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This publication originally started under the name Pray for Peace News in 1996. Our motto was: "Pray for Peace—End the War on Drugs." We started the newsletter to get all the legalization activists on the same wave length, and we distributed it by USPS to a mailing list of people and organizations we found in High Times and other sources.

As time went on, we phased out the mailed newsletter, distributing it by email instead. Later, it became a web blog at surrealist.org. In 2001, the publication got a new name, Surrealist.org News, and a new focus: the presidency of George W. Bush. Since 2008 it has focused on a surrealist's interpretation of world events.

Surrealist.org News became a WordPress blog in 2010, but at the end of May 2014, the WordPress page disappeared unceremoniously when I moved Surrealist.org to a new domain host. I had a copy of all the content, so that is now posted above (see pages that contain 2010-2014). Even if I could locate the old WordPress blog and link back to it, it is so much easier to just write the posts by hand. I have used BBEdit for Mac to write html since 1998.

Pray for Peace News Archive: 2001-2008 - I wrote a lot of angry blog posts during the Bush Administration. Although I printed the pages out with the intention of turning the material into a book, at this point, it feels too painful to reread. Can you blame me? It is probably too soon too reconsider the Bush years, therefore the 2001-2008 pages only exist on an external harddrive in a heap. If I can ever do the book, I plan to call it The Pray for Peace Notebook. It could take a long time until I feel peaceful about the Bush years, but I will work on that later.

Just after the 2016 presidential election, I removed the entire archive. It's offline for the foreseeable future, until something changes. If I ever write The Pray for Peace Notebook, I'll include all these posts as well.


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