Hexagram Seven

Your symbol is Hexagram seven, leadership. To be an effective leader, one should train the members of the group to be mature and responsible. Similarly, the commander of an army must be able to trust the soldiers and rely on them to make decisions and carry out orders.

The first line, yin, shows that harmony in the group is essential. If an army is disorderly, it cannot fight properly, even for a noble cause.

The second line, yang, shows the leader involved in the action, giving out orders side by side with the troops. His or her participation encourages the other group members.

The third line, yin, compares the misfortune of losing a soldier in battle to the unfortunate situation of losing a group member or leader who chooses to act foolishly.

The fourth line, yin, shows the army resting at a camp in the distance. The wise leader treats people well and encourages team members to balance work and rest. There is no fault in this.

The fifth line, yin, shows rodents destroying crops. Immature leaders would lose soldiers even on such an easy assignment. Never appoint an unfit person to any job.

The sixth line, yin, shows a great ruler choosing his/her heads of state. If he or she appoints greedy, inept assistants, the people will loose respect and the country will fall into disorder.

To the reader: Most of the hexagrams have at least one line that predicts bad results, but that does NOT mean you are fated to that result. The hexagrams illustrate different attitudes, so study the actions and reactions to learn the attitudes that will lead to better outcomes.

The I Ching teaches you to flow with changes and create positive change from the inside through conscious living. Your future is in your hands. Consult the I Ching for ideas that lead to clear thinking and positive mental attitude. Reading the I Ching helps you take the time to reflect on your attitudes and ideas. Continue asking until you feel positive about your course.

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A note about this interpretation of the I Ching: Nori Muster wrote this version of the iChing in 1994 and put it online at Surrealist.org in 2000. It is now available as an e-book. Click here to see Learning to Flow with the Dao at Amazon.com..

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