Dream Sets for Content Analysis


Dream Sets for Content Analysis
by Nori Muster

I have kept a continuous dream journal since 1979. When I turned sixty in February 2016, it was like an alarm clock went off in my head. I had to do something with the journal because I could not bear the thought of all the dreams sitting in boxes on a shelf going to waste. I searched for someone who studies dream journals, and met Prof. G. William Domhoff. He taught me about Quantitative Dream Content Analysis.*

In the fall I went back to UCSB where my journals are stored, and transcribed a thousand dreams. By the end of the year, my dreams were in a blind study. Researchers are more confident in dreams recorded prior to entering a dream study, so the parameters of the journal are set - there are 231 notebooks covering 38 years, 1979 to 2016.

Transcribed in 2016:
Decade Years Dream Set
1,000 dreams - 250 each from 1986, 1996, 2006, and 2016. Presented at the 34th Annual Conference of the International Association for Dream Studies, in Anaheim, California, June 18, 2017

Transcribed in 2018:
Dreams from Ten Years with the Hare Krishnas
Dreams and daytime notations from the first ten years of the journal, 1979-1989.

Dreams of God:
Appearance of the deity Krishna (and Jagannatha deities) in the 1979-1989 set.
Presented at the 35th Annual Conference of the International Association for Dream Studies. Following is a recording of the panel.

Religious Research Panel
July 19, 2018
Association for Dream Studies, annual conference, Scottsdale
Nori Muster: Dreams of Ten Years with the Hare Krishnas (first)
Dr. Shanee Stepakoff: Dreams of the Divine in a Woman from Young Adulthood to Late Middle Age (starts at 25:10)
Dr. Kelly Bulkeley: Dreams of Lucrecia (starts at 1:02)
click here to listen

Decade Years Dream Set

The first one thousand dreams came from my decade years:

250 dreams from 1986 - the year I turned thirty
250 dreams from 1996 - the year I turned forty
250 dreams from 2006 - the year I turned fifty
250 dreams from 2016 - the year I turned sixty

At the 2017 Dream Conference, Dr. Kelly Bulkeley presented statistics he gathered from several dream series. One collection he studied was from "Beverly," the pseudonym he used for my collection. I also sat on the panel and shared a series of dreams from 1996 about a Zen garden. I showed how the dreams mirrored concerns in my daytime life.

Dreams from Ten Years with the Hare Krishnas

The day after graduating college in 1978, I moved into the Hare Krishna temple in Los Angeles. The organization's official name is ISKCON - the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Living with the Krishnas I kept a dream journal for ten years of the ten-and-a-half year experience. I presented my study on a panel called "Dreams of God," at the annual Dream Studies conference, June 19, 2018.

Areas for Analysis

• Tag main characters and compare quantitative data for their appearance in daytime compared to dream notations.
• Analyze dreams about the deity Krishna (and Jagannatha deities).
• Count ratio of ISKCON words (Sanskrit and jargon) per page. This can later be compared to an "after" set to be transcribed in 2019.
• Search for characters specific to the Laguna Beach temple to find out if their appearance in dreams corresponds to the eighteen months we lived in Laguna Beach.

Tagging Main Characters

I made up tags for the main characters and counted their occurence in dreams compared to daytime notations. The tags are based on Hall/Van de Castle coding, where h=husband, f=father, m=mother, b=brother, and k=known character. This chart shows my findings:


I still need to note areas of concern and find out if my dreams about the characters correspond to daytime concerns. The main characters are all tagged, but I still need to tag groups - other L.A. devotees, other Laguna Beach devotees, other ISKCON devotees; other old friends and relatives; non-ISKCON persons; prominent persons; strangers. This part of the study is ongoing.

