Betrayal of the Spirit won the award for best selling book in its category, 2002.

jpg won a top sites award from Spirit and Sky, 2005.

Subject: Re: Top Spiritual Site Award 2005
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005
To: Nori Muster


This is Amy, Junior Editor for, the internet's authority hub for spiritual related web sites. Welcome, and congratulations on such a wonderful site.

As part of my new job here at Spirit and Sky, I spend my time visiting sites and giving awards to those that deserve it.

So congratulations for having a VERY relevant, on-topic site, and thank you for making the internet a better place! :)

This is no small matter. This directory, with over 100,000 links, has strict guidelines and your site has earned this exclusive, high-end distinction. You may display this award anywhere on your web site, either with or without a link to us. You can download the award, or let our server host it, either way is fine, it's your award, you earned it. Congratulations!

If your site was already given an award in 2004, and you have not displayed it, please do. It is not required (of course).

With hopes of love, light, music and happiness, thank you for your time! BTW Feel free to write us and suggest a site for the Top Spiritual Site award, I will be delighted to visit it and review it. I love visiting sites like yours! ;)

See Ya!

Amy Lui
Spirit and Sky! Junior Editor

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 12:50:44 -0700
From: "Nori J. Muster"
Subject: Re: Top Spiritual Site Award 2005
To: Amy Lui

Hello Amy,
That is fantastic news. Thank you so much! I will add the award and link to my site as soon as I get home!!! I will email to let you know when it's posted.