Dream Sets for Content Analysis
by Nori Muster

First Dream Set Collection:
My Decade Years

Since getting into dream content analysis in 2016, I've collected two dream sets for the researchers. In October 2016 I transcribed approximately a thousand dreams from a cross section of years. My dream journal begins in 1979, so I decided to transcribe dreams from each of my decade years:

250 dreams from 1986 - the year I turned thirty
250 dreams from 1996 - the year I turned forty
250 dreams from 2006 - the year I turned fifty
250 dreams from 2016 - the year I turned sixty

I presented this dream series at the 2016 conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASAD), in Anaheim.*

Second Dream Set Collection:
Dreams of a Ten Year Cultic Experience

In 2017 I won a grant from the Dream Studies Foundation* for seed money to travel to where my journals are held in a Special Research Collection, I am transcribing approximately a thousand dreams along with relevant daytime notations. The dreams cover the my ten years in the Hare Krishna temple. I plan to present the dream series at the IASD annual conference in Scottsdale.


Cottage on the beach, 2006.

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