulis relationships with the movement and the world,
expose abuse and abusers in a fair and professional manner,
answer accusations and provide insight to or by the accused,
provide context to the gurukula experience.

Create an authoritative compilation and context on the gurukula experience for:
accurately documenting this important chapter of ISKCON history,
tapping the wisdom to be had from the combined experience of students, teachers, parents, etc.
crafting policies of reform and standards for up and coming generations,
providing an insight for friends, family and other well-wishers of guru kulis,
exposing abusers and establishing accurate records on them - without exaggerations,
highlighting good deeds and persons,
clarifying Prabhupada's responsibility for the events, polices, facilities and persons of gurukula,
serve as a resource and reference for newsletters, books, documentaries, reform measures, parental or academic guides, personal use etc.


Timeline. The timeline will include links to stories, photos, articles and documents covering the years 1965 - 1999.

Newsletter. A periodic newsletter distributed by e-mail and in time, a hard copy publication.

Yearbook. A gurukula yearbook will have photos of gurukula alumni. The Journal will add more photos, contact information, articles, poetry, services and skills by the individuals featured in the photos.

Website. The entire project will remain accessible on the Internet to serve as a resource and reference for newsletters, books, documentaries, reform measures, parental or academic guide, personal use, etc.

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