Dream Workshop at Surrealist.org
with Professor Nori Muster

       Disclaimer: Dream work is a great way to learn more about ourselves. This work is suitable for people who are emotionally healthy, ready to let go of stories about how bad life is, or why it is too hard, or what an unkind hand life has dealt us. We are looking for transformation, contacting something more noble within ourselves. Therefore, be ready to let your dreams improve your overall attitude toward life.
       Some people struggle with the longterm effects of psychological trauma or abuse. The transformation in this case consists of learning how to accept what happened. The methods are similar but caution is advised. For these dreamers, stumbling into painful emotional territory may lead to depression, and we do not want that. If you find dreamwork depressing, please only go forward if you have a good support system, or are under the care of a counselor or psychologist.

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