Facts about the collection:

Entire journal 1979-2016
38 years, 231 notebooks
My ages 23-60

First ten years: 1979-1989
Dreams from Ten Years with the Hare Krishnas
37 notebooks, transcribed January-May 2018
Total length of the transcript:
Pages 1,223
Words 283,766
Total notations:
Daytime 2,006
Dreams 1,313

Using Excel I can make three versions of the transcript:
1) all notations
2) only dream notations
3) only daytime notations

I can also make files that only show the date of the dream or daytime notation, and the tags.

Click here to download a PDF listing all the daytime notation tags.
Click here to download a PDF listing all the dream tags.

The dream set has two distinct parts:
Part One: 1970-1985
Part Two: 1986, 1987, 1988 (+18 days of 1989)


Part One:
23 small booklets
Years covered 1979-1985
Pages 395
Words 87,528
1979-1985 daytime notes and recorded dreams:
Notations 830
Dreams 108
The booklets tell the story of my indoctrination into ISKCON's language and mind set.
Typical notations: class notes, prayers, realizations, scriptural quotations, notes on daily saddhana and activities; dreams.
I have fully transcribed these booklets.


Part Two:
14 regular wirebound notebooks
Years covered: 1986, 1987, 1988 (+18 days of 1989)
Pages 828
Words 196,238
1986-1989 notations:
Daytime: 1,124
Dreams: 1,204
These notebooks tell the story of my growing disillusionment until I resign and move away from the temple December 26, 1988.
Typical writers journal. Notations include: daily activities, dreams, thoughts, ideas, as well as first drafts for letters, articles, my memoir, and other projects.
I have transcribed everything in full, except first drafts that were published elsewhere, or are irrelevant.
Dreams recorded per year:

1979                2
1980                4
1981                13
1982                18
1983                63
1984                6
1985                -
1986                294
1987                420
1988                474
1989                21 (up to January 18)

My Experience Transcribing

I transcribed forty hours per week for a total of four weeks; January and March 2018. That was approximately 160 hours. The Library shipped me eleven small booklets to finish transcribing in May, which took another 15-20 hours.

Typing in the daytime notes brought back memories I could easily recall, but I only remembered a handful of the dreams. Reading the day and dreams together gave me a stereoview to put my past in a more realistic perspective. The dreams were forgiving and accepting of my daytime self and now I feel more accepting of myself. It was also meaningful to stay in Isla Vista and work at the UCSB Library, since that was where I first met Hare Krishnas in my senior year.

Reading the notebooks was also unsettling, because they reminded me how far away from my self I had been. To fit in, I learned a new language consisting of Sanskrit words and names, and the group's jargon. Words like "ecstatic" and "surrender" appear hundreds of times in my own hand. The language included archaic phrasing like this:
Notation * Dated August 28, 1980 * [drawing of Lord Jagannatha] I'm really bewildered because I don't want to eat sometimes but my tongue forces me. But I'm praying to Lord Jagannatha to engage in His service and become His devotee and to develop (uncover) pure love for Him.
During Rathayatra I was praying that for all of my austerities I could achieve a constant attitude of prayer and reverence toward Krsna and my Guru.
The people who gave class taught us to attribute everything that happened to Krishna. When bad things happened, we would remind each other Krishna gives us what we need to "make advancement." They variously called it "Krishna's mercy," Krishna "taking everything away" for our own good, or Krishna "smashing" us, presumably because our level of surrender was worse than usual. It's a form of religious guilt used to control followers for centuries in fundamentalist religious circles. Here's one example:
Notation * Dated August 27, 1981 * Today I came to pick up a package at Quantas AL and they are such chumps they wouldn't waive the storage fee and I had to drive all the way back to the temple to get $10. But it was all arranged by Krsna for some reason to purify me.
Hari Bol
Hare Krsna
Transcribing also made me noticed how little sleep I got. In the daytime notations I complained frequently of being tired due to not enough hours of sleep. I could tell by my handwriting when I was nodding off in class. Drifting between waking and sleeping, I probably imbibed the indoctrination on a deep subconscious level. I remember using the organization's way of speaking, and feeling pangs of religious guilt, but transcribing the journals at least now I know how I got like that.

