Why I Wrote Dreaming Peace

In my books, I have tried to prove to the reader that the unbearable truth about the world is good. There is much pain involved in reality, and the truth is often unwelcome, but it appears eventually even if everyone in the world tries to hide it and keep it down.

One of the most powerful shocks I had after leaving the religious cult was when I realized that the very things I wanted to escape in the cult now permeate our culture. I didn’t notice it as much until after 9/11, so I am not sure if it is getting worse, or if it has always been as bad as a bad-ass religious cult in the mainstream world. Specifically, it seems that society is eating itself up from inside. Right now one side of us is trying to mutilate and destroy civil rights, women’s rights, and the commons. One of the Republican candidates said he wants to rip government up by the roots. Essentially, he wants the Union to secede from the Union.

In times like this, one of the best defenses is easy access to a peaceful place inside oneself. If we can look inward and find peace, then we can also look at the world. Anyone who lives in the world must suffer grief observing the collective problems. We need to acknowledge the hypocrisy, dishonesty, and abuse, even when it comes from powerful people who could retaliate. Sometimes the darkness seems to surround us and isolate us. However, truth is stronger. Love is real and has been the main thing to see us through so far. God’s love, our love for the savior, for the benevolent higher power, for the inner consciousness. It is up to you how you name it.

The pocks of dark must be there for whatever metaphorical or metaphysical reason. How to cope.? Look squarely into the darkness with compassion. Then trust that truth/love is stronger. Go to the forest, read a book, meditate, tackle your new project. Whatever it is that connects you with what is good, go there and leave the world’s burden behind for a time. Join others who acknowledge the dark side, but choose a better future. That is the meaning behind Dreaming Peace. Your thoughts can change your own personal life; our thoughts together can change our world.

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