Hexagram Fifty-two

Your symbol is Hexagram number fifty-two, the passive strength of a mountain. A mountain rises gradually, remaining at complete rest, yet possessing great strength to block a traveler's way. The greatest strength is passive resistance, like that of a mountain.

The first line, yin, shows one who makes no forward motion, not even moving the toes. Through firm diligence this inaction will work.

The second line, yin, shows one who keeps the calves of the legs at rest. Wishing to join the subject of the first line, this person is somewhat dissatisfied by inaction.

The third line, yang, shows its subject keeping the lower part of his/her body at rest, while wishing to move the upper part. The situation grows dangerous because there is a desire for movement that must be suppressed.

The fourth line, yin, shows one who keeps his/her heart at rest. This is auspicious because there is truth in purpose.

The fifth line, yin, shows one who keeps his jaw at rest. All will be made right because the words are carefully chosen.

The sixth line, yang, shows one who keeps his/her peace easily and sincerely. This is a fortunate position that will bring prosperity.

To the reader: Most of the hexagrams have at least one line that predicts bad results, but that does NOT mean you are fated to that result. The hexagrams illustrate different attitudes, so study the actions and reactions to learn the attitudes that will lead to better outcomes.

The I Ching teaches you to flow with changes and create positive change from the inside through conscious living. Your future is in your hands. Consult the I Ching for ideas that lead to clear thinking and positive mental attitude. Reading the I Ching helps you take the time to reflect on your attitudes and ideas. Continue asking until you feel positive about your course.

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A note about this interpretation of the I Ching: Nori Muster wrote this version of the iChing in 1994 and put it online at Surrealist.org in 2000. It is now available as an e-book. Click here to see Learning to Flow with the Dao at Amazon.com..

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