Here's a snapshot of a page I wrote while nodding off:


Notation * Dated April 10, 1979 * schedule normal
desire Lord Caitanya's mercy.
Druval is an example of ds wie for austerities offer Patiently . . . Of . . . He wanted to offer prayers when conch shell touched him he became moved to pray . . . In India the Druva . . . Everything is the good fortune comes from the s - god ma. . . Compassion . . . . Druvah Maharaja

I also doodled, and drew page layouts in the journals. Here are a few examples:


“The Vedas are Self Explanitory” [sic] Please help me to purify my desires. Help me to trust you Gurudeva.”


Notation * Dated April 28, 1986 – [portion on this page] He threw the flower at Uddhava and we also got remnants from his plate. Maharaja told us he plans to get more involved in the IWR - travel and get stories. He gave a lecture to the GBC that everyone should get along. He wants to push the idea of "Big ISKCON" and that includes IWR. He said a few GBCs said they were glad he moved out of L.A. - finally got his own ministry set up. [drawings of whales, including one with legs - in the whale's thought bubble, "I'm goin' over to Uddhava's apartment."]


Dream * [the next morning] Dated April 29, 1986 * At the Mayapur festival - we went to the Ganges. The waves were very strong. I sat on a rock with other women - two waves swept over the rock up to our house. We were drenched, so I went swimming. The water became very still and shallow. I floated down the river. One tiled canal, then called Subhananda and encouraged him to come out there. I got allergies, so Uds took me to an Ayurvedic allergy place - got lots of medicine. Tried to call Atlanta. Went in the water - pushed a boat - the boatman charged me 6 rs just to push it. Collected gopi candan from river bank. Tried to get Uds to go swimming. [drawing/doodle of a whale with feet]


Chanted rounds in car, drove around Saddleback Valley - Mission Viejo. Went to mangal-a. Missed everything else - sleepy - Had a meeting w/ Bhu., worked on Mac. Felt pretty good all day.

Notation * Dated May 29, 1986 * Drove around in a.m., finishing rounds and going to stores. Worked on Mac, dentist, then worked on Mac more
Got lots of layout done - now we need to write more stories [sketches of pages and list of stories]
More photos are coming from Australia, and we get the New York photos tomorrow.


general direction and "FFL" ad.
Also our direction and him. We bought beads for him, but don't think he's ready for it.

Notation * Dated August 30, 1986 * Morning - chanted at temple, talked to Laksmi-priya and others, met w/ Muster (great meeting), worked on Mac, drove home, got settled. Now it's 9:20 and I'm tired. Things to do tomorrow [to do list and sketches for IWR page layouts]


Notation * Dated September 21, 1986 * Please Lord Krsna don't let ISKCON fall apart. Right now I feel all confused and I am praying to know You. Please don't kick me away. Let us simply worship You. [sketches of page layouts and articles for next IWR]


Notation * Dated January 29, 1987 - new moon * Felt a little better today. Woke up late (cramps) then chanted at beach, in temple. Worked on Mac the rest of the day. Came home & talked to roommates. Also talked to Ud, Paulb. [Stylized logos for ISKCON World Review.]


Notation * Dated January 18, 1988 - 10:10 p.m. * Now we're working on the deadline - a week to go. The main story is this Bombay World Conference. It's going to be hard to get photos and to get the angle right. It will take a lot of meditation.
We went on Hari-nama tonight. I also sent a letter to Srila Ramesvara. I told him about Texas and what I think about moving to Laguna.
Now it's late and I'm trying to feel tired - tomorrow I'll feel tired really easily. I feel sort of worn out. Now that I'm almost 30 I feel like it's starting to come to the end [a chart showing the numbers 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 with a line tracing downhill] easier and easier. [a chart showing an upward track from 0, 10, 12, 13]
Hardest years [another chart showing 0, 10, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 - with 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 as the biggest/hardest]
Devotional scale: [a chart going from 0 to 60, with the numbers gradually getting bigger in my 20s, and the word "increase" with an arrow pointing forward]
Enough games for tonight. Goodnight.

