Influencing Dreams
with Professor Nori Muster

       Naturally, the things that happen to us during the day influence our nightly dreams. This is the most basic way we influence our dreams, without even thinking about it. The last hours and minutes before we fall asleep have the most influence on our dreams, because that is when the dream keeper goes to work, writing our night's script. Our internal scriptwriter is nestled deep in our subconscious, and like any good writer, that hard working part of ourselves is open to suggestions. Here are some things you can do to influence your dreams while falling asleep.
       Affirmations—Set your problems aside and fill your mind with affirming thoughts. Choose an affirmation and repeat it aloud a few times, and write it in your dream journal. A good affirmation for dreamers might be: "Dreams, you are my friends. I keep you in my heart at all times." Another one may be: "I thank and welcome my dreams as a natural part of life." Another affirmation, developed by Emile Coué in the 1920s is, "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." Coué instructed his patients to repeat this affirmation every night before falling asleep. You can write your own affirmations, as well.
       Questions—If you want to consult your subconscious about a problem you are having, do so right before falling asleep. Write your question in your dream journal in an affirmative way. For example, avoid writing something like, "Why does my neighbor hate me?" because your subconscious mind may only sense your defeatist attitude and self-pity. Instead, try to phrase your question in an affirmative way, such as, "How can I improve my relations with my neighbor?" When you wake up, write down your dreams, or any fragments you remember.
       Lucid dreaming—The simplified definition of lucid dreaming is that you become aware you are dreaming, during a dream. It is difficult to purposely wake up inside a dream, and happens relatively rarely. However, you can try it when you are just drifting off and when you are waking up. If the dream was unfinished, try to go back into the dream and imagine a better ending. Be sure to write down your dream and what you changed about it.
       We have already learned about the dream symbol language and ways to utilize the power of dreams. However, there is a lot more to learn. Dreams can be exotic and breathtaking. Waking up inside a dream may symbolize an awakening in real life. It may occur to you to try flying, or to talk to an amazing person of the past that you have always wanted to meet. Or dreams may be mystical, giving you a genuine encounter with the divine. Dreams hold many surprises.

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