Symptoms of cultish-ness: crime, abuse, immaturity, "us and them" attitude toward the outside world or factions within the group, leader unqualified but codependents cover up to save face - no matter who suffers.

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bookcover   Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement - Nori Muster's memoir of ten years in ISKCON. This link includes the book's synopsis, excerpts, reviewes, and documentation.

iskcon   Cultic Studies - more research and writing by Nori.

narasimha-tn   Cultic Information - research and writing by others, collected for this site.

narasimha-tn   Children of Cults - research and writing on this subject by Nori.

Books and Links - memoirs, and other books and sites to explain how cults work.