Dreams of God
Dreams of Krishna, Krsna, Jagannatha (Baladeva, Subhadra), The Deities, Lord Dvarkadhisa

Dream * Dated November 16, 1980 - abridged * "This morning I had a dream that I was going around seeing old friends and we rolled in ecstasy together, but I know I wouldn't meet them again for a long time. I gave one an amethyst to fix for me. Then I dreamed that I (in a woman's body) dressed in a dhoti and secretly went to see the Deities. Then the Deities put a magical spell over everything and danced all around the room like a fairy-waltz."

Dream * Dated April 3, 1982 - 6:30 a.m. - abridged * Traveling with low class people, camping illegally in someone's attic, "Krsna, dressed as a king, came in with his entourage and was going to kill us. But I jumped up and started to pray for him to spare us if we promised to leave."

Dream * Dated April 20, 1982 - full dream * "I saw Lord Jagannatha and His arms were opened wide like he was trying or wanting to embrace someone."

Dream * Dated July 13, 1982 - abridged * "I went to the Jagannatha Puri temple and went to the Garuda Stambha, remembering that Lord Caitanya would go there to see the upala bhoga ceremony at noon - I knew I couldn't go in, but that maybe I could see Jagannatha from the temple gate. I looked in there and only Baladeva was on the altar and He spoke to me."

Dream * Dated October 19, 1982 - full dream * "had a dream that I swam in Radha-kund and had a fight with a turtle"

Dream * Dated November undated 1983 - abridged * I got high with some people I met while traveling and "taught them about Krsna."

Dream * Dated November undated 1983 - abridged * "I was in the temple and they gave petals to everyone but me to shower as the Deities went by on a palanquin."

Dream * Dated December undated 1983 - abridged * "Went in a gift store - picked out pendants of Radha and Krsna for $1 and $.85."

Dream * Dated January 19, 1986 - dream two - abridged * "Painting a Lady Subhadra Deity yellow with a carnation and telling Prema Dutta about my past life."

Dream * Dated February 2, 1986 - dream one - full dream * "A little girl (representing Krishna) would wait by some incense and when it would fall, give it to me. It was like a game we played."

Dream * Dated February 5, 1986 - dream one - abridged * "A scientist researched this tomb (?) and found the Deities of Lord Caitanya, Nityananda, two of the Six Goswamis, and two of the other acharyas. The Deities were inside little boxes like eggcups. There was a larger Lord J. Deity, which I'd entrusted to some people. They ruined Him by some misunderstanding and I had to nurse Him back to health."

Dream * Dated February 13, 1986 - dream one - abridged * A friend and I were lucky to get apartments in the temple, and behind the apartments were bulls. My father supported what was going on and even showed me tricks the bulls could do. "Krishna liked the bulls and described different ecstasies the bulls and bull-herders experience. One was jumping, twirling, and shivering in ecstasy. It looked really neat when He demonstrated."

Dream * Dated February 24, 1986 - dream two - abridged * I went to the movies with a few friends from ISKCON, and we met the players. "I was with one of the actresses and an earthquake happened - we hugged each other and prayed to Krishna to save us."

Dream * Dated March 12 or 13, 1986 - abridged * I encountered two crazy men and delayed them. "The authorities came and captured them and put them on a train. The train went under a tunnel then went off the track. The conductor roped it and pulled it back on. I was showing him my pictures of Krishna. He wanted to know what Krishna looked like. I didn't have an exact picture of Him, but came very close. It was the beginning of KC - when trains were just starting too."

Dream * Dated March 26, 1986 - abridged * My cousin and I bring a kitten to a movie, but my cousin didn't like the movie. "At the movie they say Krishna is God. A girl (Govinda) had a plate of food she was sharing with us."

