doorwayspirit-new-sm Dream Content Analysis - collecting and analyzing data from dreams

Nori's Presentation - annual IASD conference, Anaheim, CA, June 15-20, 2017

Dream Art - sketches jotted down at the time of recording a dream

Dream Class - a class that took place online for one hundred students at Virtual University - symbols, archetypes, influencing dreams, gestalt dream work, art, journaling exercises


Archetype Workshop - learn more about archetypes

Myth and Theme of Ex-membership an academic paper that draws on archetypes and metaphors to describe the psychology of an ex-cult member

Secret Order of the Tarot an essay on archetypes and themes in the tarot

Surrealist Manifesto Surrealist.org purpose statement

Dreaming Peace a book for dreaming a better future

Find Me at the Gates futuristic philosophical sci-fi story

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