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Editor's Note, ICSA Today, Vol. 8 No. 2.

The ABCs of Dangerous Cults - a concise explanation of what dangerous cults groups are and how they operate, by Nori.

Dr. Robert J. Lifton's Eight Criteria for Thought Reform, written in 1989, remains the standard definition of coercion, and how dangerous groups operate.

Marcia Rudin's 14 Common Characteristics of a Cult concise description of dangerous cultic groups.

Positive Steps to Becoming Less Vulnerable to Influence and Authority an essay about the influence of cultic groups, by Sharon Presley. Also, Twenty Lessons to Resist Tyranny, from the book On Tyranny, by Timothy Snyder.

Letter to a woman who lost her friend to a cult a good resource for anyone in a similar situation, by Nori.

Western Mind and Gurus thoughts on why the path of discipleship may not work for Westerners, by Nori.

Cults and Mental Disorders an essay on whether dangerous cults cause mental disorders, by Mark Dunlop.

It Hurts an essay about the pain of cult involvement, by Jan Groenveld.

Can Terrorists be 'Reprogrammed'?, by Patrick Goodenough, International Editor.

Boundaries a list of healthy emotional boundaries for cult survivors and abuse survivors, by Nori.

The Nature of Cults, questions explained, May 13, 2002, by Nori.

Book Review: Modern Religions, by Elliot Benjamin

Links and Books

Nori Muster's published writings on cults.

Nitty Gritty on Cults links and books on the subject of dangerous cults.
Parenting Workshop and Bookstore good parenting books, and books for abuse recovery.


Cult Survivors Handbook, by Nori
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