Dream * Dated May 18, 1986 - abridged * "I went to a movie with some fringe devotees. I thought it was wrong to go to a movie, because Krishna wasn't there."

Dream * Dated May 30, 1986 - abridged * "Went into Laguna - saw Srila Ramesvara. Talked to him for a while and begged for mercy. He told me things about the Deities and said we were highly confidential. He said I should chant all my rounds and go to the temple and he would talk to me when he got back."

Dream * Dated June 1, 1986 - dream one - abridged * "Saw everyone very busy - engaged in Krishna's service. I walked to the temple and everyone was working hard." The dream included details about my business at the temple - bringing garlands I made for the deities to wear, and "the Deities motioned to put them on."

Dream * Dated August 13, 1986 - dream one - abridged * We felt something strange was happening, then aliens invaded the earth. "We were lying on a blanket looking up in the sky waiting for it to happen. I was trying to fix my mind on the holy name, asking Krishna to take me."

Dream * Dated September 1, 1986 - dream one - abridged * "At Ratha-yatra had to take a lot of phone calls."

Dream * Dated October 7, 1986 - abridged * I meet a visitor and bring him to my aunt's house. "Watching a videotape about a king who went to India during the advent of Lord Krishna. He became devoted and told people in his kingdom to worship Krishna."

Dream * Dated October 21, 1986 - abridged * "Repairing Jagannatha Deities and showing them to Srila Ramesvara. It was helping him."

Dream * Dated October 17, 1986 - abridged * "I dreamed that people I know were deeply involved in the murder the grand jury is investigating." We did everything we could to cover up the crimes of ISKCON. "There were Jagannatha Deities with knots on them, according to our impurities."

Dream * Dated November 30, 1986 - abridged * I was on a stage debating with a fanatical group that turned out to be Sahajaya, people who think they can imitate Krsna's rasa dance. "They had pictures of Krishna and chanted Hare Krishna."

Dream * Dated December 18, 1986 - abridged * "I went to S.D. to help polish brass for the Deities' Ratha-yatra. . . . Finally it was time for Ratha-yatra, but it began raining very hard. Amarendra said it was probably cancelled."

Dream * Dated January 23, 1987 - dream two - full dream * "We were going to have a party, wanted Lord Jagannatha to be there. Went to my new house on Roscomare Rd. Many people there. Vrajesvari knew my sister, Mindi. When the kirtan started I started dressing Lord Jagannatha. He became Gaur-Nitai. Tulasi was also there growing in a shallow pan on the table."

Dream * Dated February 17, 1987 - abridged * "I was at my father's and some Sikhs were there. I wanted to ask them about their practices and beliefs. I . . . began asking one man Do you believe that at the time of death you will close your eyes for a flash and then wake up in the spiritual world with Krsna? He said yes. Then I said do you chant a fixed number of rounds on your beads? He said they chant but it's only to prepare them to be in the presence of the master."

Dream * Dated February 20, 1987 - abridged * "Making garlands and crying because I miss Lord Dvarkadhisa. Then Krsangi asked me to make more garlands. Later stuck on top of a fence and praying to the Deities."

Dream * Dated February 26, 1987 - abridged * "I was an actress in a play where demons kill each other for Krsna."

Dream * Dated May 31, 1987 - abridged * Trying to defend ISKCON's reputation with public relations, "Some friends came dressed in clown/animal outfits to attack me. I was happy, laughing. John H, Bhart, Jim, wanting to take & fix lots of mis-matched Jagannathas."

Dream * Dated June 13, 1987 - dream two - abridged * "I was sent to Atlanta for a break. When I arrived a girl took me to see the Deity. It was very late but they opened the Deity for a few minutes. It was a beautiful, large Krsna - very real. I thought I would want to stay there."

Dream * Dated July 25, 1987 - abridged * I got mad because someone took my car w/o permission. We found a car that belonged to devotees and took it for a ride. "I was praying to Krsna to help me be a devotee."

Dream * Dated June 25, 1987 - full dream * "Something about healing, touching Lord Jagannatha's face."

Dream * Dated June 30, 1987 - abridged * "Talking to my mother, trying to explain why I was once crazy, I see that Paula broke my Jagannatha cart. I got freaked out - tried to put it together - worried I hadn't chanted my rounds."

Dream * Dated July 27, 1987 - dream two - abridged * "Making lots and lots of Jagannatha houses with different designs. Ud makes the dolls to go in there. We give them all away. Thank Arnie sincerely for his help, make a special house for him."

Dream * Dated August 7, 1987 - abridged * "Driving some people home, they live on a hill near HSU campus. I wanted to go in and see their apt. I acted dumb to the guard and had to go get my ID. I went to the car and got in and I started looking at everything in it. I had a painting I did of Krishna. On the way down, I was trying to figure out how I could rent a place near campus."

Dream * Dated August 13, 1987 - abridged * "I saw Prabhupada sitting on a mat. I looked at him and prayed that I would pass away before him, because I didn't want to have to be here unless he was. I went behind a screen that was sagging and it fell over. It hit his foot. I crawled over the screen and asked if it hit him, he said 'yes' so I said 'What can I do to make up for my offense?' He said, 'Preach this Krishna consciousness to your countrymen as your first duty.' "

Dream * Dated September 18, 1987 - abridged * On a plane to India, I talk to a man who has been there many times. "I was making garlands for Radha-Krsna and talking to him and another girl."

Dream * Dated September 25, 1987 - abridged * "Bring my dad to a gathering on Watseka Ave. Lots and lots of devotees. He is very afraid of dying and wants to know more and more about Krishna."

Dream * Dated October 8, 1987 - abridged * "Going on events w/ my family - parties, picnics, etc. . . . all I wanted to talk about was Krishna."

Dream * Dated October 25, 1986 - abridged * "I was playing cards w/ Janaki and the cards turned into tarot cards. I had: A-1-2-3-4-clubs and 5-6-7-8-9-10-J spades and Jagannatha, Subhadra, Baladeva. They were cards, but also appeared as chess pieces."

Dream * Dated November 5, 1986 - abridged * "Srila Ramesvara had gotten all weird, so Laksmi Priya and I had to run away. We got caught running away, but made it. We sent back a lot of Jagannatha Deities and other things so we could travel light."

Dream * Dated November 25, 1987 - abridged * "Everyone leaving town at threat of big earthquake. I stay with an apt. full of Jagannatha Deities; chant my rounds. Only had a few rounds done throughout the dream."

Dream * Dated December 5, 1987 dream two - abridged * "Got some things for Jagannatha in the mail - a blanket & a shelf."

Dream * Dated December 17, 1987 - abridged * "Some devotees lose their temple, so they take the Deities and hide them in an arch in the ocean and start to leave to look for a place to go. . . . The Deity looked like Radha & Krishna with Anantasesa behind them. They were secure."

Dream * Dated December 26, 1987 - abridged * "Go to temple to make garlands, Rama dasi says the Deities are mad at me."

Dream * Dated February 1, 1988 - abridged * At the beach I wanted to go swimming. "I wake up late - about 1 p.m. Then I look through my closet and can't find a bathing suit. There are many drawers of jewelry, other clothes, and Jagannatha masks, but no bathing suit."

Dream * Dated February 10, 1988 - abridged * "Making a plate of steamed veges and taking it off Krishna's plate onto mine."

Dream * Dated February 18, 1988 - dream one - abridged * "I was going to take Deities to temple up the coast for people - Jagannatha for Ydd, K-B for Karta, my Gaur-Nitai, etc. A bus was leaving and I missed it. Later I learned the deities made it on the bus and everything was okay."

Dream * Dated April 14, 1988 - abridged * "I had a message from Krishna - something like, 'Krishna may choose not to protect His devotees, according to how He wants to treat them.' "

Dream * Dated April 20, 1988 - abridged * I was a student and it was near the end of the semester. "I wanted to give Lord J. Deities to Larry Shinn and another person."

Dream * Dated May 7, 1988 - abridged * I was at an old friend's house in Los Angeles. "Then THE BIG earthquake came and I prayed really hard to Krishna. It stopped and didn't hurt anything at her house."

Dream * Dated April 5, 1988 - abridged * Driving in a beautiful landscape with people from the PR office. "At the end is a mall and in the mall is a Catholic church. I see my dad in there and I look into the church to see the Deities."

Dream * Dated May 14, 1988 - abridged * "Wanted to go out on Hari-nama, but it started raining. One of the people we were with called the temple store to see if Krishna still wanted [us] to go. The person at the other end said - 'Go and you'll have a great little adventure. You can write about it later.' The rain cleared up and we got to meet people."

Dream * Dated May 26, 1988 - abridged * "Traveling by car, I stop at a roadside refrigerator place and the lady is like a devotee. She got two books and from that learned to chant and offer food. I told her I was a devotee for 10 years. I tried to tell her a little more about Krishna and hear her story. Only problem is she would offer beer."

Dream * Dated May 31, 1988 - abridged * "A high dive, Lord Jagannatha's symbols switched."

Dream * Dated June 16, 1988 - abridged * After a college experience that involved drug abuse, my new life, "Sewing Jagannatha's turban with other people, and chanting as I sew."

Dream * Dated June 21, 1988 - abridged * "go to the Bhodi Tree to buy some books about Krishna. Found one Rolodex about Him - the clerk marked it $297." Then I walk home to my father's house, having adventures along the way. "I live in a house like my dad's, but there's a barking dog and my brother's room has all the discarded Ramesvara pictures, a few pictures of Krishna, etc."

Dream * Dated July 8, 1988 - dream two - abridged * I was in a boring music class "and I told the teacher so. So she started writing the tarot cards on the board and pointing out all the cards with Krishna on them. She said the 3 of clubs (?) was Krishna on the chariot. There were also two cards with two kings - K & B [Krishna & Balaram]."

Dream * Dated July 22, 1988 - dream two - abridged * I was at the airport with other devotees and had rounds to chant. "There were some Indian people with us and we were taking about how rare it is to find someone who actually understands Krishna."

Dream * Dated August 6, 1988 - first dream - abridged * "Dressing the Deities. Billy & I fighting over which outfit/what jewelry to wear. Srila Prabhupada settled it. He said: Krishna says here is the ultimate benediction I am going to give you, and here's one more. Then he threw one more bead into a paper bag. He said, 'Brahmacari Brahmacarini - they take so much trouble for the sake of the Lord - Householder - it is much easier.' "

Dream * Dated February 18, 1988 - abridged * "A long dream. At the end I was worshiping Lord Jagannatha. I washed His clothes. I had a few things of His I didn't want to go in the dryer."

Dream * Dated September 16, 1988 - dream two - abridged * A TV show starts with a cocktail party, "then it goes to a song by Donovan saying all people should become enlightened - it's in a gallery and there are pictures of Krishna. The people see the commercial and go from b/w to color - then more people are enlightened. Then they become discouraged because they try to carry out a project to start a new city around the airport and it fails. But then they woke up again."

Dream * Dated September 29, 1988 - abridged * I go to a wedding for an old friend and give him my gift. "But someone (Paula?) said I should have gotten a different present - something for his hair. I said 'Krishna wore ribbons in His hair.' "

Dream * Dated November 9, 1988 - abridged * "I had a chart in my wallet telling my lineage - Having a chart was something Krishna Himself had to do too, since his mother had to have him adopted."

Dream * Dated December 9, 1988 - dream one - abridged * I was taking writing classes to describe my long experience in ISKCON. At the temple I saw a devotee I knew, but "she was snotty to me. I found a dime and a nickel and picked it up - also a plastic face of Krishna. I skipped all the way to class."

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